Help! Save my Christmas wreath!

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amidsummernightsdream Fri 03-Dec-21 17:32:46

Hello! Can anyone help me with some pearls of wisdom about how to attach a wreath to a upvc door?

I ordered a beautiful wreath that i can’t put up 😭

I tried one of the metal wreath hooks that hook over your door but it didn’t work with my door, door was too chunky.

I haven’t got a door knocker.

The only option i can see is an adhesive hook but the wreath is quite weighty and i just cant see it holding.

Any ideas would be brilliant - thank you!

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parietal Fri 03-Dec-21 17:35:58

can you put 2 or 3 Command hooks on the inside of the door, then run a ribbon from the hooks over the top of the door & hang the wreath from the ribbon?

Chocolateteabag Fri 03-Dec-21 17:37:37

Yep - I think Command do a big "Wreath" hook - I'm sure I saw them in Wilkos

Chocolateteabag Fri 03-Dec-21 17:38:14


amidsummernightsdream Fri 03-Dec-21 17:38:14

Thanks @parietal, ive just googled what they are and i think that is worth a try. Im just concerned the wreath is quite heavy, will the hooks hold?

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Volterra Fri 03-Dec-21 17:38:26

I tie florists wire to inside door handle then up over the door to outside.

ToffeeNotCoffee Fri 03-Dec-21 17:41:37

Lots of smaller, 'Command' hooks on the back of the wreath if you can ?

Or, repositionable velcro command strips. One side of the velcro on the door the other side on the wreath. Press the velcro strips together or a mixture of both ?

Thread two pieces of string through the letter box, over the top of the door and tie them at the back of the door. Could you then lash the wreath onto the string with wrapping ribbon or any ribbon I suppose. or pass the string through the wreath before you feed the string through the letter box and tie it on the back of the door.


polkadotpjs Fri 03-Dec-21 17:41:56

People are way more clever than me. Love these tips! I may be feeling a tiny bit Christmassy

ToffeeNotCoffee Fri 03-Dec-21 17:44:09

Florists wire. Fuse wire.

It's going to be trial and error.

amidsummernightsdream Fri 03-Dec-21 17:47:00

Oh yes these are all brilliant ideas- thank you! Im not a very practical person and wouldn’t even think of multiple hooks to spread the load 🙈
Florist wire good idea too! Ill give them all a try!

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amidsummernightsdream Fri 03-Dec-21 17:47:50

@Chocolateteabag that looks sturdy! I’ve ordered thank you!

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amidsummernightsdream Sat 04-Dec-21 22:04:54

The command hooks and some string worked a treat- thanks everyone!

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FallonCarringtonWannabe Sat 04-Dec-21 22:06:23

Looks fab

ChocAuVin Sat 04-Dec-21 22:07:55

There is a fake command hook on Amazon that holds literally KGs. I’ll find it — I use it for my wreath and also for coats / dressing gowns!

ChocAuVin Sat 04-Dec-21 22:12:37

AOMEES Adhesive Hooks Heavy Duty Wall Hooks 8kg (Max) Self Adhesiv...]]

ChocAuVin Sat 04-Dec-21 22:13:13

Link fail! blush

DementedPanda Sat 04-Dec-21 22:22:04

White Garden string attached to door handle on the inside and tied to wreath on the outside... only downside is you do have to keep adjusting it.

Clevs Sat 04-Dec-21 22:26:23

Suction hooks work well for me!

Gingersay Sun 05-Dec-21 00:41:28

A suction cup wreath holder you can get them in homebase, b&q and garden centres. I used to have a upvc door and used one of these for a large fresh wreath every year.
I was in homebase today and they had lots.

fallfallfall Sun 05-Dec-21 02:15:14

lovely wreath!!!

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