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Any other SAHMs dreading their DP's xmas parties?

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Boyswillbeboys Thu 23-Oct-08 12:34:28

We usually get invited to several and I am rubbish at small-talk with total strangers, cringe at the thought of having to think up interesting replies to the "what do you do?" question from his career-obsessed colleagues, and even worse are the posh dinners where we are not seated next to each other - can't even get pissed cos I don't want to say anything embarrasing!

Oh well, there's always the chance that we won't be able to get a babysitter and I'll have to stay at home ...

lucysmam Thu 23-Oct-08 14:35:40

Not works Xmas do but I am dreading the footy team one! All the team's partners know each other from previous years but I've never gone to one since we got together as we've always been too skint to both go but I said I'd go this year [eek]

Thing is, I personally would rather have a drink with a bunch of blokes than a bunch of giggly teens or very early 20 year olds as they all are! Half of them only want to talk make-up or High School Musical on the odd occasions I've seen them

Boyswillbeboys Thu 23-Oct-08 16:22:41

It's hard work when everyone knows each other already isn't it - my face will be aching from the forced smiles by the end of the night.

ohdearwhatamess Thu 23-Oct-08 16:35:10

Yes, also dreading it. Going to one for wives (or husbands, I suppose) and children. Not only do I have to worry about small talk with total strangers but also whether the dcs will behave properly.

Avoided it last year by being too pg to manage a train ride with ds1 but promised to go this year.

I did get out of the partners' wives bash a few weeks ago because we couldn't find a babysitter.

santapaws Mon 27-Oct-08 09:40:14

Say "oh babysitter cant make it, what a shame! I was really looking forward to it too" Let him go, get the kids to bed early, get in ur PJ's and watch trash tv whilst eating ur takeaway pizza and the chocolate bar you secretly bought earlier!

Not that ive done this before you know grin

I hated my bf coming to my xmas party coz he didnt know anyone, didnt get any "in-jokes" and i felt i cudnt leave him to go n talk to anyone!


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