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Have you made your Xmas cake yet? When will you start?

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Tobermory Sat 18-Oct-08 22:25:09

having read the Christmas cake recipe thread I have been inspired and will have a go this year.
When do you make yours?

FreakyLadyFrightALot Sat 18-Oct-08 22:27:16

hm...must read cake thread,,, can one avoid the fruit sinking to the bottom?

LadyOfRoffle Sat 18-Oct-08 22:27:52

My fruit is still soaking... may finally make it tonight, or Wednesday.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 18-Oct-08 22:43:24

Half term for us - going to get the fruit soaking this week.

Freakylady - turn the cake the other way up.

FreakyLadyFrightALot Sat 18-Oct-08 22:45:45

after you bake it? stupid question but got to be asked...if I shaLL GET IT RIGHT, LOL ooops caps...

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 18-Oct-08 22:51:35

Freakylady am so sorry, I was being flippant blush

I use delias recipe and have never had a problem with the fruit being in the wrong place.

expatinscotland Sat 18-Oct-08 22:53:00

YES. I made mine last month as am due a baby on Halloween.

October week (well, we get a fortnight through here) is finished.

Suedonim Sat 18-Oct-08 23:50:51

About an hour ago, to answer the OP! I don't bake it for a day or two, though. I've also done the puddings.

FreakyLady, keep some of the flour back from your cake recipe and stir it through the fruit before adding it to the mix. It coats the fruit and helps it stay in place. Although tbh, I use MIL's recipe and I reckon it's bomb-proof. It always turns out well. smile

herbietea Sat 18-Oct-08 23:58:25

Message withdrawn

childrenofthecornsilk Sun 19-Oct-08 00:05:06

I will buy mine from M and S grin

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