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Due at Christmas(ish) - Top tips from others who have had dc around Christmas!

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hotmama Thu 02-Oct-08 13:05:19

There isn't a thread on Christmas 08 yet - so thought I would start one off!

I am due on Dec 19th and have 2dd's aged 4 and 2. As I was late both times before, I think it is highly likely that I am going to be giving birth around Christmas.

So anyone got top tips of what needs to be in place.

Don't think the dd's will see the relevance of the appearance of ds1 having any bearing of the delay of youknowwho!

Any advice is much appreciated!

hotmama Thu 02-Oct-08 19:07:34


Elk Thu 02-Oct-08 19:23:56

My friend was due on christmas eve (gave birth on Boxing Day). Her family did Christmas Day a Week early to make sure that dc1 had a proper Christmas.

Lilyloo Thu 02-Oct-08 19:27:30

Get all your shopping done early then you can sit back and relax hmm nearer the time!
dd3 was due Jan5th so was extra organised last year but she was 2 weeks late!

Pruners Thu 02-Oct-08 19:29:26

Message withdrawn

yomellamoHelly Thu 02-Oct-08 19:40:10

Ds2 was born 18/12 coming up to 2 years ago. All shopping was done and wrapped by start of December. All decs were up start of December. House was in a good state by then too - so ready for house-guests. Had not done cards which was a mistake (hardly any got sent). Christmas lunch done by others (PIL). My contribution was meant to be a Christmas pud, but I let it dry out and it was wrecked. Avoid getting involved in any cooking I'd say. I was too short on sleep to think straight.
Otherwise hospital were dead keen to do a sweep on the due date (20/12) since they knew they were going to be short-staffed over Christmas. After care wise they didn't have anyone to come to our home so we had to take ds2 up to the hospital for his checks a couple of times - though it was amazingly quiet there. Otherwise mind a blank. Good luck!

Saturn74 Thu 02-Oct-08 19:48:24

DS2 was due on Christmas Day, and actually arrived on 22nd.

It was fab as I escaped doing anything at all on Christmas Day.

We had no visitors at all that day.

DH took DS1 to PILs to exchange presents (which meant I escaped from having to endure MIL).

I got to sit at home and feed and cuddle DS2, whilst watching tv. My midwife popped round, and brought me some chocs, which we shared over a cup of tea.

She left, then DH and DS1 came home; we had a big roast dinner, which DH offered to make, but I felt so well that we made it together.

Then we all snuggled up, watched a movie and had an afternoon sleep.

The only slight glitch was DS1 (aged nearly 2) getting upset because FC had not brought a present for DS2.

I think the key is to tell people that you don't know how well you'll feel, so to make their own arrangements.

It was our most calm and relaxed Christmas to date.

hotmama Thu 02-Oct-08 20:57:05

Thanks for all of your messages.

Any other posts are most welcome.

InvisiblePsychomum Thu 02-Oct-08 21:03:46

DD3 was a december baby.

I made sure all pressies were bought and wrapped well before the end of november (in fact, to date that year was my most organised xmas yetwink).

same with cards.

decorations went up on the 1st, so that ensured we were ready in that sense too, but that has now continued as DD1 and DD2 felt that DD3's birthday was only ever complete with xmas decorations (rather than her b/day being seperate from xmas which was the original plan). DD3 now expects the decorations up before her b/day!!

all food bought was easy, ready prepped food.

we got as much in possible to ensure we did not need to go shopping from baby arriving and xmas coming.

the only thing we did do was make sure we had a few stocking pressies in ready for the new that the older two did not get upset about SC forgetting their new sibling.

Knakard Thu 02-Oct-08 21:12:58

Ds arrived Dec 20th. Just echo what everyone else said about getting organised early. Also i ended up having an emer section so only got out xmas eve and was still very sore etc so we actually went and stayed with my parents for 4 days over xmas and got everything done for us and we just got to consentrate on the best xmas prezzie ever!! Whilst everyone else cooked cleaned and generally ran around after me. However we get on very well with my mum and dad appreciate that is some people idea of the xmas from hell!

bettythebuilder Thu 02-Oct-08 21:26:09

dd was born early hours of Christmas Day (due 28th). I'll echo what everyone else says about early preparation, and add do not eat the sprouts you may be served with your nhs provided Christmas dinner if you are breast feeding

On the plus side, you may get lots of lovely pressies because friends find their money goes a long way in the sales!

myermay Thu 02-Oct-08 21:29:49

Ds was due on the 24th but actually arrived on the 7th, which was nice. Get all presents ready etc before hand

Nemoandthefishes Thu 02-Oct-08 21:32:23

DD1 was due 23rd dec but came the 16th and year later dd2 was due 12th jan but came the 5th jan. Both times I just made sure by early nov everything was wrapped and ready, organised a home shopping delivery as soon as a slot was available and made sure everyone was aware I would not be

hotmama Thu 02-Oct-08 22:53:07

Some good ideas - so thanks!

I was going to get cracking on doing cards early (I am usually pretty crap at this) and get presents wrapped etc.

Didn't think about getting some presents wrapped for ds1 - just in case - good thinking - dd's wouldn't understand why he wouldn't get pressies from youknowwho!

Luckily, I did Christmas dinner last year so am let off for the next few years - we do it on a rota - it is my mum's turn this year - so I won't be doing the cooking whatever happens - yippee!

