Need some easy Christmas bulk baking ideas please

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AgeingDoc Wed 08-Dec-21 23:37:25

I have, slightly rashly, offered to bake some Christmas treats for my son's sports club next week. They need to be individually wrapped and able to be eaten without any cutlery or plates. Oh, and they must be nut free. I was just thinking mince pies originally but I'm not sure all the kids will like them so I thought I'd better have at least one alternative. There will be about 40 people so I was thinking of taking 80 items in total. I am reasonably good at regular cakes, pastry making etc but not much use at decorating, and I won't have time for anything fancy anyway. I was wondering about some kind of traybake that I could cut up and pre wrap, or I could do some fairy cakes, but I'd like something a bit Christmassy. Time is going to be my major headache.
Anyone got any quick and reliable festive recipes that they swear by?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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didireallysaythat Thu 09-Dec-21 00:03:46

Brownies? If you don't want the hassle of cutting things up then chocolate chip muffins?

Slowchimes Thu 09-Dec-21 00:13:03

Op you need the famous Protestant tray bake thread, so good it's a classic smile:

HalfShrunkMoreToGo Thu 09-Dec-21 00:21:13

Saw a great thing the other day where someone had made a big tray of rocky road, bought the mini gingerbread men from the co-op bakery section and stuck them all over the top then sprinkled some xmassy glittery sprinkles on. Quick to make, full of chocolate and suitably Christmas themed.

Hairyfriend Thu 09-Dec-21 00:33:19

Christmas rocky road. I'd replace the nuts with more broken biscuits or fruit.

Rice crispy slice

You could buy bought biscuits and just decorate to speed things up for these:

Reindeer biscuits using half a pretzel as an antler.

maisiedaisy64 Thu 09-Dec-21 00:46:39


Instead of the fondant buy edible eyes, red skittles for noses, and those Curley Worley pieces that come in a bag as the antlers. Also have seen them just cut in triangles and without the popsicle stick!

AdaColeman Thu 09-Dec-21 01:03:29

Large tray of Parkin or Gingerbread, you could give it a layer of glacé icing before cutting it into squares, but it would be just as nice without the icing.

Shortbread? Again made in a large tray then cut into fingers.

Eccles cakes or Chorley cakes instead of mince pies?


AdaColeman Thu 09-Dec-21 01:06:08

Gingerbread men are a great idea, quick to make & cook too.

AgeingDoc Thu 09-Dec-21 13:52:59

Thanks all. Some great ideas here. I think I will do some mince pies and a couple of different tray bakes so hopefully everyone will like at least one option. Trying to make the last training night before Christmas a bit of fun as we're not having a Christmas party this year.

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