What would you buy yourself for £50?

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DentalWorries Tue 07-Dec-21 21:26:39

An elderly relative has transferred me £50 that they’d like me to use to buy something for myself for them to see me unwrap when we see them at Christmas. There’s nothing I really need so I’m struggling to decide what to buy. It needs to be an actual gift as well rather than a voucher.

What would you choose?

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Proudboomer Tue 07-Dec-21 21:42:31

There is a garden statue I want for a shady border of my garden. It is a bit more than £50 but I would just lie and say it was within budget or on sale.

Holothane Tue 07-Dec-21 21:46:08

The Crown Blu Ray
Nice chocolates.

Howshouldibehave Tue 07-Dec-21 21:46:50

A pair of jeans.

Lifeispassingby Tue 07-Dec-21 21:48:04

I have no spare cash at all so for me I would spend it on some lovely toiletries/perfume/make up etc that I can enjoy and it’s just for me no one else lol

Stiffcondomhat Tue 07-Dec-21 21:49:01

My dad's given me 50 quid I'm putting it towards getting my hair done.

They want you to buy yourself something then wrap it so you can open it in front of them? Ehhh? Do you have to look surprised?

ElephantOfRisk Tue 07-Dec-21 21:49:30

I'm really hard to buy for and don't really need anything either.

Some nice leather gloves?
There are some lovely colourful sweaters @ the white stuff
Luxury PJs?

Or, I suppose you could buy something from somewhere that will do a cash refund or even a credit voucher for somewhere you'd buy from, unwrap it and then return it. If you did M&S you could buy some groceries with the credit - or is that a bit mean?


Jasmine11 Tue 07-Dec-21 21:51:18

I’d probably get a jumper from the White Stuff, they have 25% off at the moment too.

Xmasbaby11 Tue 07-Dec-21 21:52:27

Loads of books

I'd love that! Very generous.

PermanentTemporary Tue 07-Dec-21 21:53:22

I just bought a top I really love from John Lewis.

Agree that gloves might be nice? Better bike lights? A yogurt maker?

Walkley18 Tue 07-Dec-21 21:54:47

I asked for this from DH so hope I get it. An electric throw to snuggle under, in the evening on the sofa. Only heard about them this year. They're about that price and will look like a great gift to unwrap and is also practical.

PlanBea Tue 07-Dec-21 21:57:18

I once wrapped a new-ish jumper I already owned for my grandmother to "give" me on Christmas day (in reality the cash she gave went towards a crafting class I wanted to do, but as she had dementia she wouldn't have understood that so a physical present was easier)

ElephantOfRisk Tue 07-Dec-21 21:58:40


I’d probably get a jumper from the White Stuff, they have 25% off at the moment too.

Thanks for that - I think I've just found something for DH to give me smile

Agadorsparticus Tue 07-Dec-21 22:00:51

I bought a bottle of perfume I'd just run out of.

DentalWorries Tue 07-Dec-21 22:02:58

That’s a nice idea @PlanBea My Aunt also has dementia so can’t get out and about anymore but used to love buying presents for everyone hence wanting to have something physical for us to see us open.

I could actually do with some new perfume and I could just top it up myself as it’ll be more like £100

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CloudyStorms Tue 07-Dec-21 22:03:35

Fancy candle

2319inprogress Tue 07-Dec-21 22:23:08

Fabric - always fabric!
But the best £50 I've spent recently was a massage gun.

Carpetsareforflying Tue 07-Dec-21 22:23:44

Sometimes I think it's hard to see yourself as deserving enough to spend on, so I would spend as if it were for someone else. So what would I buy for my mum/best friend/adult DD. Then look for something nice.

santabetterwashhishands Tue 07-Dec-21 22:25:54

I'd buy myself some perfume

MondeoFan Tue 07-Dec-21 22:31:54

A jumper and a candle
Some skincare
New underwear

caringcarer Tue 07-Dec-21 22:52:26

Heated slippers by Kudd.ly. You heat up pads in microwave and they stay hot for 30 mins and more.

HelloDulling Tue 07-Dec-21 22:54:07

Jo Malone Orange Bitters candle. Lovely

shreddies Tue 07-Dec-21 22:54:40

A beautiful plant

SpookyScarySkeletons Tue 07-Dec-21 22:57:01

An oodie or similar to keep me nice and cosy during WFH in winter

DaphneDeloresMoorhead Tue 07-Dec-21 23:00:08

A leather music case for my sheet music

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