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BringBackThinEyebrows Sat 04-Dec-21 14:18:01

I'd love some ideas on what to buy for a woman in her early 60s. Budget is £100. She prefers staying in since lockdown rather than events or experiences, so maybe something she can use at home. Some info:

-Already has loads of beauty products and knows exactly what she likes
-Has a dog and loves country walks
-Has a tablet she enjoys using
-Likes stuff in National Trust shops
-Enjoys crafts but has tried to declutter her craft supplies this year
-Enjoys reading fiction (especially crime fiction)
-Likes clothes but doesn't treat herself to new clothes often
-Already has all the kitchen gadgets e.g. velvetiser

Any suggestions welcome smile Especially if you're a similar age and know what you want.

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Jaxhog Sat 04-Dec-21 14:22:14

A kindle (with some books already loaded.)

XiCi Sat 04-Dec-21 14:28:00

How about a book subscription? I've used mystery book club before. You get a beautifully packaged new book every month.

ItsDinah Sat 04-Dec-21 14:28:26

Scarf or shawl or hat. DOn't know what National Trust has but if she likes its stuff she would probably also like something from V and A or Liberty's. £100 a bit light for much in the way of scarves from Liberty but they have some wonderful silk-lined leather touchscreen gloves that would come in under budget.

Laska2Meryls Sat 04-Dec-21 14:28:37
Cashmere wrap.. Also fab for snuggling up on sofa with a book.... Im same age... however I have this ( say more expensive) one from Toast on my list ..

MintJulia Sat 04-Dec-21 14:29:15

Does she have neoprene lined decent wellies?

Innocenta Sat 04-Dec-21 14:31:32

Recycled silk-covered notebook (similar to Nat Trust but a smaller business)

Set of letterpress cards

A couple of lovely Christmas decorations chosen to correspond to her interests - I mean the sort of beaded or embroidered, beautiful pieces you can buy individually.


fretnot Sat 04-Dec-21 14:33:47

A silk pillowcase as a beauty aid - space NK do one for around that budget I believe.

dottiedodah Sat 04-Dec-21 14:58:24

Im in my 50s and love long beads .Etsy have some lovely things .£100 is a decent budget .Shes lucky!

AtlasPine Sat 04-Dec-21 15:04:14

I’m around 60 and would second the silk pillowcase. I love mine.

Heated throw. Have just ordered one and am really looking forward to it when it’s not quite cold enough for expensive heating.

Moleskin stationery

Half Case of wine.

TheCreamCaker Sat 04-Dec-21 15:07:55

I'm 62, would hate a shawl or hat.

I love fruit-scented toiletries
a gift voucher to use at my hairdresser's, books that are about real-life crimes or medical procedures.
I also like cosy pyjamas and slippers/socks, gloves.
I love cats, so cat ornaments, calendars, books, etc.
Any "logic" puzzles or games, to test my brain.
Vodka, particularly flavoured ones.
chocolates, any except Thornton's.

Blueberrycreampie Sat 04-Dec-21 15:14:01

I'm in my 60s and I like Gin or good wine with quality nibbles!

LiterallyKnowsBest Sat 04-Dec-21 15:15:47

Half a case of biodynamic red wine. Not ‘organic’, not ‘natural’, biodynamic. (Might have to increase budget a little, or buy 4 or 5 bottles.)

Good wellies are an idea, though obviously sizing may be tricky. (Presumably she does still go out with the dog?)

A voucher towards some sunglasses - her choice.

Arizona Fur Birkenstocks.

I’m hesitating over choosing clothes for someone else for Christmas - everything will be reduced in the sales straight afterwards. And £100, though lovely, doesn’t go far on serious clothes. Maybe a voucher for either somewhere like Margaret Howell - which could be put towards say a shirt in the sales, or somewhere fun like Zara or & Other Stories - for something delightful when the new season stuff arrives.

Books, books, books.

Almost everything else I can think of - like Friend subscriptions to galleries or theatres, involves mixing with the virus-toting public …

ErrolTheDragon Sat 04-Dec-21 15:25:05

I'm nearly 61 and have no use for shawls or scarves.

I like nice houseplants, and beautiful good-sized cache pots for them.

One thing we've got this year which has enhanced our country walks is a pair of lightweight compact binoculars. We've got proper expensive ones for birdwatching but they're a bit heavy to have slung round your neck on a long walk. There are some below which are just within your budget. However, I wouldn't get something like this without checking that she doesn't already have some or wouldn't really want them,

ErrolTheDragon Sat 04-Dec-21 15:27:39

I definitely wouldn't want anyone to buy me wellies, or any other footwear - there are some things you really need to try on. And chances are someone of 60 with a dog already has what they want.

LiterallyKnowsBest Sat 04-Dec-21 16:01:14

Errol, my favourite ‘smart’ (town) wellies have just split at the heel, after nearly a decade of fabulousness. Haven’t quite decided what to get next, so I wouldn’t mind. And Birkenstocks are open, it’s not like buying a pair of loafers. (Either, of course, with the ability to return for a different size.)

(But I’m obviously listing things I would like ...)

Innocenta Sat 04-Dec-21 16:08:31

I love seeing ladies replying that they hate shawls! My mum is in her late 60s and I suspect would also not be too keen on one (though of course I realise many do love them, and I am among the shawl-lovers myself - not knocking them as a gift choice).

PollyGray Sat 04-Dec-21 16:15:50

If that's you DD, I'd so LOVE these:


LiterallyKnowsBest Sat 04-Dec-21 16:22:15

I love seeing ladies replying that they hate shawls!

They probably also hate being referred to as ‘ladies’, too …


Innocenta Sat 04-Dec-21 16:32:11

Haha, maybe - @LiterallyKnowsBest - you know better than I do! I was just referring to the title of the thread, but I know 'ladies' isn't everyone's favourite. I think I was nineteen the first time someone referred to me as a lady (speaking to their young DC), and at the time I was chuffed grin

Proudboomer Sat 04-Dec-21 16:36:44

Does she have a garden?

If so the national trust do a good selection of bird feeders and bird houses. You could do a hamper of feeders, seed, fat balls and nesting box.

Proudboomer Sat 04-Dec-21 16:37:34

hotmeatymilk Sat 04-Dec-21 16:39:15

Kendall mint cake subscription (if there is such a thing) for her walks. Bonus if you can get it from the national trust.

Has she a car? Assuming she’s exhausted her local walks, a book of walks for her nearest AONB or national park?

Laska2Meryls Sat 04-Dec-21 16:47:26

I dont want to be referred to as a Lady , but I have loved pashminas , Wraps etc since my 30s.. they have to be 100% Cashmere though..
Agree there are shawls and shawls ..

I'm early sixties now and certainly not one for staying at home, afternoon teas , pamper days, potted plants and NT cafes .. but I'd be absolutely over the moon to receive either of the ones I linked to above ( but especially the striped one from Toast ) ..

As well as a cashmere wrap I have asked for a new rucksack , books walking boots and a surf towel .. I'd also like some silver hand made jewellery ( but Id want to choose that myself ).... the best present I got last year was an electric bike ..a little over your budget though OP

TreasuredMim Sat 04-Dec-21 17:07:52

Anything cashmere - I like scarves and fingerless gloves.

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