What do you buy in the weeks leading up to Christmas (food and drink).

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Cacee3029 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:11:11

Need some inspiration. Want to spend buying a few mainly food bits for Christmas with my online food shop - don't often get to the shop to see everything. What do you buy? We don't drink really so no alcohol needed.

There's 4 of us. Don't really have anyone around at Christmas.

I've already bought some gravy and stuffing (bugger making it from scratch 😅). I've also bought some after eights, a tub of nuts and a few other food bits.

Planned to get some Yorkshire's in the freezer.

Also bought two frozen roulades from Sainsburys. Dp loves them and we only tend to get them at Christmas!

But what do you love to munch on at Christmas that can be bought in advance?

Tia ☺️

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APurpleSquirrel Thu 25-Nov-21 18:16:25

Lindt Lindor
Roses/Quality Street etc
After Eights
Crackers for cheese
Drink mixers

Cacee3029 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:18:05


Lindt Lindor
Roses/Quality Street etc
After Eights
Crackers for cheese
Drink mixers

Thank you. My minds gone blank and like I said in op, tend to get it delivered so don't go in store much to have a look around!

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BrieAndChilli Thu 25-Nov-21 18:20:05

Make a list of your menus from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. Include snacks, breakfast. Treats etc
Then make a list of everything you will need and mark which things can be bought now and frozen, what things are long life so can also be bought now and what things need to be bought fresh nearer to the time.
Will help you work out what you need. You can also go on all the supermarket grocery websites even if not registered and look at thier Christmas ranges to get ideas of what’s about.

Inextremis Thu 25-Nov-21 18:26:17

Cheese footballs
Posh pickles (ie, walnuts, cornichons, that sort of thing)
Tubs of chocolates (Heroes, Celebrations, QS, etc.)
Salted cashews
Violet and rose creams (Beech's)
Nuts in shells, for the fun of cracking them
Really Good Cheese

CovidCorvid Thu 25-Nov-21 18:28:50

Nice crackers
Nice cheese
Some individual pies….normally M&S ones.
After eights
A ham to do Nigellas ham in coke
Smoked salmon

Greenpolkadot Thu 25-Nov-21 18:32:59

Already have tucked away
Quality STt 2 tins
Turkish Delight.
Nuts in shells
Salted nutsS
Box of crackers for cheese
boxes of biscuits
Several boxes of luxury chocs.


ProperTeaisTheft Thu 25-Nov-21 18:37:47

Bitter lemon
Mulled fruit cordial for the kids
Pistachio nuts
Fancy stuffed dates
Wanky Swedish whisky
Cranberry and orange sauce
Lindors from a pick'n'mix place that has fancy imported flavours
2 vegan sausage and cranberry puff pastry wreaths (strike while the freezer is stocked in Lidl grin )

rosegoldwatcher Thu 25-Nov-21 18:40:41

Haven't started really but I did succumb to a bottle of Warnink's Advocat.
We will have Snowballs whatever the weather!

Cacee3029 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:47:47

I think I am slacking 😅 thanks all!

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Spamhead421 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:49:17

Cheese and crackers
Flavoured peanuts
Hot chocolate
Tons of chocolates
Cheese twists/breadsticks
Frozen sausage rolls

We don’t do “healthy” at Christmas grin

Belledan1 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:49:39

Thanks for starting this will watch with interest. I have so far got mince pies, stuffing, Christmas pud, christmas cake, crackers for cheese. Only 3 of us this year as husband working. Gd idea after eights.

Spamhead421 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:49:49

Meant tubs of chocolates! But we do get tons of them grinblush

MintyCedric Thu 25-Nov-21 18:53:25

In the goodie box so far:

Bendicks Mint Collection
Mini choc coated speculoos
Cranberry sauce
Bombay mix
Mexican snack mix
Salted pistachios
Baileys chocoleibnitz

BeefSupreme Thu 25-Nov-21 18:54:31

Just bought some bottles of j20 spritz half price in Tesco.

GoodVibesHere Thu 25-Nov-21 18:56:21

Cured meats
Balsamic vinegar
Lindt (lots of)

kowari Thu 25-Nov-21 18:57:08

Bendicks bittermints
Dark chocolate covered Brazil nuts
Dark chocolate and ginger biscuits
Christmas pudding
Salted cashews
Christmas sauerkraut
M&S corn chips

PlugUgly1980 Thu 25-Nov-21 19:02:24

Freezer buffet stuff for Boxing Day / lazy meals, eg mini sausage rolls, mini pizzas, spring rolls, posh ice cream, cheesecake, profiteroles. Also bought crackers, crisps, breadsticks, jars of pickles, biscuits, after eights, bottle of baileys when Asda had them on offer, Buck's Fizz, stuffing mix, turkey foil, cheese, also bought napkins, table cloth, Christmas crackers etc, with weekly shop. I've just about bought everything I can except veg and meat. Started buying bits end of Sept

Emmacb82 Thu 25-Nov-21 19:11:52

So far I’ve got

Tubs of chocolates
After eights
Honey roasted nuts
Cheese footballs
Duck spring rolls
Sausage rolls
Mini sausages

There’s probably more. I add a few bits to the weekly shop, we usually have a buffet on Christmas Eve so just getting some frozen party bits and then good old snacks and chocs for the evenings

Cacee3029 Thu 25-Nov-21 19:20:22


Just bought some bottles of j20 spritz half price in Tesco.

Great, thanks. Usually shop with Tesco (online) so will have a look!

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MMAMPWGHAP Thu 25-Nov-21 19:20:29

Lidl mini stollen. At least 5 packets.

MrsLargeEmbodied Thu 25-Nov-21 19:42:31

pigs in blankets
german biscuits and stollen

MrsLargeEmbodied Thu 25-Nov-21 19:43:26


Cacee3029 Thu 25-Nov-21 19:49:05


Lidl mini stollen. At least 5 packets.

Ahh not keen myself but very much reminds me of my grandad. He loved stollen cake from Lidl! 💕

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WakingInSnowyWoods Thu 25-Nov-21 20:12:52

Crackers for cheese
Frozen prawns (for prawn cocktails)
Chocolates - must include Walnut Whips, Maltesers and Choc Brazils
Crisps/Pringles etc
Cranberry sauce
Stuffing mix
Pigs in blankets (in freezer)
Pickled onions/pickles/chutney
Maraschino cherries
Gateau (in freezer)
Snowballs (drink)
After dinner mints
Puff pastry & sausage meat for sausage rolls (in freezer)
Foil trays - used for roasting the potatoes/parsnips etc.
I leave DH to sort the alcohol

I keep ongoing lists (on my iPad) with everything I've bought and what I've still to get. I then reuse the lists as a memorandum next Christmas.

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