Can I give my cleaner a velvetiser?

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Oopsoopsoops Sun 05-Dec-21 08:52:19

I’m guilty of overthinking this…

Our cleaner is amazing, reliable and has helped out with a tough year whilst I’ve had multiple operations. She has gone above and beyond, think things like pet sitting (paid) and more.

Her and her children love our hotel chocolat velvetiser and I would love to get them one for Christmas to show my/our appreciation but I’m not sure if it’s an OTT gift. I did consider getting a velvetiser dupe but I’m struggling to find the Aldi or Asda ones online (and I can’t go out to the shops because of my most recent surgery).

I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable with an ‘extravagant’ gift.

Am I overthinking this? It will bring so much joy to her and her children. I would of course give some hot chocolates too

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Toolatebaby Sun 05-Dec-21 08:54:36

To be honest Id be over thinking if you got her the dupe when she loves the posh one you have. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Either get her the one she loves or maybe just get her a nice hamper within your budget?

Sprostongreen21 Sun 05-Dec-21 08:55:03

If you can afford it and know she will appreciate it of course you can.

I don’t have a cleaner so I don’t know what is the norm. Would she prefer or need a bonus/gift of money though?

AsleepOnTheTrain Sun 05-Dec-21 08:56:11

Mm, not sure. I was a cleaner long ago, and the woman I worked for told me I should go on a safari holiday and take the children. I was a little 🙄

maofteens Sun 05-Dec-21 08:56:34

Go ahead - very thoughtful. It's more than I would spend (I give a weeks wages) but not so extravagant as to be OTT.

Oopsoopsoops Sun 05-Dec-21 08:57:08


To be honest Id be over thinking if you got her the dupe when she loves the posh one you have. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Either get her the one she loves or maybe just get her a nice hamper within your budget?

Can you see into my brain because that’s what I’m worried about too 😂

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AsleepOnTheTrain Sun 05-Dec-21 08:57:11

Only because I felt she didn't have a clue about life on the breadline


NightmareSlashDelightful Sun 05-Dec-21 09:00:30

I agree with pp — it’s a nice gift and if you’re going to get one, get the proper one. If you get a cheaper dupe after she’s admired your HC one that will look a bit tight on your part!

It’s only a £80 thing, the equivalent to a couple of days’ wages to her, it’s not like you’re musing over whether to buy her a Range Rover or a Birkin bag.

notacooldad Sun 05-Dec-21 09:00:38

I think it's a lovely idea to be honest. You can follow up by telling her she has been amazing and you wanted to show her your appreciation.

Whether it's over the top or not, in the scheme if everything it really diesnt matter. She likes it, you can afford, you think shes worth it
Why overthink?

ShirleyBadass Sun 05-Dec-21 09:02:41

I think it's a lovely idea!

Oopsoopsoops Sun 05-Dec-21 09:04:00

Thank you so much everyone. Now let’s choose the colour!

I’ve stalked her Facebook and found a picture taken in the kitchen.

She’s got a black oven, black countertops and the washing machine is white. The kettle is black.

I’m thinking the grey one?

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DoodleBelle Sun 05-Dec-21 09:05:33

Lovely idea, don’t overthink it

UntilBubleSings Sun 05-Dec-21 09:05:52

Christ. You are overthinking this. Just give her gift vouchers, and say you thought she'd like the velvetiser. She can then CHOOSE

LowlyTheWorm Sun 05-Dec-21 09:06:59

Yes! It’s a lovely ideal and please say in her card what you said here as that will also be a gift to her- to know how appreciated you are. Even the pet sitting if you’d had to pay wound have cost a lot so if she does try to argue then say she has saved you a lot of money and if she won’t accept your gift you will need to insist on paying her adequately for the extra help.

MrsOrMiss Sun 05-Dec-21 09:07:13

Buy it, but don't just buy her the velvetiser, get her the hot choc too.

I bought one for a relative and didn't realise buying 'just' the pot was the price - yup not much change from £100 - so forked out the extra for the sachets.

MoonbeamSprinkles Sun 05-Dec-21 09:09:51

Do you have to buy special hot chocolate to use it?

If you do then it might be a bit of a white elephant, if not crack on.

Galliano Sun 05-Dec-21 09:10:18

I don’t think the gift is too generous as I give my cleaner more than the value of one in cash. However I wouldn’t impose one on someone on a relatively low income - just give her cash and let her choose what to buy.

furbabymama87 Sun 05-Dec-21 09:10:40

Nice idea. You should buy it.

Just10moreminutesplease Sun 05-Dec-21 09:12:14

I think giving a dupe is far more awkward! It’s like here, you love my real one but a cheap version is good enough for you…

If you are happy to spend the money, a real one is a lovely gift that shows you appreciate her smile.

20viona Sun 05-Dec-21 09:14:05

I think it's a great idea go for it.

EmmasMum12 Sun 05-Dec-21 09:15:02

Buy the real thing with hot chocolates too (as long as you can afford it) and be sure to tell her why. (ie she's been a star all year)

OhamIreally Sun 05-Dec-21 09:16:03

Do you normally give her money at Christmas or a gift OP? Just thinking that if you normally give her money she may have factored that into her Christmas plans to some extent.
Otherwise the velvetiser sounds perfect and yes, get the real one and some sachets.

polkadotpjs Sun 05-Dec-21 09:17:09

Real one for sure as you run the risk of insulting by "down levelling" her with a lesser make. If however you know she's not very flush, then cash might be better.
I was in the position that my cleaner had more money than me and a way nicer house and car so I was trying to afford nice enough stuff for her I don't have her any more as we couldn't afford her.

OneEpisode Sun 05-Dec-21 09:22:15

I would stick to cash. I admire other people’s things without wanting it myself, and I’d love that my kids were given an occasional nice hot choc, but I wouldn’t want them to have hot choc all the time at home.

spotcheck Sun 05-Dec-21 09:26:01


Surely black!!!

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