Pls help me find this, I've been an idiot

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VirusgonnaVirus Tue 30-Nov-21 08:54:33

Apologies for crap link, it's the Hollister long sleeved top with mountains in the background then trees. It's the only thing my ds wants and I have been tardy, went to order and its oos. If anyone can find a store, website selling a large or XL I'd be so very grateful.

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VirusgonnaVirus Tue 30-Nov-21 08:55:25

This one

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Horseradish01 Tue 30-Nov-21 09:49:42

I will have a look in the Hollister I’m going to this week op and will see if they have one.

Mrsfussypants1 Tue 30-Nov-21 09:52:27 not the same top but similar in stock. Ive tried stock checker and the top he likes isn't in stock in Newcastle. Ive tried Asos too. Off to try Ebay

Pooky001 Tue 30-Nov-21 11:05:42

Not exactly the same but any good? The seller seems to have a few hollister items for sale

VirusgonnaVirus Tue 30-Nov-21 21:21:50

Oh I could cry. This would have been excellent, logged on, less than five left, paid and then received an email saying out of stock.

Thank you for looking

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VirusgonnaVirus Tue 30-Nov-21 21:22:25


Not exactly the same but any good? The seller seems to have a few hollister items for sale

Is that on ebay? Thanks for looking

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VirusgonnaVirus Tue 30-Nov-21 21:23:24


I will have a look in the Hollister I’m going to this week op and will see if they have one.

Thank you, the one listed by mrsfussy would also be excellent

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Horseradish01 Tue 30-Nov-21 22:13:35

Had a look this evening in store - out of stock I’m afraid and nothing even vaguely similar

Mrsfussypants1 Tue 30-Nov-21 22:44:18

Oh no, keep trying though incase they get a return or a new shipment, it's funny times for stock with late cargos etc. Ive tried other stockists like Next and Zolando but no joy. I'm popping into Newcastle on Thursday, I'll go into Hollister and have a look. The Hollister online stockchecker hasn't shown anywhere I live. But I'll keep trying for you.

Mrsfussypants1 Tue 30-Nov-21 22:45:16

You could also try sending customer sevice an email, might be worth a shot.

ShaunaTheSheep Wed 01-Dec-21 00:01:16

Keep trying to see if it comes back into stock on the website. Last week DD was after a specific colour item, it was OOS for a few days. Then I randomly snapped one up at 9am the next day.

SparklingLime Thu 02-Dec-21 14:23:48

Any luck, @VirusgonnaVirus? Still an eBay option:

SparklingLime Thu 02-Dec-21 14:25:24

And an XL in Germany:

VirusgonnaVirus Thu 02-Dec-21 15:08:49

Thanks for looking. Sadly those ebay ones don't cut the mustard (according to his sister anyway)

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AsleepOnTheTrain Thu 02-Dec-21 15:37:12

But they are from Hollister so what's the problem??

eveningbubble Thu 02-Dec-21 15:53:13

it is here:

but no idea about the legitimacy of the website

FiloPasty Thu 02-Dec-21 16:14:28

I’d call customer services, sometimes they don’t even put the returns back on line so it’s worth a try.

StickersStickers Thu 02-Dec-21 16:15:09

asleeponthetrain I’m guessing because they are a completely different picture to the design he picked out. The original is lovely and I wouldn’t like the other design either.

NoSquirrels Thu 02-Dec-21 16:15:52

What about this one?

Mrsfussypants1 Thu 02-Dec-21 16:22:20

Just back from Newcastle, they didn't have it in, or the one that looks a bit like it. Lots of people were returning items (their sizing is a wee bit small) so it's worth still checking daily.

Rodion Thu 02-Dec-21 17:05:37

I can't find it either sad

Can you tell him it's looking unlikely so he's got time to choose something else he wouldn't mind getting (while you keep looking for this just in case)?

ladycarlotta Thu 02-Dec-21 18:12:26

I agree to keep checking the website, these things go in and out of stock depending on returns so it may not be gone forever.

JoBrodie Thu 02-Dec-21 18:38:44

Might be worth phoning Hollister shops and see if they have it in stock, then arrange for it to be delivered to you?

For example there are 3 Hollisters in London, all seem to be open until 9pm tonight

This is the page for their store finder

Good luck

VirusgonnaVirus Thu 02-Dec-21 19:45:57

Thanks, will show it to my dd when she gets back, although think it's too dark, he is a lighter sort of person.

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