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GLTC train set and Brio and compatibility

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Turniphead1 Sun 05-Oct-08 10:12:00

Does anyone know does the GLTC Large Train set here train set fit into the Brio? It says "compatible with most wooden train tracks" but just wanted to check before Father Christmas starts making it...

WendyWeber Sun 05-Oct-08 10:21:48

"This classic interlocking train track set" - classic = Brio AFAIK!

Having said that I've never had any GLTC but have had ELC, Tesco & sundry other random bits and they all fit together smile

WendyWeber Sun 05-Oct-08 10:22:45

(Looks like v good value too!)

Turniphead1 Sun 05-Oct-08 10:23:47

So, its just made by Brio!? Thought maybe. Certainly looks the same. What's AFAIK (sorry feeling a bit groggy!) Thanks Wendy

WendyWeber Sun 05-Oct-08 10:28:08

Oh sorry, AFAIK is as far as I know.

I doubt if it's made by Brio, but when other kinds use words like "classic" & "compatible" they are telling you it will go with Brio without using the word Brio (it's a trademark) grin

Turniphead1 Sun 05-Oct-08 10:30:37

Gotcha. Don't know why I don't know AFAIK. Durrr.

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