Thanks for everyone's contributions.grin

fruitful Fri 03-Oct-08 13:18:23

Book an online shopping delivery slot (Tescos let you do this 3 weeks in advance). Last year I had shopping delivered just before Christmas, and then a week later.

We found that the older children were nicely occupied with all their new toys and barely noticed the baby. Although admittedly he did only open his eyes about twice on Christmas day.

brightwell Fri 03-Oct-08 18:40:22

Ds was due Dec 18th, born Dec 24th. That year i made sure I had bought all the Christmas presents in November, wrapped them & delivered them early. I started buying "bits" of food stuff mincemeat, pickles, Christmas pud probably in September, to spread the cost, to spread the load and to be prepared in advance. Got all the cards written and did a round robin letter on the pc, the plan had been to add the news of the arrival in with the christmas cards.

chloemegjess Fri 03-Oct-08 20:20:16

I was due 23rd December last year and DD was born 29th - had gone into Labour 27ths though.

Was a bit rubbish being over due all over christmas as I was very uncomfortable but wasn't too bad.

My Major tip would be not to worry about it. I did everything I could to try and go into labour before Christmas, because I wanted to have DD before then (She was my first). I worried so much about having her on xmas day etc but to be honest, there is nothing you could do so just go with the flow!

I also had all Xmas gifts bought an wrapped in october, so it was lovely not to have to worry about it! I tool early mat leave though so it was easy for me to get out and do it all then.

Good luck!

Posey Fri 03-Oct-08 20:36:22

I was due on Dhristmas Day but as dd had been 11 days late I wasn't overly concerned. However, we needed to be prepared.
I had presents etc all done very early.
Food was pretty simple, still Christmassy but easy to manage.
It was just the 3 of us planned but with contingency plans... my parents (3 hours away) were on standby to come at any time (they had a very sober time in case they needed to drive!) We also had a list of willing friends and neighbours who would have dd temporarily if necessary, when they would be home, when away visiting etc so we could see easily who we ought to ring. Also found out who would be able/willing to get dd in the middle of the night etc.
I did say, very nobly, that if it all happened on the 25th, dh should stay with dd so as not to spoil her day. Thank goodness ds didn't make an appearance til the 29th when my parents were here.
It was a very happy Christmas, I think because we kept it so simple and didn't try and overdo all the visits.

Redliquorice Fri 03-Oct-08 22:24:35

Hi, my DS2 was born on 21st Dec. I'd echo everything already said about being prepared, do not cook Xmas dinner (I went for the easy M&S option which DH dealt with), and limit visitors. One major piece of advice, do not rush to get out of hospital. As I have 2 other DC I was desperate to get home in time for Xmas and even though I had a C-section I went home on the 23rd. Getting infected staples pulled out lying on my bed trying not to scream on Boxing Day was something I won't forget!!

brightwell Sat 04-Oct-08 10:33:56

Looking back I think i must have been slightly mad....I had guests ( my Dad & mil) coming Christmas Eve, I did all the prep for Christmas day lunch between contractions, (ds was born at home)I kept phoning the guests to pospone their arrival times til after I'd given birth. Then Christmas day I just told them when to cook things, worked out ok.

hotmama Sat 04-Oct-08 11:13:00

Brightwell - you are slightly mad! shock

Thanks so much for all of these, I am finding them very helpful - as I imagine is anyone else who is due around Christmas! smile

chipmonkey Sat 04-Oct-08 12:07:50

Oh, this brings me back. Ds3 wasn't due till February 05 but I went into hospital at 6 am the morning of Stephens day ( Boxing Day to you!) and he was born 24 hours later by emergency CS. Thank God it hadn't happened 24 hours sooner and interfered with Santa!

herbietea Sat 04-Oct-08 12:26:51

Message withdrawn

Curlygirly Sat 04-Oct-08 12:59:24

DD was born last xmas day. I was very organised as everything was bought and ready and tesco had done a huge food delivery a couple of days before.
Came home Boxing Day and it was bit weird having lots of family around like normal. DS1 & 2 seemed oblivious of dd's arrival and of my abscence the day before!

onthepier Sat 04-Oct-08 15:24:33

My ds was due on Xmas Eve, but put in an appearance on Xmas Day! My dd, (then aged 5)
came in our bedroom with her very full stocking about 6 am, she'd opened about 3 presents when I felt my waters break!!

The morning was a bit mad after that, I didn't say anything at all as I wanted my dd to enjoy opening her stocking with us watching. Once she'd finished I told dh, he quickly showered, called my parents who came + collected dd + we made our way to the hospital, (luckily I'd packed the labour bag already!)

We had a fridge full of food, as the plan was that if baby hadn't arrived, the whole family were descending on us Xmas afternoon for a buffet + present exchanging! Anyway, my ds wasn't born until late Xmas evening, with contractions stop/start most of day.

We came home the next day. Our dd had a proper Xmas day at her grandparents with lots of presents (+ the v. exciting phone call that her baby brother had arrived!), the day after we were home from hospital everybody came to us + she had all of our presents, then dh's parents arrived New Years Eve, (they live a distance away), + she had the equivalent of another Xmas Day!

Needless to say, when she recently asked me, (she's 10 now), if she missed an Xmas when her baby brother was born I was a bit peeved that she had no memory of it all!!

She does remember coming to the hospital to see us though!

My advice to the original poster would be to organise as much as possible early. I can't believe that just after my waters broke I was frantically writing present tags! I'd wrapped everything but was hoping to add the new baby's name to ours in the "Love from" bit if he arrived before the big day!!

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