I bought a small Christmas gift for a child whose name I don’t know

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Poppins17 Sun 05-Dec-21 19:48:29

I run a Community Centre, one of our rooms is used by an old folks group who come in once a week on Tuesdays.

The lady who collects the keys brings her daughter with her, who brings her grandchild too. I’ve known them for 4 years, but obviously only see them once a week, and not at all during lockdown.

The little girl is very sweet, she’s maybe approaching 2 and I make a fuss of giving her the room keys when she comes in each week.

Her family are not very well off, the little girl recently won a prize from my workplace of a very small colouring book and a box of 4 crayons and her nan said she would put it up for Christmas for her. It’s something that’s stuck in my mind ever since.

In tkmaxx today I have picked up a small teddy bear for her, it was only £6.99 so nothing extravagant, but I feel like she’s probably not going to get a lot, so this little gift will be a nice added extra. I usually send a tub of chocolates around to the old folks at Christmas and give the lady who comes for the keys a box of biscuits so it’s not unusual for me to give them something at Christmas.

The trouble is I can’t remember the little girls name…. I’m not sure whether it’s lockdown or my age or what but my memory has got really bad so whilst I would have been told her name before, j can’t remember it now 🤦🏻‍♀️

I have bought a gift bag to put the teddy in, but what do I write on the tag?

I’m a bit embarrassed now to ask, they just call her the bab 😵‍💫

Any suggestions?

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Nc123 Sun 05-Dec-21 19:50:47

“For you at Christmas”?

TwinklyBranch Sun 05-Dec-21 19:52:35

Aw, what a lovely thing to do! Could you write something like "For a little girl who has been extra good this year, from Santa Poppins".

Paperyfish Sun 05-Dec-21 19:53:08

Could you ask her how to spell her HD’s name? Even if it’s something simple like Ann or Jane you could say you wanted to check it wasn’t Jayne or Anne? Or ask for her full name for some kind of official centre use- say you thought she might have different second name.
Or just write “to my little helper”Or “ a special little girl at Christmas” or something cutesy like that?

Paperyfish Sun 05-Dec-21 19:53:36

Gd not hd obs

Romemarie Sun 05-Dec-21 19:54:10

Either ask for her name. Or just write a message like Merry Christmas sweetheart from your name. Maybe write i hope you like the little gift.

Paperyfish Sun 05-Dec-21 19:54:30

Or just ask one of the other centre users!


5zeds Sun 05-Dec-21 19:54:46

“For my favourite teeny key collector thank you for making XXXXdays such fun.”

MamaWeasel Sun 05-Dec-21 19:58:10

To my little helper

TatianaBis Sun 05-Dec-21 20:02:43

Just put “for the bab”.

SoupDragon Sun 05-Dec-21 20:05:54

Leave the tag blank in case they want to pretend it's from Santa.

Ohhhthepain Sun 05-Dec-21 20:07:42

Just put for the bab as @TatianaBis says, they will know who it is for. Sound like a lovely bunch of people all round ❤️

Poppins17 Sun 05-Dec-21 20:08:05

Great suggestions, thanks all!

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Sprogonthetyne Sun 05-Dec-21 20:13:10

If you see the grandmother without the little girl, I'd maybe give it unwrapped along with the biscuits and just say it's for "the little one". Then they can wrap in whatever paper Father Christmas uses in their house.

ShirleyPhallus Sun 05-Dec-21 20:16:58

I’d also leave it blank in case they want to give it to her from Santa / them. Would be worse if it’s the biggest gift she’ll get and it’s from someone she doesn’t know so much.

Although, she’s only 2, so maybe we are all overthinking this!

Lockdownbear Sun 05-Dec-21 21:15:00

I'd just write the tag from Santa.
Because you don't know her name, so Santa is the magic of Christmas and it avoids any feelings they need to reciprocate

NovemberNovemberDarkNights Sun 05-Dec-21 22:30:11

For a special girl, love Santa x

CiaoEB Sun 05-Dec-21 23:00:07

What a lovely caring person you are, she’ll be thrilled.

GreenClock Sun 05-Dec-21 23:04:17

You sound fab!

I’d hand it over with no card tbh, along with the usual biscuits. They may want to pop it in her stocking or something.

SleepingStandingUp Sun 05-Dec-21 23:35:49

I’m a bit embarrassed now to ask, they just call her the bab well that's just placed you geographically 😂😂

Agree with the other, unwrapped in a gift bag.
You could just sign the card off you "love Poppins" and tell Nan it's for the little one

Whatwouldnanado Sun 05-Dec-21 23:58:59

You sound lovely. My memory is shocking these days so tend to cut to the chase. When you see the gran on her own, ask how the little one is, "goodness I can't remember her name..." Then put it on the label.

RockPaperScissorLizardSpock Mon 06-Dec-21 10:04:36

I came on here to say ‘to my little helper’, and I see someone else has beaten me to it smile
Or ‘To (insert community centres name)’s little helper’

Poppins17 Mon 06-Dec-21 21:39:53

Thanks everyone! I’m not in tomorrow so I’ve tasked a colleague to see if she can find out her name… if not will either go with little helper or just give it to them to give her

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