Help please! Vintage Dairy Milk

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SilverBelle Tue 07-Dec-21 16:09:40

I'm looking for those old-fashioned Dairy Milk squares/chunks that came individually wrapped in silver foil, in a cardboard packet of a similar size to a cigarette package.
I'm sure I've seen them in a shop in recent years but can't remember where!
All the ones I can find online are wrapped in plastic.
Anyone know?!

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SilverBelle Tue 07-Dec-21 16:10:39

By the way, I know the flavour of Dairy Milk isn't like it used to be, but this is for an old gent whose tastebuds probably aren't what they once were either!

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carboverload Tue 07-Dec-21 16:11:54

No idea but oh my gosh nostalgia! X

SilverBelle Tue 07-Dec-21 16:22:48

I think it was in a newsagent-type shop I saw them. I wish I could remember!

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Disfordarkchocolate Tue 07-Dec-21 16:24:08

Do you mean the ones that fit in the toy vending machine?

Disfordarkchocolate Tue 07-Dec-21 16:26:45

If so would Devine Chocolate Minatures do?

squishyegg Tue 07-Dec-21 16:30:49



OldWivesTale Tue 07-Dec-21 16:32:32

Oh I used to have these every Christmas. Haven't seen them for years!

nauticant Tue 07-Dec-21 16:34:57

Do you mean these (out of stock)?

HelplesslyHoping Tue 07-Dec-21 16:35:51 These?

HelplesslyHoping Tue 07-Dec-21 16:36:30

Cross post oops

Disfordarkchocolate Tue 07-Dec-21 16:36:34

Dozer Tue 07-Dec-21 16:37:26

Oh for the old recipe!

IAmHereForTheFood Tue 07-Dec-21 16:38:29


Pickles89 Tue 07-Dec-21 16:40:03

I miss the old days. sad

MenaiMna Tue 07-Dec-21 16:43:02

Does Cadbury direct do them? I've seen them do "rationing" era style novelties

SilverBelle Tue 07-Dec-21 16:59:51

Yes! The Cadbury's Dairy Milk Miniatures are what I am looking for. Thank you nauticant and HelplesslyHoping. I see they have been discontinued so looks like I am going to be out of luck.

I looked on Cadbury Direct Menai but perhaps I will post this to them as a suggestion.

Disfordarkchocolate thanks for the suggestion. I wish those ones came in the cigarette package as that was the best bit!

* squishyegg* I think those are just regular sized bars.

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herestoyoucolinrobinson Tue 07-Dec-21 17:26:26

Every year I try to find these for my mum! They discontinued them I’d guess about 10 years ago now. She used to buy them for everyone and really misses it.

Divine make similar size little bars but I’ve only ever seen them in huge quantities in a big bag.

There’s a nice tin of the dairy milk chunks, but it’s a lot bigger.

nauticant Tue 07-Dec-21 17:27:03

The ones linked to by Disfordarkchocolate have a minimum purchase quantity of 100 packs so you're going to be sorted for those for a long time.

herestoyoucolinrobinson Tue 07-Dec-21 17:30:26

@nauticant There was a £45 set up fee too!

herestoyoucolinrobinson Tue 07-Dec-21 17:31:32

Chunks tin:

Geordieoldgirl Tue 07-Dec-21 17:38:44

Off the point here, but for anyone who misses the old Dairy Milk, I think the large bars taste better than the little individual ones, more like what I remember.

ParisNext Tue 07-Dec-21 17:41:43

My mum sent my daughter a bag of individually wrapped chunks this week. They were from Tesco I think. Almost the same as the old type. I’ll try to upload a photo.

ParisNext Tue 07-Dec-21 17:44:24

Here we go…

Ariela Tue 07-Dec-21 18:26:11

M&S do some slightly larger rectangles of swiss chocolate, milk, dark and hazelnut praline

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