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5 and 9 year old niece present suggestions PLEASE!

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mumof2222222222222222boys Mon 20-Oct-08 16:44:32

My nieces are nice girls with a rather controlling mum who likes suitable presents that she considers nice and appropriate. I don't want to rock the boat (too much grin), but this year I am not going to ask what they want and be directed to a specific page of the Boden catelogue or told to buy a specific game.

What can I buy? I have recently given books. I want something that while not totally inappropriate, will be really appreciated by the girls, but not necessarily something that their mum would buy. I was thinking of High School Musical DVD perhaps for the older one. I think make up etc would definitely be a step too far.

porkypoo Mon 20-Oct-08 18:38:00

They do some lovely High School Musical Bits now. Bedding, bags, books, clothes etc. For the younger one how about some dressing up clothes. My little girl loves dressing up still and she eight!! here is a link for you

mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 21-Oct-08 08:23:49

Many thanks Porkypoo. Do you think the HSM dvds would be appropriate for them - well more so the 9 year old?

bigTillyMint Tue 21-Oct-08 10:09:08

My DD(9) LOVES getting money grin but I guess the mum might try to control her spending.

Controlling mum would HATE HSM DVDsgrin

mumof2222222222222222boys Tue 21-Oct-08 10:16:03

I know big Tilly Mint grin !!

I think I might give the little one some extra money for her savings, but with a small pressie too.

The mum is a nightmare to buy for too - doesn't like books, limited taste re CDs, doesn't like cooking so kitchen stuff is out...she is only a few years older than me, but is of a different generation. Ah well, at least she makes me feel young (and a bit naughty with my wayward tastes! wink

coocurly Tue 21-Oct-08 13:01:55

Go to Go to there gift ideas section and you will get good suggestions. You can then buy them immediately, really good site if you are stuck for pressie ideas

mysteryfairy Tue 21-Oct-08 20:17:28

I know HSM gets recommeded a lot, but it might not always be the answer. My DD who is 6 has watched it but isn't interested. Lots of little girls are obsessed but equally I know quite a few mums who will not entertain it or Hannah Montana, definitely some who would find it more distasteful than cosmetics.

When people ask what my DCs want I quite often tell them something specific, although I would be thrilled if they chose something else or didn't ask me in the first place. It isn't about being controlling, it's about trying to make life easy for people. I will be plagueing my SIL until she tells me EXACTLY what 14 year old DN wants and when she does I'll see that as helpful rather than controlling - perhaps that's what the mmum in this case is doing?

Amy78 Tue 21-Oct-08 20:40:19

How much are you wanting to spend? The Dotty House (www.the do personalised paintings for about £30.

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