Aldi Christmas ‘treats’

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IsThisIt2021 Wed 01-Dec-21 20:07:36

Hi. I’m heading near to Aldi tomorrow and just wondering what Christmas treats you’ve seen/bought in store already this year that I could pick up to try? Don’t normally shop in Aldi so actually quite interested to see what they have!

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DrivingHomeChristmas Wed 01-Dec-21 20:09:39

Lots of lovely things- the nut brittles, chocolates and some great frozen bits. I got mulled wine chutney which has nearly all gone now. I didn’t fancy the espresso martini Wensleydale though!

IsThisIt2021 Wed 01-Dec-21 20:13:12

Espresso martini Wensleydale?! I like cheese but that doesn’t sound appealing. I haven’t seen but brittles in years.

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Whymustyoubringinthebirds Wed 01-Dec-21 20:13:52

The salted caramel fudge is amazing

Daisy829 Wed 01-Dec-21 20:15:17

Stollen & florentines. I get them every year. This year I’m limiting myself to 1 pack each. Last year they did some apple stollen which was amazing.
I’m also a massive fan of their beef and horseradish crisps. They go so well with wine!

Daisy829 Wed 01-Dec-21 20:15:47

Someone else has told me the nougat bars are nice but I’ve never tried them.

WrappedInRed Wed 01-Dec-21 20:16:47

They’ve got so many Christmas treats. Lovely buffet things and lots of sweet treats from Christmas puddings and mince pies to chocolate Santa’s etc. They’ve also got versions of the light up gins M&S have.


TheLongRider Wed 01-Dec-21 20:17:04

The hazelnut Florentines are very nice. Sometimes they have a deluxe version that's even nicer.

BurscoughBooths Wed 01-Dec-21 20:19:25

The florentines are very disappointing. Far too crunchy when they should be chewy

HerbErtlinger Wed 01-Dec-21 20:20:44

Aldi do a chocolate bar with salted pretzels in which is to die for

Puffinhead Wed 01-Dec-21 20:23:58

I’ve just munched my way through the spiced almond frangipanes, very tasty.

Gatekeeper Wed 01-Dec-21 20:24:07

I love the florentines...Its the only thing on my list lies

Puffinhead Wed 01-Dec-21 20:24:49

Also we buy the pandoro which is lovely too.

Gatekeeper Wed 01-Dec-21 20:25:03

spiced almond frangipanes??? My God...where are they?

Louisa4987 Wed 01-Dec-21 20:25:25

Cheese bites! Like cheese straws but in bite size pieces. I pretty much inhaled a whole pack and had to go back for more!blush

Namechangedforspooky Wed 01-Dec-21 20:26:07

The cherry liqueur chocolates are very good, I may have been buying them since October!

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Wed 01-Dec-21 20:26:19

Ah, I really need to make time to go to Aldi.

Allthesefolks Wed 01-Dec-21 20:27:54

The marzipan bars with praline in the middle
Stollen bites
The chocolate covered lebkuchen

Vapeyvapevape Wed 01-Dec-21 20:30:16

Cheese and chive pretzels- I could eat my own body weight in them

Welcometothejingles Wed 01-Dec-21 20:30:33

Ooh there's a big Aldi opening near me next weekend. I can't wait, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa!! blush

ContadoraExplorer Wed 01-Dec-21 20:32:01

Their chocolate truffles are good!

SomethingNastyInTheBallPool Wed 01-Dec-21 20:56:04

I was about to say, the chocolate truffles - the ones coated in chocolate flakes. I like the white chocolate ones best.

RagzReturnsRebooted Wed 01-Dec-21 20:58:08

Mini butter and marzipan stollen bites. So good and I hate marzipan but I can eat way too many of these.

TheWeeDonkey Wed 01-Dec-21 21:14:18

The chocolate is really good there. I noticed the other day their fake Toblerone that tastes better than a Toblerone is in stock again so I must treat myself. They do a dairy free salted caramel with honeycomb and macadamia nuts that I am addicted to, shove a scoop on one of their Belgian Sugar Waffles OMFG... Its amazing.

Daisy829 Wed 01-Dec-21 21:17:30

I need to find the cheese & chive pretzels. They sound good.

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