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'Feeding' a frozen Christmas cake

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Suedonim Sat 18-Oct-08 18:05:10

I have a Christmas cake from a couple of years ago in the freezer. I want to eat it this year but am not sure how to go about feeding it. An added compliaction is that I could feed it this week but will be away until early Dec so won't be able to feed it again until then.

So, do I try and skewer some holes in the frozen cake and hope the liquid goes in? Or should I defrost now, give it one feed then do it again in Dec? Or should I leave it in the freezer until Dec and do the feeding then? Once it's defrosted, how long will it keep for?

ChippyMinton Sat 18-Oct-08 18:16:15

Did you feed it before it was frozen?
I think I'd defrost, feed once, ice it a day later then eat it.

Surely the alcohol won't go into a frozen cake?

Suedonim Sat 18-Oct-08 18:28:53

No, I didn't feed it beforehand. Do you reckon it will only last a few days, then, once it's defrosted? I couldn't see how it could get into the frozen cake, either, lol!

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Sat 18-Oct-08 18:30:14

You probably didn't need to freeze it. Doesn't fruit cake last virtually forever?

PandorasBox Sat 18-Oct-08 18:30:49

defrost it and then feed it - they are indestructable.

ChippyMinton Sat 18-Oct-08 18:32:01

It'll probably be fine - but I assumed it wasn't going to hang around grin

Suedonim Sat 18-Oct-08 19:03:43

I must admit, I don't really know why I froze it, never having done so before and no one ever departing this life due to fruit cake poisoning, afaik! I am making more caakes anyway so I'll defrost it and hope for the best.

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