Best Christmas chocolates?

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Prettypennies Tue 07-Dec-21 19:35:08

Which chocolates are you buying this year?

Quality street, Roses or celebrations? Or something else?

If you have already tucked in, do you find they’re better/worse than last years?

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MrsWooster Tue 07-Dec-21 19:37:58

Seem to recall that Sainsbury’s own brand Quality Street/Roses weren’t bad: not as good as old-style-Roses etc but ok.
I’m going to be trying other own brand stuff this year because real QS and Roses just make me sad with their waxy taste.

aConcernedPrude Tue 07-Dec-21 19:40:30

Agree with @MrsWooster - I'd bought both Sainsbury's and M&S 'dupes' for the last few years and they actually seemed to taste nicer than the real thing, maybe less palm oil?

Anyway, can't find them in either shop this year, gutted, so will be watching with interest smile

minipie Tue 07-Dec-21 19:42:20

Ferrero Rocher

I am only allowed them at Christmas as I hoover them blush

I have some hazelnut Lindor too, they are similar but not quite as good

Mistlewoeandwhine Tue 07-Dec-21 19:42:50

I have a big tub and I fill it up with sweets we like. I used to love Roses but they are rank now. Anyway, my son is lactose intolerant.

RavingAnnie Tue 07-Dec-21 19:48:17

We've bought roses and quality street 😬

Fivemoreminutes1 Wed 08-Dec-21 04:32:23

I’m making up a tub this year using:
Terry’s segsations
Aero bliss
Maltesers truffles
Galaxy truffles
Toblerone minis


CloudyStorms Wed 08-Dec-21 04:49:02

Lindt but not those ball things.
Toberone minis

MrsTimRiggins Wed 08-Dec-21 04:57:08

Heroes, it is always heroes 😋

I would also accept roses.

AtlasPine Wed 08-Dec-21 04:58:39

The Highland Chocolatier. His chocolates are absolutely amazing.

Trytowin20 Wed 08-Dec-21 05:10:45

I've bought heroes as they are gf apart from the dinky deckers. Got a massive metal tub for £6.

Roses and quality Street have gone downhill and though I love the green triangle and the purple one the 4 you get in a tub is ridiculous and I refuse to pay it!

The least said about the coconut ones the better 🤢

'baci' are my favourite as they're gf and kinda like ferrero rocher minus the wafer.

MintyCedric Wed 08-Dec-21 07:52:06

I'm not a massive chocolate eater but love Bendicks Bittermints and usually get a few selectors from Hotel Chocolat - the dark chocolate liquid caramels are amazing.

DD17 has some Lindor bars and a white chocolate orange for her stocking.

Lovemusic33 Wed 08-Dec-21 07:57:00

I would rather have a small box of expensive chocolates rather than a tub of quality street or similar. Dd has bought some quality street as she wanted a tub to take to 6 form and they were 2 for £6 but I would rather have a box of hotel chocolate or similar and just eat one or two a day. I also have mini Daim’s from IKEA .

Prettypennies Wed 08-Dec-21 08:18:31

Thanks all for the suggestions! I think I’ll make my own tub up with different chocolates (as pp does).

Although I may have to buy the Sainsbury’s chocolates and hotel chocolate to ‘test’ grin

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MsMiaWallace Wed 08-Dec-21 08:25:10

Always Hotel Chocolat.
& after eights of course!

mandoforever Wed 08-Dec-21 08:25:30

Lindt balls and some hotel chocolat bits.

APurpleSquirrel Wed 08-Dec-21 08:54:39

I've got Quality Street, Roses & Heroes for DH & the children, though I will eat the Green Triangles & Purple Ones.
Also got Lindt Lindor Balls in Salted Caramel for me, & hoping DH has taken the hint about the Monty Bojangles Truffles (in particular the Berry Bubbly) for me.
Other general ones are After Eights, & Elizabeth Shaw round mints.

WrappedInRed Wed 08-Dec-21 09:29:05

If you have an Aldi near me their Moser Roth range of chocolate is good and they do some festive flavours I think!


Beautiful3 Thu 09-Dec-21 12:55:28

This year for Christmas, I've bought quality street, after eight mints and terrys chocolate oranges. Celebrations and roses are disgusting. Heroes are just okay. Lindt balls are so rich, they make us all feel ill! I've bought some boxes as gifts, but not to eat! Used to be a fan of Ferrero rochers but didn't think much of the last box we had. Have they changed in anyway?

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