Expensive main present. Any other gifts?

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Ohdoleavemealone Wed 08-Dec-21 12:45:24

DS is getting the only thing he has asked for for 2 years. It cost £250.
He will be ecstatic and I don't he will bother about much else.

I however feel bad because he will literally have one box in the middle of the room! He is only 9. Would you buy him a couple bits knowing it won't even be acknowledged or just get the one and hope his initial thoughts at a single present diminishes when he sees what it is?

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Happy1982ish Wed 08-Dec-21 12:46:43

Absolutely a few other little bits
Not tat!

But surely there’s other little bits he’d like too

If he was older, no

But at 9? Absolutely

crumpet Wed 08-Dec-21 12:46:48

Will he have a stocking too? Perhaps you could add some presents in terms of things you know you’ll need to get at some point anyway / new hoody, other clothes etc.

Kiitos Wed 08-Dec-21 12:47:41

If the one present is what he really wants he probably won’t care about anything else you might get him anyway. Or if you want something else for him to open, keep it small eg a book or some chocolate.

Ohshittt Wed 08-Dec-21 12:48:38

Yeah I was going to say is there anything he needs anyway? Clothing etc? Sweets/chocolate would obviously get eaten. Maybe a selection box and a nice piece of clothing? £250 is plenty to spend though!

PizzaCrust Wed 08-Dec-21 12:54:48

I’d definitely get other gifts. If your budget can’t stretch far maybe some books/smaller toys. Or “vouchers” saying you’re going to take him to x place he wants to go to this year (obviously you can buy the tickets for this later down the line after you’ve recovered from Christmas). It just depends on your budget.

I don’t have boys but if it was one of my girls and their main gift was £250 I’d probably get a few other small things that they would enjoy just so there was a bit of build up to the main showstopping gift. I wouldn’t buy that, but things they’d genuinely enjoy.

PoppityInThe Wed 08-Dec-21 12:56:28

I'd add a selection box and a book.
As long as he isn't expecting an expensive main present and usual sort of stuff.


OhFGSWhenDoesItStop Wed 08-Dec-21 13:00:21

Can you wrap up some things that he would otherwise get over the year? My 9 year old will get things she needs like a new jumper, T-shirt, set of pjs, pack of socks and a replacement backpack as well as some books alongside her main present (we didn't spend 250 though).

She'd probably also be happy with things like pens or pencils, bubble bath, chocolate etc

Ohdoleavemealone Wed 08-Dec-21 13:14:44

Thanks all. I could wrap a few bits like clothes but he hates clothes as presents.
A new book maybe though and a game we could all play together.

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JetRocket Wed 08-Dec-21 13:18:38

Super cheap stuff you know he’ll like would be my thought. A selection box, a couple of £1 tubes of sweets, a pair of cheap pj’s for the rest of the year…etc I wouldn’t spend more than £20 if you can help it though xx

Blossom64265 Wed 08-Dec-21 13:22:24

That is when I wrap up the things I would have needed to buy anyway, except for clothes, because dc and I agree that unwrapping pants is just silly. So if the markers are running dry or the crayons are all nubs, this is the perfect time to get some new ones.

SoftSheen Wed 08-Dec-21 13:35:53

I think a few small extras would be good idea, perhaps including things he might need anyway e.g. socks, underwear, a selection box, a book.

Quornflakegirl Wed 08-Dec-21 13:36:04

I got a bike for Christmas when I was around 8 and it’s all I got and I remember feeling sad that there was nothing for me to actually open. I would get him a few inexpensive things in addition to his main gift.

Billyandemily Wed 08-Dec-21 13:46:43

I would get a few other bits even if its just his favourite treats/pop. My son got a expensive console for his birthday so I just bought a few other bits like new trainers,tracksuit,sweets/pop,silly cushion think burger/fries ect. So he still had other things to open.

Bushkin Wed 08-Dec-21 13:49:29

I’d get a book, a game & a selection box. And surely he’ll get a stocking too?

Hairwizard Wed 08-Dec-21 14:08:52

My ds is getting a switch this year and while he has a few other bits to open (small things and some clothes ) he wont be getting the usual pile of stuff.

AliceMcK Wed 08-Dec-21 14:12:14

My DD is getting an expensive main gift, she had a switch and fidgets on her list. I bought her a fidget advent calendar but it arrived all smashed up so I’ve wrapped the contents as a gift for Christmas Day. I’ve also got her other bits, cheap oodie, note books, pens, girly stuff, underwear, nighty… Most f it practical.

1stTimeMama Wed 08-Dec-21 14:18:53

I absolutely would, and have done before. My son had a Switch one year, but still got the same amount of gifts as the others. My daughter got Lego Diagon Alley last year, £330 I think it was, but I couldn't have her just open the one thing, so she had her usual amount on too of that.

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 08-Dec-21 14:22:22

Of course. Wrap up things you would buy anyway like nice shower gel/toiletries, bath bomb, a £1 selection box, book, socks, pants, tooth brush, stationery etc. Somewhere like Home Bargains is great for stocking fillers under £1

evtheria Wed 08-Dec-21 14:29:39

I’m definitely in the minority here, wouldn’t feel I had to buy extra presents if DS was getting his dream expensive gift! I might try to make the box into a bit of a surprise, if he didn’t know he was getting it (putting it in another box, then into a bigger box, and so on). And if he has a stocking then those are all the little tidbits, I wouldn’t get more for under the tree. If you have family then I assume he’ll be getting more gifts later on as well...

Just not keen on the idea we must go along with the ‘quantity over quality’ mindset little children tend to have, but if you do feel he’ll be disappointed by one present then maybe accessories to accompany this gift eg if it’s some sort of gaming device, then headphones or cool case for it, etc.

Tal45 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:37:54

What about a jigsaw puzzle, a card game like uno maybe and a magazine or book. As he has an expensive new present you could just pick some bits up second hand from ebay.

Bookworm20 Wed 08-Dec-21 14:40:59

As he is only 9 I'd get a few small stocking filler type presents. A selection box, a new book, some chocolate coins, perhaps an activity book and pens or a small lego set (wilko do small 'fake' lego sets starting from £1 and they have always been well received here).

Just a few additional things for him to open on christmas day, as I think for most young dc its the seeing that little pile of presents on christmas morning that is the best bit.

DockOTheBay Wed 08-Dec-21 14:53:32

I probably would spend £10 on small bits and pieces - selection box, card game, pens etc.

WildStallyn Wed 08-Dec-21 15:17:56

In our house Father Christmas fills the sack in their bedrooms on Christmas Eve but doesn't bring tech or anything expensive. Mum and dad buy the main presents.

DS is nearly 9 and has a very expensive main present this year (also something he's desperately wanted for a long time). So that's all he'll get for us, but he will still get his FC sack although I've really kept the cost down on that this year.

Sweetchocolatecandy Wed 08-Dec-21 15:20:59

I think at 9 kids don’t fully appreciate how much parents have spent on them and part of the joy is still opening presents. You can buy ‘useful’ things at your son might need anyway but can still pass as gifts like new pens, notebooks, socks/underwear and then maybe some chocolates or sweets to bulk it up.

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