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What do you put in a stocking?

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inscotland Thu 02-Oct-08 20:25:15

I never got one of these as a kid so what do you put in them?

girlandboy Thu 02-Oct-08 20:28:46

Stocking fillers! grin

Mini bath fizzers
chocolate money
nail varnish
mini torch
anything small enough to fit in really (and cheap enough)

HeadFairy Thu 02-Oct-08 20:29:37

who for? child? Adult? (dh and I are such kids we still do ones for each other)

Charlee Thu 02-Oct-08 20:30:51

I am really borning when it comes to stocking fillers!

I put practcail things in there.


Stuff like that and a bag of chocolate coins to. {grin]

girlandboy Thu 02-Oct-08 20:30:55

Oooh, never thought of one for adults!

PavlovtheCat Thu 02-Oct-08 20:30:57

You MUST put in some:

Chocolate pennies - you know the ones covered in gold foil?
Nuts - depending on age.

And then

Anything else that you might like to get from other people's lists!

Bluestocking Thu 02-Oct-08 20:31:28

We always had an annual. I used to love them. And you have to put in a sugar mouse.

tassisssss Thu 02-Oct-08 20:31:36

lots of small presents - some useful/practical and some silly

for our wee ones we might include stickers, sweets, stationary, socks, pants, toothbrushes

they usually get an animal/dinosaur from ELC to add to our collection

other gifts in the past include bibs, hairbrush, postman pat/bob figures, jewellery, penny whistle, face cloths.

Plus always a tangerine and a penny in the toe!!

I love stockings!

PavlovtheCat Thu 02-Oct-08 20:31:43

Oh we do them for us adults too!

FrazzledFairyFay Thu 02-Oct-08 20:33:04

bath smellies
small games/toys
note books

Basically anything that will physically fit and comes within your budget.

MrsBadger Thu 02-Oct-08 20:33:52

not penny whistle

no no no

4am hell

Pinkyminkee Thu 02-Oct-08 20:34:14

pencils are good esp the ones with toppers
small toys, like rubvber spiders etc.
little books
chocolate money
those slider puzzles
pintoy pull back and go wooden animal thingies
If it's really stretchy you can get an annual in there

It's the kind of things to keep you child in bed for a while so they don't come in at 5am grin

tassisssss Thu 02-Oct-08 20:34:58

ah you see MrsB, we have ours in the front room by the fire...

(how long do you think i'll get away with that for??!)

expatinscotland Thu 02-Oct-08 20:35:04

i buy bags of sweeties like dolly mix, pic n mix and chupa chups and divide them out into cellophane bags and use them to fill stockings.

homemade treats.

alcohol miniatures for the grown ups.

trial sized toiletries.

chocolate coins.

glow sticks, glow in the dark stars.

this year, a plastic mug for DD1. a ceramic soup bowl for DH.



cup o' soups, those disposable cups of Malteasers/Aero/Brovil that you just add hot water to.

here are some good ideas.

MorocconOil Thu 02-Oct-08 20:36:02

hair clips
little puzzles
magnifying glass
magic tricks such as whooppee cushion
bath toys

Depends on the age of DC.

cherrymonster Thu 02-Oct-08 20:38:34

always put an apple and a satsuma in the toe, some nuts depending on age of child, bag of choc coins, socks, pencils, novelty soap, playdough or plasticine, little nic-nacs from hawkins bazarre and a small cuddly toy in the top

beautifuldays Thu 02-Oct-08 20:39:13

we never had stockings as a kid, so are the stocking gifts from santa as well as the big presents in the sack downstairs?


VanillaPumpkin Thu 02-Oct-08 20:40:04

You never had a stocking sad.

I put in
a Christmas story book,
knickers and vests,
hair bobbles,
chocolate money,
comedy pen/pencil,
activity/colouring book,
card game,
cheap plastic toy (pony, farmyard animal, dinosaur etc).

Cheap but lots of little things to be unwrapped.

SoMuchToBits Thu 02-Oct-08 20:40:25

For ds (aged 7)

choc coins
stationery items
paperback book
small note pad
Playmobil "special" figure
bath foam

and other small items - last year we got a few things from the RNLI shop, as he is mad on lifeboats, so stuff like a compass, lifeboat magnets, etc.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 02-Oct-08 20:42:40

Ah, this is a HUGE MN debate.
In our house just the presents in the stocking are from FC.
All the tree presents are from the people who bought them and will be put under the tree (to make it look nicer) when they are wrapped (week before Christmas???)
FC does not get big presents in our house.
This is not the case everywhere I discovered on my first Christmas on MN grin.

expatinscotland Thu 02-Oct-08 20:43:08

most large shops like Woolie's or even supermarkets will actually have an aisle of merchandise dedicated to filling stockings, so look out for those.

does everyone wrap EVERY filler gift, or just put them in there?

beautifuldays Thu 02-Oct-08 20:45:19

hmmm... think stockings AND big prezzies will all have to be from fc as ds wants fc to bring him a HUGE playmobil crane hmm

JodieG1 Thu 02-Oct-08 20:45:54

I do the same as Vanilla, stocking presents from Santa and the others are from the people that bought them.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 02-Oct-08 20:45:57

I wrap most things, but not satsuma or choc coins.
At least I do so far (dd1 is 5)
My Mum claims to have wrapped our stocking presents every year, but I only remember the year she had 20 for lunch and three extra children in the house and her DH was away till Christmas Eve and she nearly had a breakdown and that one year she didn't wrap the presents is the one I remember grin.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 02-Oct-08 20:47:54

Ah dd1 knows FC doesn't bring big presents to our home (though he might to others...). Last year all she asked for was a bicycle bell. It was fab. FC bought her that one.

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