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when do the christmas lights go on in london?......

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mellyonion Tue 14-Oct-08 12:22:57

have posted this in chat too....need advice fairly quickly though...!

am looking to go for the day to take the kids to have a look around...when do the lights go on and when do the shops like harrods etc get their christmas windows done?

was thinking of a sat in this too soon? (although cardiff to london on the train is showing up as £145 for me, dh and ds...other 2 kids are free! so may not go after all!!)

any tips for a cheap day out? what to see what to miss???

thanks very much!

mellyonion Tue 14-Oct-08 12:52:07


pleaseeeeee? smile

VickyA Tue 14-Oct-08 13:12:18

It looks like Regent Street is 6th November : Wish upon a star

Harrods' "Once upon a time" parade is on 1st Nov, but their resident Santa's apparently fully booked for the season, so no grotty grotto visits there..! The web link is unfeasibly long, but it's easy to find if you google harrods christmas.

There's this on at the Natural History Museum : Christmas Fair - could walk/bus from Harrods?

Have you got a family railcard? It might well save you more than it costs. Also, I think that train fares are actually more expensive further in advance now, so it might cost a bit less nearer the time., although don't quote me on that!

Hope this helps - and remember to sharpen your elbows!

mellyonion Tue 14-Oct-08 13:32:21

thank you so much!

am dying to go, but am wondering if its a bit daft!

was considering now, going, having a walk around the south bank area and getting on one of those touristy busses to have a look around.....

ahhh. decisions decisions eh?

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