The unusual moment you look forward to most?

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penguinwithasuitcase Sun 28-Nov-21 10:48:35

Chatting to a friend this morning and she said that of everything about Christmas, the one moment that she loves most is:

Opening the front door to her extended family when they arrive on Christmas morning –the noise and madness of way too many people crammed into the hallway trying to get their coats off while juggling presents-stuffed-under-arms and kissing the kids at the same time and handing over a bottle of wine to put in the fridge and someone calling "Can you move the car over a bit so I can pull right in?" all at once.

I thought it was just the loveliest thing – that THAT's what she looks forward to most! Not presents, not lunch, not turning on the lights of the tree, but a cramped, chaotic moment of cold air and shoe-wrestling in the hallway grin

What are your unexpected favourite moments of Christmas?

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ArblemarchTFruitbat Sun 28-Nov-21 10:51:56

Sticking cloves into an onion to make bread sauce on Christmas morning. Always makes me feel it really is Christmas!

Palavah Sun 28-Nov-21 10:53:45

Oh yes that's lovely! When everyone arrives and the day is full of promise.

I love the way my dad starts the turkey in his dressing gown looking like the ghost of christmas past.

Santaischeckinglists Sun 28-Nov-21 11:07:34

When I have persuaded my adult dc to sleep here and have my dc under my roof again and going to bed smiling Xmas eve - usually 1am Xmas morning!

SnoopsCaliforniaRoll Sun 28-Nov-21 12:41:48

My lovely DMIL showing off the cooked turkey as it is taken out of the oven, before it is rested. Everyone has to file into the kitchen, almost ceremonially, to have the bird presented, we all make the approving noises of appreciation etc, as the turkey always looks and smells beautiful. My DH's family have apparently done this forever! My DMIL's turkey is always absolutely delicious and she is always so proud of her handiwork (she is a wonderful cook and it's everyone's way of appreciating her effort), I love this little ceremony on Christmas Day! grin

ApplePippa Sun 28-Nov-21 12:53:05

Arriving home after church on Christmas morning, and opening the front door to be greeted with the amazing smell of the turkey in the oven all mixed up with coffee!

My family is a mix of christians and atheists, and the non church goers always thoughtfully have a pot of coffee ready for when we get back. We open tree presents after lunch, so its a lovely moment of wellbeing and anticipation knowing that there's Christmas lunch and presents still to come smile

RedCarsGoFaster Sun 28-Nov-21 13:04:14

Popping into the kitchen in the evening and snaffling pieces of coca cola ham dipped in leftover mushroom sauce. Mmmmm.


PeonyRose80 Sun 28-Nov-21 13:07:18

When the kids come home on the last day of term. All happy and excited and I always let out a happy sigh of relief 😊

RestingStitchFace Sun 28-Nov-21 13:17:23

Last year it was Christmas Eve night with my DS. Watching Polar Express snoodled under blankets and eating Quality Street. 🥰

squashyhat Sun 28-Nov-21 13:18:37

Lovely thread. It's my birthday on Christmas Day so for me it's the one day of the year I have Classic FM on while DH and I drink champagne and make eggs benedict for my birthday breakfast. My Dad always used to ring me up and whistle Happy Birthday down the phone! It was excruciating at the time but I miss it now smile

BobbieT1999 Sun 28-Nov-21 13:26:30

This is lovely smile I go home every Christmas and parents still leave a stocking on the end of my bed. Waking up Christmas morning and feeling an oddly shaped weight against my toes takes me right back to childhood with the promise of the whole day of rare family time to come smile

Helpimfalling Sun 28-Nov-21 13:28:03

Why am I crying... god I love this thread thanks OP.


ParkheadParadise Sun 28-Nov-21 13:31:19

Last year it was dd coming down the stairs to Santa's footprints and her excitement when she opened the living room door.
I hate Christmas but dd makes it special.

penguinwithasuitcase Sun 28-Nov-21 13:32:29

I love the way my dad starts the turkey in his dressing gown looking like the ghost of christmas past. @Palavah that did make me laugh!

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FelicityBeedle Sun 28-Nov-21 13:32:37

I love getting to my mums and opening the fridge, it’s always chocka block for the five of us and struggling to jam in the bits I’ve bought. Going to the shops for the ‘last few bits’ which often ends up bigger than the ‘main’ shop and fighting over who pays for it. Making jokes about my grandma staying with an en-suite kitchen because the downstairs is open plan

GrandmasCat Sun 28-Nov-21 13:32:51

Exactly what your friend said plus having long conversations over breakfast with everyone while we are still in pijamas.

cherrypiepie Sun 28-Nov-21 13:32:55

Going Christmas shopping with my mum and having an eggnog latte and sharing a Christmassy sandwich. So boring but it the best thing!

HeyMicky Sun 28-Nov-21 13:35:28

Walking home though the village in the cold after the crib service on Christmas Eve. All emotional after hearing little children sing carols and looking forward to a cozy run up to bed time

Bigoldhag Sun 28-Nov-21 13:37:52

When i lived at home, it was the sound of my mum getting up at 4am to put the turkey on - think I only started hearing her in my teens and only then I appreciated how little sleep she used to get christmas eve to make it magical for us!

A580Hojas Sun 28-Nov-21 13:39:20

Going to bed on Christmas night and breathing a huge sigh of relief fgrin.

Redkatagain Sun 28-Nov-21 13:41:52

That moment when I drive out of my work car park for the last time at the start of the holiday

Grumpyosaurus Sun 28-Nov-21 13:46:33

I love lots of it, but putting the stockings out on Christmas Eve is always a lovely moment.

InTheCludgie Sun 28-Nov-21 13:54:35

Digging the kids Santa presents out of their hiding spot and arranging them next to the tree, filling the kids stockings which are hanging on the bedroom doors and eating whatever the kids have left out for Santa!

Viviennemary Sun 28-Nov-21 13:55:02

When Christmas is finally over for another year. That's the best bit of the whole sorry fiasco that Christmas has become.

mynameiscalypso Sun 28-Nov-21 13:57:19

When I was little, my brother and I used to wait in bay window at the front of our house for the extended family to arrive and see who could spot them first and then run out the front door to greet them. Whenever I think about Christmas as a child, that's what I think of.

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