Gifts for a man who never leaves the house......

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Carpetsareforflying Tue 07-Dec-21 11:29:11

Literally never. Mid 60s.

No 'tat'/anything that could be seen as clutter,

Not clothes he has loads,

Not alcohol he doesn't drink,

Not kitchen anything because they have it all,

Not toiletries because I'm starting to look unimaginative....

Fuck me it's impossible! 🤣

Hobbies include watching sports and dramas on TV, and cooking (cook book would offend).

Please help!

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NalPolishRemover Tue 07-Dec-21 11:34:59

A bird house with bird food & a book to identify the birds that visit

A rose bush or fruit tree for the garden

A garden seat

A kindle

A hamper of luxury food items / ingredients for 'cooking

Subscription to a magazine or journal of interest- science/ sport etc

FuzzyPenguin Tue 07-Dec-21 11:35:20

Not sure of your budget but feel your pain my FIL is the same! We ended up buying him a new TV and playing for him to have Netflix.
Is there a TV subscription service he might like? Another thing we have bought is an Alexa to use as a radio in the kitchen.

UsernameTaken76 Tue 07-Dec-21 11:35:30

I’ve had a similar impossible dilemma. I’ve bought some socks that say “ssh the football is on”, a cushion to make his seat as comfy as possible and a jumper although I know the jumper won’t work here. I may add a tin of biscuits or chocs for a little treat. It’s so hard!!

LuluBlakey1 Tue 07-Dec-21 11:36:07

Subscription to 'BritBox'

hivemindneeded Tue 07-Dec-21 11:36:11

If he likes cooking could you do a small hamper of fancy ingredients?

Does he read? If there is a genre he likes - history or crime or art - you could pick up some recent publications. Does he listen to music? Men in their 60s might still prefer CDs to streaming.

Is he into nature? Could you buy a bird table or some bird feeders and a bag of seed so that he at least looks out of the window!

LuluBlakey1 Tue 07-Dec-21 11:37:10

Selection of cooking ingredients.


Carpetsareforflying Tue 07-Dec-21 11:47:40

The bird house/table is a good idea, i hadn't thought of that, thank you. They both love nature actually so it could be a nice joint gift with some other bits. Music is a no go, they have a record player and every record they have ever bought. My sister has already gone down the TV subscription route....

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Proudboomer Tue 07-Dec-21 11:52:17

If he likes nature you could get a hedgehog house with a camera so he can watch the nightlife.

OrangeCrunch Tue 07-Dec-21 11:53:18

OP, I've just started a very similar thread! I think you win!grin

Proudboomer Tue 07-Dec-21 11:56:07

Good selection with or without cameras

Carpetsareforflying Tue 07-Dec-21 11:59:06


Good selection with or without cameras

Oooh thanks

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Carpetsareforflying Tue 07-Dec-21 12:00:01


OP, I've just started a very similar thread! I think you win!grin

I've never won anything before 🤣

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Turquoisesol Tue 07-Dec-21 12:00:59

I was considering a cake subscription to have nice cakes delivered every month

TheDogsMother Tue 07-Dec-21 12:07:13

A magazine subscription. Membership to the local wildlife trust. Birdbox with a little connected camera inside.

Dyra Tue 07-Dec-21 12:14:01

What sports does he watch? Would be amenable to leaving the house if you got him tickets to watch it live?

Though that cake subscription PP suggested sounds nice.

WalkingOnSonshine Tue 07-Dec-21 12:20:52

Aura photo frame, assuming it’s a grandfather & you have kids?

You can have multiple apps downloaded that you can instantly upload photos to the frame, so you don’t need to update an SD card etc.

blobby10 Tue 07-Dec-21 12:32:38

I have a friend like this but even more restrictive! doesn't drink, doesn't like food, doesnt have any hobbies, plays on an X Box occasionally when his wife is out. Doesn't like sport, doesn't smoke, doesn't garden (wifes territory and artificial grass anyway) doesn't go on walks, has TV subscriptions already and is a tech nerd so has everything he needs.

I'm lost!! Thinking of resorting to a hamper for two but would love to get him something for himself as I only really know him!

UpInTheAttic Tue 07-Dec-21 12:34:51

Bluetooth (wireless) headphones so his DW doesn't have to listen to the football.

regularbutnamechangedd Tue 07-Dec-21 12:47:29

Whoever said Britbox is a genius and I've just signed my dad up

ElephantOfRisk Tue 07-Dec-21 12:52:20

I'm lost!! Thinking of resorting to a hamper for two but would love to get him something for himself as I only really know him!

I skimmed over that and thought you were thinking of getting him an "escort" aka sex worker...

Actually, might that be an idea? grin

ElephantOfRisk Tue 07-Dec-21 12:54:42

If someone already has everything they need or want then either it's a needle in a haystack situation to find something which has a high rate of failure or you get a nicer version of a consumable that they use or replace something that's worn out. That's really the only viable options.

hivemindneeded Tue 07-Dec-21 13:00:20

Complete thread hijack but I would LOVE it if someone got me a hedgehog house with camera. That just sounds like the best present ever.

PineappleWilson Tue 07-Dec-21 13:07:42

My father falls into this category. He does draw though, so he's getting Hobbycraft vouchers. We've done the SD photoframe before too, that went down well. And pre-Covid we got them restaurant vouchers, back when restaurants had cheap mid-week carvery offers, but they've stopped going to restaurants now. It's so hard to think of something.

If they have a bread maker, maybe nice bread mixes too?

WeAreTheWeirdosMister Tue 07-Dec-21 13:14:01

What about getting them into fermentation?
Lots of kits on Amazon;
But I am sure you could find other places too, if you start with sourdough you could build on it each year with kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi and on and on...
It's kitchen 'stuff' but also a toy/something to play with take care of.

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