Thread 23 - the one with the massage gin

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Reastie Tue 23-Nov-21 20:08:36

Thanks @squishmycherry for the title. A massage gin sounds interesting !

If you’re posting anything specifically for me please do @ me or I may not spot it. It’s helpful if when sharing bargain info you bold it to make it easy for people to differentiate between chat and bargain links.

To follow the thread without using up a post to mark place you can click on ‘watch this thread’ at the top of the first post.

No affiliate links please.

Referral thread here to use for if you’re posting your personal referral link to others.

Vodafone codes thread here

Second message has a few links and info which I’ll slowly build up, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add to it thanks

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Reastie Tue 23-Nov-21 20:08:53

Thought I’d do a ‘how to’ for a couple of things people often post about not being sure of <gets out teachers blackboard and chalk>

To do click links you do this [[ put link in here then a space then the name or phrase you want to go with the link ]] . Don’t put a space between the start of the link or the last word next to the [[ ]] like I have or it won’t work but I had to to demonstrate.

Some top tips from thelegohooverer:

My tips are:
check out companies on trustpilot before ordering
be wary of companies that only have email/contact firms for customer services and no phone numbers or addresses (unless of course you enjoy meaningless replies from bots)
keep a list of what you’ve ordered so you can follow up if something doesn’t arrive. Sometimes it’s a numbers game where they’re betting on people not following up on missing orders.
check where things are shipped from, particularly if you need them quickly. I’ve got caught out waiting for the slow boat from China when I thought I was ordering locally.
I’ve started using Revolut to avoid putting in my main bank details (and it helps me budget)

Aliexpress have lots of stuff very cheap, order early as it’s all delivered from China here . Be aware some items are a bit knock off in quality and safety, check reviews and be aware. Clothes can come up v small and take the photos with a pinch of salt as a guide for what you will get.

Amazon free delivery tool here

Camelcamelcamel is a brilliant site that tracks prices on amazon here

Lisa angel sale is popular when on, apparently arrive nicely packaged too here

Magazine subscription offers here and here

Netpricedirect has discount toys and party bits here

Toys for a pound here

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doctorboo Tue 23-Nov-21 20:13:37

Thanks Reastie!

Waveafterwaveslowlydrifting Tue 23-Nov-21 20:14:09

Ooh thanks @Reastie

Gap has 50% off everything. Their pyjamas are very good quality but I recommend sizing up.

Comefromaway Tue 23-Nov-21 20:15:06

I’ve missed two whole threads!

Am looking for a printer/scanner for Dd for her student room. Mostly for printing sheet music. I don’t trust her with refillable tanks. Was wondering about HP. I want it to be decent quality. It’s pretty much all she’s asked for but it needs to be compact.

BarryBob77 Tue 23-Nov-21 20:15:50

Hi. Does anyone know of a discount code for
The Skate Hut? Thanks

PathOfLeastResitance Tue 23-Nov-21 20:17:04

Thank you to everyone for the tips and ideas. I really appreciate it. I did add some at the end of the last thread but it’s all so speedy!
My husband has asked for some Nike Zoom Blazer Mid in ‘Grey Fog’. Has anybody seen or heard of any deals please?


Changingagain Tue 23-Nov-21 20:17:26

@PeppaPigWorld I'm glad someone could make use of it. It looks like a great day out but would have meant two full days travel and two nights in a hotel costing around £500 for us grin not such a good deal

MissCherryCakeyBun Tue 23-Nov-21 20:26:05

Some very affordable jigsaw puzzles around £5 each. Useful for elderly relatives I've just bought a few grin

Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults 1000 Piece for Adults Venice Grand Canal 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Family Activity Jigsaw Puzzles Educational Games(27.6"x 19.7")

Froppysue Tue 23-Nov-21 20:33:59

Aw yay new thread, I couldn’t post on the last one for a couple of days for some reason! Thanks Reastie

Thanks to everyone who helped with gift ideas for my dbro- much appreciated! I did laugh at the sauce suggestion (sorry can’t tag) as his first week in he asked me to bring hot sauce grin

I didnt use the JL glitch, but I did use the code as intended. I just got 2 perfumes but I’ve heard nothing and not received them either - praying they’re not cancelled!

Also in the hump with asos, I shop with them almost every week, have the saver deliver and they offered me a measly 15% - meanies!

GirlWithTheYellowHat Tue 23-Nov-21 20:35:32

Can anyone recommend a wee drone/flying thing for DP and the kids to play with in the park? A lot I've looked at have rubbish reviews so would rather ask you lovely lot!

RJnomore1 Tue 23-Nov-21 20:35:39

Hi I asked on the last thread but think it got lost - I know there’s been some before but could anyone recommend some wireless head or eat phones for the gym?

Haudyourwheesht Tue 23-Nov-21 20:38:28

@Froppysue Just 15% for me too. I'm peed off with ASOS anyway - I got an email this week saying that they may not be able to do the next day delivery but you'd still get 'free' standard delivery. No, ASOS, not free - £9.99 a year delivery.

DentalWorries Tue 23-Nov-21 20:46:21

Anyone waiting for ASOS I’m 99% sure it’ll be 25% off on Friday. Although they don’t usually let you use your next day delivery on BF

Tofu35 Tue 23-Nov-21 20:48:26

Debenhams has a 50% black Friday sale on fashion/sleepwear and £1 delivery using BLACKFRIYAY.

TakeMeToYourLiar Tue 23-Nov-21 20:49:10

Snap fish have 50% off everything, gives great prices on photo gifts

buckeejit Tue 23-Nov-21 20:49:26

@RJnomore1 there's some good rated toko ones on Amazon BF deals. I've bought them for dc. I have several pairs, (because I'm scary & lose bits), of anker soundcore life earphones & they are great & long lasting batteries

Any recommendations for koosh balls?

Froppysue Tue 23-Nov-21 20:49:48

@Haudyourwheesht I got that email too, and it said something about using eu warehouses so shipping could take even longer hmm

@DentalWorries thanks will keep an eye on that, can’t really complain as asos seem to be doing weekly deals and money off anyway.

MsMiaWallace Tue 23-Nov-21 20:53:27

Can't believe how fast we're moving!

DentalWorries Tue 23-Nov-21 20:54:59

Is anyone else a bit disappointed with Amazon’s BF week deals? I usually get some pretty good bargains but everything I want that they’re advertising as a ‘deal’ can be found cheaper elsewhere. Also seems to be way more random items than previous years

Motherofplants Tue 23-Nov-21 21:05:33

Anyone seen any good jellycat discounts yet? I'm looking for sea creatures. The octonaut fever has gone up a notch and there is a limit to how many sea snakes and jellyfish I can crochet in a month blush

guineapigs Tue 23-Nov-21 21:06:30

@DentalWorries I am hoping Amazon will put new deals on Friday

IggyAce Tue 23-Nov-21 21:08:31

Thanks for the new thread, definitely moving with speed this year. Ordered a white company pillar candle for me. I’ve got another 20% off code if anyone wants it.

Also ordered the dairy milk dcs are going to love it.

MarcelineMissouri Tue 23-Nov-21 21:11:22

Sorry to be bringing up JL already but is there currently just a regular non glitchy code for £20 off? Or have they just got rid of it completely?

DockOTheBay Tue 23-Nov-21 21:11:51

@Motherofplants there are some reductions on Alex and Alexa, including an octopus, seahorse and whale. But they're still not that cheap, about 25% off I think

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