If you dont eat Christmas dinner until the evening what do you have for lunch?

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 29-Nov-21 22:14:29

Our usual routine of bacon butties for breakfast (pastries for me), christmas dinner at muns at lunchtime and a buffet affair in the evening is changing to make it easier for mum who still wants to host but wants more time to prepare and cook - and a lie in!

So it will be me and my DH and 2 dc and possibly my sister and niece at lunchtime.

What can we have that is sufficiently festive but really easy to do without spoiling our dinner later?

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Tittyfilarious81 Mon 29-Nov-21 22:19:25

I do a little buffet pork pies ,sausage rolls ,cocktail sausage and cheese on a stick and some crisps chocolate and posh biscuits

Bluntness100 Mon 29-Nov-21 22:20:57

Well we have ours late afternoon, but we have a crimbo brekkie of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, croissants, and cinnamon rolls etc

Then about one we have canapés from markies. Then dinner later.

MissyB1 Mon 29-Nov-21 22:22:48

Croissants for breakfast. Then sausage rolls, nibbles and mince pies for lunch.

CheshireSplat Mon 29-Nov-21 22:27:37

Brunch at 11 for us. Then eating Christmas meal about 4 or 5. Yum!!!

HelloBunny Mon 29-Nov-21 22:28:46

We usually have toast / cereal when we wake up. Then mass (though we’ve started to go instead on Christmas Eve or Stephen’s Day) then cooked breakfast / smoked salmon & eggs at midday.
We’ll have Baileys / beers & chocolates while opening the presents at about 3pm. Dinner at about 5 or 6. Maybe some cheese & wine / stout later, but we’d be too full for more cooked food / sambos.

PlanktonsComputerWife Mon 29-Nov-21 22:30:03

Bacon butties are pretty filling... I'd just have them a bit later


raviolo Mon 29-Nov-21 22:31:09

Bacon baps for breakfast then starters for lunch- prawn cocktail, avocados scampi, breaded prawns, blinis, salad, smoked salmon etc then Roast at 5 ish

PiesNotGuys Mon 29-Nov-21 22:39:55

We don’t have lunch on Christmas Day, same as we don’t on Sundays,because of the big meal later, sabbath/feast day.

I was raised to not eat anything at all other than the Sunday dinner on Sundays, and big days like Christmas were always the same. I don’t always do that exactly any more but it does feel strange and indulgent to have a breakfast or a light brunch on a Sunday. Children will often have some cereal etc, I wouldn’t stop them. But I do enjoy the traditional way and waiting until properly hungry for the main event, so nothing is officially served on Christmas Day until the late afternoon/throughout the evening feast.

GoGoGretaDoll Mon 29-Nov-21 22:41:42

Toast as soon as we're up/through the presents. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on bagels, or eggs benedict for brunch - that's usually around noon/1. then a walk with the dog. Soup to warm up when we come in, so that's around 2/3. Then we eat around 5/6 which is actually quite early for us. Cheese comes out around 9. I buy a dessert every year and it never gets eaten!

Squiblet Mon 29-Nov-21 22:45:20


Ragwort Mon 29-Nov-21 22:51:50

How late are you eating the Christmas meal? I only ever eat breakfast and the 'Christmas meal' ... can't imagine having a buffet supper after a huge Turkey lunch.

If you have a substantial brunch surely you don't need anything else?

Or maybe just some smoked salmon, soup, canapés?

Imnotweirdimlimitededition1 Mon 29-Nov-21 22:54:58

We have a starter at lunch time either prawn cocktail or soup with wheaten bread @1pm then main dinner @6pm dessert or cheeseboard throughout the evening

delilahbucket Mon 29-Nov-21 22:56:10

We have bacon butties for breakfast, nibbles, cheese, pate and anything else in the fridge around lunch if we're hungry, and eat Christmas dinner around 4:30.

StormyCornishSeas Mon 29-Nov-21 22:56:42

We might have some small nibbles. Butwe have a large breakfast. My stomach unlike the rest of the family likes to be fed little and often and that's the worst thing about Christmas Day. They can all hang on till the bitter end for food whereas I can't especially if there's drinking involved. And I actually don't like my main meal as much because I have limbered my stomach up

OhGiveUp Mon 29-Nov-21 23:04:42

We usually have Christmas dinner at 5 in the evening, so rather than having breakfast and lunch, we have a brunch at around 10 in the morning consisting of rolls, meats and cheeses with coffee.

Noseylittlemoo Mon 29-Nov-21 23:05:10

We plan to have cold starter type food - mozzarella & tomato/ crisp breads/ prawns etc around 12 or 1pm. Go for a walk while it is still daylight and then eat the main dinner around 5 or 6pm. Like a pp we plan for a dessert or cheese & biscuits around 8 or 9pm but sometimes no one is hungry and we eat it on boxing day!

Jumpingintochristmas Mon 29-Nov-21 23:31:30

We have bacon/sausage sandwiches on sourdough around 11am then canapés at 3ish.

Main meal and dessert 5.30ish.

Cheeseboard, Christmas cake and fruit 9pm ish for anyone still hungry.

Fruit, nuts and sweets available all day.

Bonnealle Mon 29-Nov-21 23:39:31

Just coffee in the morning. Champagne, salmon blinis, seafood platter, crudités, etc., around 1130. Then Christmas dinner at 1800, and cheese and port around 2200.

RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 29-Nov-21 23:44:19


Brunch at 11 for us. Then eating Christmas meal about 4 or 5. Yum!!!

Yeah, this. Try not to eat too much chocolate in between.

jocktamsonsbairn Mon 29-Nov-21 23:45:09

Since my school were wee we've done Christmas dinner at 5. Bacon told after present opening. Bubbly buts - cheese, crackers etc, selection boxes, whatever anyone wants around 11-12 ish then early starter before the big bird!

Mojoj Mon 29-Nov-21 23:50:11

I like a late morning, fairly substantial brekkie and then nothing else until the main event at around 4ish. I like to be starving for my Christmas scran😋😋😋

MintyCedric Mon 29-Nov-21 23:50:19

Afternoon tea type spread.

Mini brie and cranberry toasted sandwiches, sausage rolls and cheese scones. Mini yule logs, festive fancies, mince pies and gingerbread men with tea, hot chocolate and fizz.

FionaCorkesWardrobebyKamizole Mon 29-Nov-21 23:50:40

We always eat our main Christmas meal around 7pm. So, it's mass first thing in the morning, smoked salmon/scrambled eggs when we get back c.11.30 am, then presents, walk, play with presents, until champagne c.4pm. Plenty of snacks and chocolate to keep the little ones going until then!

Crunched Tue 30-Nov-21 00:07:55

That looks lovely MintyCedric.
We have filled croissants (egg and bacon or egg and salmon) and then around 1ish have substantial nibbles. I have started my rigorous testing of this years offerings from M&S to make sure I choose wisely! Additionally I usually set out the cheeseboard.
This is followed by the obligatory walk.
There are always chocs,nuts, mince pies etc. being handed round.
We tend to eat Christmas Dinner around 6pm.

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