What to get when there are lots of school staff to buy

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requiredusername Tue 07-Dec-21 20:09:36

We have main teacher, a couple of TA's that spend time in the class and a couple of staff members that have been fab in after school club.

Ideally I'd like to spend the most on main teacher but what can I get him and also what can I get the others to acknowledge their efforts also

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FortunesFave Tue 07-Dec-21 20:15:37

I got our TA's a voucher for Starbucks along with a nice mug...but you could just get the voucher....the teacher ....well depends on budget.

Stompythedinosaur Tue 07-Dec-21 21:37:46

We seem to have a lot of teachers and TAs to buy for - about 10 of them between my dc. I get the same for everyone with a strict £3 limit as otherwise it gets too expensive. I generally get whatever box of chocs is in that limit at tescos (got galaxy truffles this year).

It is just a small token gift, but we put it with a homemade card and I get the dc to write something the remember about that teacher from the teacher.

Greenmarmalade Tue 07-Dec-21 21:40:26


EcoCustard Tue 07-Dec-21 21:49:38

I have a few teachers, TA’s and other school staff who do lots for the classes etc so now I buy some nice biscuits and a decent amount, usually 4/5 big boxes of different ones, chocolate, cookies etc. We take them in with a card to the reception the week before term ends. Taking them on Monday morning for eating through next week. The kids make a card for their teacher and TA’s and write what they feel in. Small consumables are good too, my teacher friend loved it last year as she got a card with a malteaser reindeer in.

Underthestairsbears Tue 07-Dec-21 22:02:14

Get everyone a Poinsettia. I've done this lots of times 😂

toomuchfaster Tue 07-Dec-21 22:17:59

Do a class collection. Much easier to get something nice for everyone with a much bigger budget.


pinkksugarmouse Tue 07-Dec-21 22:20:29

Teachers are inundated. If you feel you must get something then better something consumable like chocolate or biscuits then they can eat, share or regift.

Anothernamechange3 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:25:20

Quality Street/Roses for them to share in the staff room?

squee123 Tue 07-Dec-21 22:33:50

Something consumable like wine or chocolate. They don't need another Best Teacher mug to add to their collection.

Timeisavirtue Tue 07-Dec-21 23:41:15

Only get them a box of choccies or biscuits for Christmas and something bigger at the end of the year 😊

musicalfrog Tue 07-Dec-21 23:43:11

Get them all chocs and wine and get the ones you want to acknowledge the most a voucher for somewhere nice in addition.

ZenNudist Tue 07-Dec-21 23:44:28

Prosecco at Christmas. Costa vouchers for end of term. I give to class collection in younger ds year, so I just have 1 teacher 1 TA 3x after school club ladies 2x office staff 1x caretaker (gets beer)

ZenNudist Tue 07-Dec-21 23:44:47

Oh and music teachers x 2

elQuintoConyo Tue 07-Dec-21 23:53:53

Crikey, just get your kids to make and write a card. All this hand wringing!

I wouldn't want any of the things mentioned. And why get a gift that they can regift - just pointless.

FortunesFave Wed 08-Dec-21 02:37:13

Please don't get wine or any alcohol for people you don't know well.

There are many alcoholics out there and they don't need this. My brother is an alcoholic...hasn't drunk anything for 7 years but he doesn't need to be given it as a gift.

FortunesFave Wed 08-Dec-21 02:38:56


Crikey, just get your kids to make and write a card. All this hand wringing!

I wouldn't want any of the things mentioned. And why get a gift that they can regift - just pointless.

Just because you wouldn't want the things mentioned doesn't follow that everyone feels that way.

My sister loves the gifts she gets...she doesn't expect them but loves each and every one because someone thought enough of her and her teaching skills to go out and try to buy her or make her something that she'd like.

She uses all the bath stuff and hand cream through the year ...nothing is wasted.

Redsquirrel5 Wed 08-Dec-21 04:43:46

FourtunesFaves I was the same. Grateful for everything. Loved when children made their own card or wrote in them themselves often with little drawings.

Anything that goes to the staff room gets eaten by lunchtime but always well received. Please put a card with it.

OP you could buy them a small packet of delicious biscuits. They can take it home or have it in their bag and have one at work with their tea/coffee.
Hand cream. Sanitiser ruins your hands plus washing them at school a lot.
A lovely tree decoration. Homemade even better. I have a couple of beautiful ribbon baubles made by a Polish boy and guide by his mum I think of him every year. Another child’s grandma made knitted Christmas Puddings with a chocolate inside. I refill it every year. Someone eats it when putting the decorations away😁

A box of truffles, biscuits etc for the class room. Great for after school meetings, planning, tidying etc.

CloudyStorms Wed 08-Dec-21 04:46:18

Just get them a chocolate orange or something.

fitandfortyish Wed 08-Dec-21 06:18:44

All the parents club together and throw in a contribution.
last year we had enough to buy them an online flower course from In Bloom

The teacher said it was the best present they have ever had & had a lovely time in their holidays learning a new hobby.

mdh2020 Wed 08-Dec-21 07:29:50

My DS is a primary school teacher. What he appreciates most is home made cards and letters from the pupils and/ or pupils. He goes home with a car boot full of bottles of wine and chocolates but really isn’t bothered. He has enough mugs. The children do know he is a keen cyclist and sometimes parents pick up on that.

HandScreen Wed 08-Dec-21 07:30:33

I got them a £10 JL voucher each

HelloDulling Wed 08-Dec-21 07:33:49

Teachers get paid much more that TAs, so I always bought a better gift for them.

DicklessWonder Wed 08-Dec-21 07:37:54

My mum was a teacher for over 30 years. She used to get loads of stuff at Xmas, always the same: wine, chocolates, smellies and mugs. She would regift the wine, chocolates and smellies because she didn’t really drink/eat milk chocolate and had very sensitive skin.

When her and my dad retired and downsized we found no fewer than 350 “best teacher” mugs under the piano, in the loft and in various otherwise unused cupboards. The thought was lovely but far from original.

The only thing she kept was a (big) box of cards and letters sent to her by the children she had taught. She absolutely treasures those.

(I bung a fiver in the class collection for vouchers.)

purplesequins Wed 08-Dec-21 07:39:44

check with the school.
many have 'no individual gift' policies.
get them cards and donate to the pta.

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