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Game suggestions for all ages?

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Janus Fri 03-Oct-08 19:39:39

There will be 13 of us this Xmas ranging from 7 months to 50 years! We will have young children and teenagers and 2 from Amsterdam who speak good English.
Any game ideas? I don't do something like 'trivial pursuit', far too dull! Want some shouting and laughing, along the lines of pictionary but more fun!
Any board games you can recommend? I seem to remember playing something called outburst years ago which had us all screaming but then we were all very drunk! Anyone know this game, do you think it would work?

Takver Fri 03-Oct-08 19:55:15

Absolute Balderdash is fabulous especially with large numbers, great because it is just as funny whether you are coming first or last. Only really good for 10/11 yrs upwards though.

Masquerade is a funny version of charades but with silly things to act - works from about 8 upwards, but we play with younger children alongside an adult.

On a non-board game note, have you played the version of pass the parcel where you pass round a dice rolling until you get a six, upon when you don hat, scarf & gloves & try to pull apart parcel with a knife and fork - while the others pass round the dice as fast as poss till someone else rolls a 6, who then grabs hat/scarf etc, puts them on . . . well you get the idea. The silliest game I know that works with any age from about 3 upwards.

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