Are Fortnum and Mason hampers worth it?

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KateLumley Tue 07-Dec-21 13:34:26

Just that, thinking about ordering one for friends.

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SquirmOfEels Tue 07-Dec-21 13:37:58

I think so. They're not that different in price to hampers from other stores and definitely have a 'wow' factor, especially if you can afford to go for one in wicker

CranberryandVodka Tue 07-Dec-21 13:39:08

First Christmas gift from now dh was a F&M hamper. Definitely influenced my decision to marry him!!

Theyweretheworstoftimes Tue 07-Dec-21 13:41:20

Absolutely. Pricey but so worth it.

RomainingCalm Tue 07-Dec-21 13:42:25

You could probably argue that no hamper is really worth it compared to buying similar food/drink from Tesco!

However F&M certainly have the 'wow' factor, the wicker baskets are lovely and their service is excellent. Agree with SquirmOfEels that they are probably not much more expensive than others.

ChiefInspectorParker Tue 07-Dec-21 13:42:26

Yes, I think so. I often send a smaller F&M gift like the port and Stilton at Christmas and it always goes down well.

Order some Chocolossus biscuits for yourself at the same time OP they are AMAZING grin

Mrsfussypants1 Tue 07-Dec-21 13:50:47

Yes, I'd love one for the basket alone. I spent ages looking at them this year and choosing one to order, I didn't in the end, I went with the Fenwicks Northern delights hamper after seeing it in store, its for MIL & FIl and it contained quite a few of their favourite bits and we've found a few other bits like candles, cheese and pie by local sellers to add to it (if it'll fit as its quite packed). I'd like to get my mum an F&M one next year, just not one of the ones that contains loose leaf tea or red wine, she's not a fan.


IAmHereForTheFood Tue 07-Dec-21 14:03:41

I ordered the fortmason one and the recipient was very pleased.

It’s gone up since the summer when I bought it though!

sofato5miles Tue 07-Dec-21 14:08:14

I buy them every year for UK relatives. Love them and they are always appreciated

TheDogsMother Tue 07-Dec-21 14:20:48

I'd love it for the wicker basket alone.

I bought one for (now ex) PILs. They asked why we were sending them food parcels. Did we think they couldn't afford food confused

KateLumley Tue 07-Dec-21 14:21:50

Ok, you've all convinced me grin

Now I need to decide which one.

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Bert2e Tue 07-Dec-21 14:22:14

I'm going to completely buck the trend and say no they aren't worth it at all. We get one every year from DHs work and I like the look of some of the M&S ones better. Or even better look for a local supplier - a local farm shop does brilliant ones.

HaveringWavering Tue 07-Dec-21 14:23:50

I wouldn’t thank someone for sending me a massive wicker basket. I wouldn’t have anywhere to put it. I also find that with hampers there is inevitably about 20% stuff that you would not pick to eat anyway and it ends up going mouldy and being thrown out after you’ve tried a few spoonfuls. I tend to think that much of what you are paying for this the brand, which is fine if the recipient likes that sort of thing, but for some people they just think you over-paid for a bit of posh jam.

I was brought up by a mother who firmly believed that own brand groceries were the smart option and anyone who bought brands was a fool being taken for a ride. So I’m slightly biased!

HerbErtlinger Tue 07-Dec-21 14:25:20

We got one for my mum's stepmum for her birthday and she loved it so much she has requested one as her Christmas present this year

livingthegoodlife Tue 07-Dec-21 14:42:19

I dream of receiving a f&m hamper. The wicker is so lovely. And the foods. I think it would be really fun to try weird / different stuff (I always think hampers have a couple of odd things in "Christmas tea" etc).

Definitely has the wow factor.

KateLumley Tue 07-Dec-21 14:49:58

I can't choose, the M&S seems more generous, but hasn't got the wow factor.



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Theyweretheworstoftimes Tue 07-Dec-21 14:55:14

The baskets are great for storage .........

Christmas decorations and other things.

Once you go Fortnums you can't go back.

If you really don't want the basket you can flog them on EBay.

FrownedUpon Tue 07-Dec-21 14:57:50

Go for F&M. As a gift they’re much more special. A hamper is supposed to be a treat, not full of things you’d buy every week in M&S or the supermarket.

Mrsfussypants1 Tue 07-Dec-21 14:58:48

I'd look at the individual items, would the recipients use loose leaf tea, or the coffee. I like the look of F&M but it when it was down to the individual items I knew they'd only like a couple of bits in it, that's why I went with another, I knew they'd like 99% of the items in it and it was easy to add a couple of other bits to it. I'd love to get my mum one next year, in reality I probably wouldn't as I'd pick fault with the content. I'd go M&S, but you know the recipients best.

KateLumley Tue 07-Dec-21 15:02:25

I can't decide sad

Thinking I might up the budget, £130 would get a medium basket.

I thought that too about loose leaf tea.

The gift is for very lovely friends, I just want it to be wonderful.

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Heronatemygoldfish Tue 07-Dec-21 15:04:07

I was sent an F&M hamper earlier this year and it was unexpected and utterly wonderful. I think the sender managed to thoughtfully pick lots of things I like, and some stuff had long enough use-by dates that I have still got some lovely biscuits for Christmas! I second the chocolossus biscuits - or cherrilossus in my case...

We put the wicker hamper itself under the coffee table and now use it to keep all the stuff that used to be dumped on top - so for storage as said previously.

CeeceeBloomingdale Tue 07-Dec-21 15:04:10

I love them. During the non-Christmas period you can create your own hamper and just buy the bits you want and the wicker which they pack up beautifully for you. This makes it cheaper, more personal and a great birthday gift (to myself wink)

NiceViper Tue 07-Dec-21 15:07:59

Just to make it even harder to choose, have a browse of these:

KateLumley Tue 07-Dec-21 15:09:44

I am now choosing between this or this

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KateLumley Tue 07-Dec-21 15:11:39

@NiceViper they look lovely smile

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