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Present Ideas for 7 year olds

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QueenHerod Wed 01-Oct-08 16:37:22

Add your ideas and predictions for the 'must haves' here please!
Also any tips on things to make rather than buy etc suitable for this age group.

Nicky1313 Thu 02-Oct-08 12:51:01

My 7 year old daughter is requesting Polly Pocket this Christmas, top of her list is the Polly Pocket Ship.

ahundredtimes Thu 02-Oct-08 12:52:59

I bought my dd [just 7] a children's typewriter. She is thrilled and bangs away on it. Is like living with Dorothy Parker.

ahundredtimes Thu 02-Oct-08 12:57:24

Also Boco came up last Christmas with a top present. A sellotape dispenser.

My dd loved that too.

I think she might have an office fetish.

Nicky1313 Thu 02-Oct-08 13:13:43

Where did you get the childrens Typewriter that is excellent and my little girl would love that, she spends hours typing on a word document but a typewriter would be so cool.? PLEASE tell me where you got and how much please please?

ahundredtimes Thu 02-Oct-08 13:16:11

I got it from Toys R Us.

There's an electronic Barbie one [which would have been better but she's anti-Barbie for some tom boyish reason] and so I got a Bang on the Door one.

I think it was £30 or so.

A big success. And she has it in her room, and is just different to home computer for her.

ahundredtimes Thu 02-Oct-08 13:17:22

Here they are

Nicky1313 Thu 02-Oct-08 13:21:43

That is excellent thank you so much! Well that is one present sorted for xmas then!! Think the Bang on the Door one is pretty cool too. THanks again smile

mysonsmummy Sat 04-Oct-08 13:38:48

do they only do them for girls - ds 7 would love one?

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