Worried I haven't bought enough ...

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richiebxxx Wed 08-Dec-21 17:36:41

I know this is stupid but for my best friend
I have
A dressing gown
Thermal socks and faux fur gloves and a box of celebrations
But wrapped up it doesn't look like much.
Does that seem okay?
I've spent around £50 altogether

She really loves this Valentino purse but it's another £55
I don't know what to do
Would you be happy with what I've got you ?
If you were her

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BeaMends Wed 08-Dec-21 17:41:28

Do you normally spend that much on one another? shock

Justmuddlingalong Wed 08-Dec-21 17:42:18

You're twitching. Ignore it and it'll pass.

MilduraS Wed 08-Dec-21 17:43:38

I haven't bought a Christmas present for a friend since I was a child so you're giving more than me. Do you normally spend this much? Have you agreed a gift budget?

DH and I have an agreed budget every year. Sometimes one of us will go over because we've found something perfect but it means neither of us worry about not doing enough.

Todaythiscouldbe Wed 08-Dec-21 17:44:27

That's an awful lot to spend on a friend! Is that the usual amount? I've bought my best friend a hot chocolate mug from Primark 😂

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Wed 08-Dec-21 17:44:37

If she really loves the Valentino purse then I'd get that.

LadyCatStark Wed 08-Dec-21 17:44:47

Wait what? For a friend? I’d be happy with the Celebrations!


irregularegular Wed 08-Dec-21 17:44:58

Well that all rather depends on what you normally give each other doesn't it? My friends and I don't typically buy for each other at all. Occasionally a little surprise if I spot something that I think would particularly cheer a friend up. I would kind of hate it if a friend suddenly showed up with all those gifts! But that's not helpful to you as your circumstances are clearly completely different....

What did you get her last year? What does she buy you?

Redglitter Wed 08-Dec-21 17:58:44

If you usually spend that much I'd return what you've bought & get her the purse.

£50 seems an awful lot for a friend. Have you agreed a set amount to spend or is this going to be a (nasty) surprise when you turn up with all this

richiebxxx Wed 08-Dec-21 18:10:52

We never set an amount so it's always a worry what to get.
I think Il just stick with what I got

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ChardonnaysPetDragon Wed 08-Dec-21 18:19:09

My best friend gets a card and some homemade Christmas sweets, if she's lucky.

FestiveFruitloop Wed 08-Dec-21 18:23:00

Personally, if you're sure she'll be comfortable with the spend, I'd get her the purse instead of the other items (maybe gift them elsewhere or keep them). In her shoes I'd be way more excited by the purse than the other rather generic items you mentioned. smile

NotAshamedToFancyTheGrinch Wed 08-Dec-21 18:27:33

If she's the kind of person that's dropping hints at you for designer purses then no, she probably won't be happy with what you've bought her.
You could have bought her the purse instead of spending £50 on tat.

coatofsomanycolours Wed 08-Dec-21 18:27:55

I love my friends dearly but have not exchanged Christmas presents with them since we were at school.

CaMePlaitPas Wed 08-Dec-21 18:29:28

I have never and would never buy presents for friends. Can't imagine anything more awkward.

SleepingStandingUp Wed 08-Dec-21 18:41:49

I think around £50 is plenty. What did she get you last year?

FlickyCrumble Wed 08-Dec-21 18:49:24

Yes twitching as pp said. I was doing that today until I saw what I’d already wrapped!

YuleHaveAWonderfulChristmas Wed 08-Dec-21 19:00:23

I love buying presents for friends. At one point we were all single mothers so our gifts to each other were the only ones we got. We decided not to buy for the kids but for each other. I still buy for 4 of my closest friends.

I usually spend about £50 each as well.

Bushkin Wed 08-Dec-21 19:14:00

Honestly? I’d have gone for just the purse but as you’ve already wrapped it stick to what you’ve got otherwise it’s way OTT. Are you both single? So no one else getting you gifts?

Ahhhhhbisto Wed 08-Dec-21 19:19:35

I would be happy to receive that as a gift but If you wanted to, you could return them and get the purse. If she likes it that much she will know the value of it!

I didn't realise buying for friends is so unusual. I have 2 close friends that i spend about £50 on each. They are fantastic friends, so supportive, encouraging, fun to be around. It's a good opportunity for me to show them how much i value their friendship and time.

slashlover Wed 08-Dec-21 19:33:03

I've got my best mate a bottle of gin liqueur from ALDI, it has gold flakes in it and the bottle lights up.£13.00.

User1765 Wed 08-Dec-21 19:37:11

You’ve been more than generous so don’t worry about that.

If you think she would prefer the purse and you can either return the items you have or give them to someone else you have to buy for then I would do that. But if you can’t return or make use of them then give them to her because it is more than enough.

scrivette Wed 08-Dec-21 19:40:29

Goodness I didn't realise spending on friends was so controversial!

If that's the amount that you would usually spend then it's no problem, if she is just expecting a box of chocolates then it might be awkward.

It sounds lovely, maybe you could get the purse for her birthday instead?

I buy gifts for my friends and I spend about £40/ £50 each. They don't spend quite as much but they also buy for my DC and they don't have DC so I spend slightly more on them.

Bushkin Wed 08-Dec-21 19:48:22

I buy for friends and sometime more than £50 but just one or 2 parcels. OP seemed keen to be sure it looked ‘enough’ which is a bit more strange re a friend gift

ShowOfHands Wed 08-Dec-21 19:49:32

We don't know you, your friend or the precedent. If you're millionaires and usually buy each other designer jewellery, a city break to Paris and a pair of Jimmy Choos, I'd say you've under bought. If you're usually of the box of toffifee and a bottle of lambrini persuasion, you've gone ott.

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