Gifts for people you hate

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LadyCampanulaTottington Wed 01-Dec-21 21:42:55

I have to buy a gift for my odious mother. For many complex reasons I can’t not but I want to put as little thought and effort in as possible.

What have you bought for people you hate? I need ideas!

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mnahmnah Wed 01-Dec-21 21:45:19

Chocolates. Bath bombs. Baylis & Harding gift sets. Slipper socks. Jigsaw. All the boring but easy things.

HerRoyalHappiness Wed 01-Dec-21 21:46:25

Bayliss and harding gift set.
A five pound gift card for a really expensive shop
Does she smoke? If not a lighter.
A bottle of lambini
A picture hanging set with no picture, just the hooks.
A tub of sudocreme

LadyCampanulaTottington Wed 01-Dec-21 21:47:41

Ooo jigsaw is a good one!

@HerRoyalHappiness grin

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ImInStealthMode Wed 01-Dec-21 21:48:57

If you bought me a jigsaw you'd be my best mate forever blush

Babyliss & Harding is the true gift that says 'I had to buy you a gift, I didn't want to'.

LowlyTheWorm Wed 01-Dec-21 21:49:32

Honestly it would make me feel horrible to buy presents with such negative thoughts. So I think I’d have to buy a charity gift or something that some good would come out of- alongside a generic gift, maybe from a local small business.

CrimbleCrumble1 Wed 01-Dec-21 21:50:24

Gift experiences, always a pain to use.


FabriqueBelgique Wed 01-Dec-21 21:50:49

Lots of generic “smellies” !

Like the Body-wash (you would add to your grocery shop every month anyway) & Bath Puff gift set.

Crap, thoughtless, and hopefully makes them wonder if they smell grin

Whataday21 Wed 01-Dec-21 21:51:24

As an adult my dh was given lynx Africa from his sister in law. Says it all grin

Fl0w3ry Wed 01-Dec-21 21:52:18

Bath stuff, chocolates and those little mini drinks gift sets that come with a glass.

GucciBear Wed 01-Dec-21 21:53:35

Definitely Bayliss & Harding. A loo brush. Or, to copy my late husband, a box containing polish, a duster, oven cleaner and a feather duster.

SquarePeggyLeggy Wed 01-Dec-21 21:55:02

Gift to charity on their behalf. I do this every year for my terrible father.
It’s win-win. I’ve done my polite duty, it goes to a charity, and nobody can be mad about that.

midlifecrash Wed 01-Dec-21 21:55:04

Bottle of pre-mixed cocktail. Crap craft set. Ticket to boring exhibition. Gloves that clash with her coat. Cook book eg for vegan cupcakes if she is not vegan and does not like cupcakes. A framed photograph with you in it that she will feel obliged to display.

CrimbleCrumble1 Wed 01-Dec-21 21:55:08

A framed photo of you.

SquarePeggyLeggy Wed 01-Dec-21 21:56:33

So I agree about the negative thoughts, I feel a charity gift makes the negative into a positive for someone else who deserves it more!

GrumpyLivesInMyHouseNow Wed 01-Dec-21 21:57:53

Get a photo of you made into an enormous jigsaw

Limpshade Wed 01-Dec-21 22:01:12

Echo what PP said about a charity gift. My DDad was "given" a goat for a farmer one year and HATED it grin I thought it was great (although I wasn't the giver)!

Poppins17 Wed 01-Dec-21 22:04:36

I love a Baylis and Harding gift set!!! Wondering what they says about me grin

mnahmnah Wed 01-Dec-21 22:05:21


Make sure it’s a jigsaw of something really boring. Like a fruit bowl. Or a cat if she hates cats.

greyspottedgoose Wed 01-Dec-21 22:05:28

I love lambrini 😂 especially mango! Agree with a baylis and Harding gift set though, extra points if you can get one 3 for 2 and leave the little present sticker on it

Icantremembermyusername Wed 01-Dec-21 22:11:01

Ex DP gets a calendar every year where the image each month is a picture DC have drawn or painted. What's not to love, evidence of his child's flourishing art work!? He has to display it. New wife hates having it. Not classy enough, lol. It takes little time, just a quick photo here and there and a trip to Timpsons at the end of November.
By the way, my parents get one too and they LOVE it! On a par with the red wine he buys me every year when he knows I hate it...

LeftieLucy Wed 01-Dec-21 22:11:14

This lovely calendar

AD3000 Wed 01-Dec-21 22:13:53

Me too @Poppins17 - I'd also like a jigsaw blush

A crappy calendar would be my choice or biography of someone she doesn't like

SylviaTrench Wed 01-Dec-21 22:20:46

If you’re giving a jigsaw remember to open the box first and remove a piece wink

MrsSkylerWhite Wed 01-Dec-21 22:21:34

Garage flowers.

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