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Too old for Lego/ Playmobil advent what can I get instead?

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cornflakemum Fri 17-Oct-08 13:52:25

Think the DCs are too old for the Lego/Playmobil advent calendars this year..... but what can I get instead?

They love the opening one every day thing.....

Marne Fri 17-Oct-08 13:54:06

I still have a calender and im 26 grin

Marne Fri 17-Oct-08 13:54:45

A choc one that is, i would preffere a playmobil one grin

Louise2004 Fri 17-Oct-08 13:59:24

...never too old for Lego wink

marymoocow Fri 17-Oct-08 14:15:51

How old is too old then? Don't mean this in a flippant way, just interested smile

littlestrawberry Fri 17-Oct-08 14:20:21

Definitely never too old for lego judging by the amount of time I spend playing with itgrin

NorbertDentressangle Fri 17-Oct-08 14:25:16

How about a fabric one with the little pockets that you can put small gifts in.

You don't say how old/what sex but you can put gifts in some days (eg. hair clips, small nail varnish, expanding face cloth ) and sweets or chocolates on other days

bumbling Fri 17-Oct-08 18:28:37

Are the playmobil ones any good.

mumeeee Fri 17-Oct-08 23:13:12

We have a fabric one with pockets. The girls take turns in getting the gifts.

mummypingu Mon 20-Oct-08 13:45:19

just got ds1 (4yrs) a playmobil knights advent calendar and he is going to love you open them first thing in the morning or after school?..first timer!..i didn't have an advent calendar growing up and hes only now understanding what christmas (the commercial kind is)

IdrisTheDragon Mon 20-Oct-08 13:46:44

I'm 33 and I love the playmobil advent calendars smile

GooseyLoosey Mon 20-Oct-08 13:47:24

I have one with little pockets in and every day I leave a clue as to where something is hidden. It might be a pencil, rubber, chocolates anything really. The thrill is in finding it.

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