13 yo DD has asked for a bottle of Dior perfume for Christmas.....

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BaconAndAvocado Tue 23-Nov-21 14:56:19

.......to which I replied a firm No.

I’ve bought her a bottle of Nina Ricci. A third of the price.

One of my friends however didn’t think there was anything wrong in this.

To me, she’s far too young for something like this.

Like most of her friends, she does wear a bit of make up but obviously nothing high end.


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orangejuicer Tue 23-Nov-21 14:58:11

Sorry but I think it's about buying perfume, not the particular brand she would like. If you're happy to buy some, then just get what she likes?

AllPowerfulLizardPerson Tue 23-Nov-21 14:58:23

If you can't afford it, then if course that's the end of the matter.

But I don't see anything wrong with giving a Dior perfume if there's one she really likes

MamaWeasel Tue 23-Nov-21 14:58:33

Does the dior one smell nice on her?

TheFlis12345 Tue 23-Nov-21 14:59:17

I wasn’t aware perfume had age limits?! Surely you like certain smells regardless?

Franticbutterfly Tue 23-Nov-21 14:59:40

I think if that's what she really wants then I'd get it (also have a Dd13). I have a budget for all of my children and buy whatever they want until I reach it. That said it's up to you, so you can say no if you don't want to spend money on perfume.

statetrooperstacey Tue 23-Nov-21 15:00:03

I would have for her the Doir. Does she like the other one? Will she wear it?
My kids get anything they want as long as it’s-in budget and not illegal !


Comefromaway Tue 23-Nov-21 15:00:09

I had a bottle of Opium at that age. I'd had cheaper perfumes and fakes but I really loved Opium and it was a special present.

I think I bought my daughter Lancombe at that age. We've both moved onto to Opium Black which is beautiful.

LondonWolf Tue 23-Nov-21 15:00:20

I genuinely don’t see why you’d say a “firm no” to this but then just buy another designer perfume. If you can’t afford the Dior far enough but you seem to just be making a point.

Danikm151 Tue 23-Nov-21 15:00:28

Perfume can be way over priced.
You’re paying for the name.

If she wants Dior she can save up for it

BarbedButterfly Tue 23-Nov-21 15:00:51

Really don't see the issue. Bought my friend's daughter Miss Dior and she was only a year older.

Comefromaway Tue 23-Nov-21 15:01:16

If you can't afford it then you have to tell her no. But buying a different perfume that isn't what she actually wants, what is the point?

titchy Tue 23-Nov-21 15:01:17

Isn't Nina ricci rather errrr old for her? As in something her grandmother might wear...?

doodleygirl Tue 23-Nov-21 15:01:31

Why can she not have Dior, what do you think will happen to her when she applies Dior to her wrists/

Weird rules!

Woohooforwine Tue 23-Nov-21 15:01:33

If she’s smelt it and loves it YABU, if she has never tried it and wants it just because it’s Dior YANBU.

Comedycook Tue 23-Nov-21 15:02:03

Depends if you can afford it or not. If not, fair enough. If you can afford it, I don't see why you wouldn't get it for her. My ds13 likes wearing aftershave...I usually get the Adidas ones which are less than a fiver. I did ask if he wanted a Gucci one as a Christmas present but he's not bothered!

Comefromaway Tue 23-Nov-21 15:02:54


I would have for her the Doir. Does she like the other one? Will she wear it?
My kids get anything they want as long as it’s-in budget and not illegal !

Pretty much this.

Say I have £100 to spend and dd wants a bottle of perfume costing £50. She can have it but she then can only have another £40 of presents where as if she has the cheaper one she has more to be spent on other things.

LakeShoreD Tue 23-Nov-21 15:02:57

If you’ve decided she’s old enough for perfume then why would you not just get her the brand she’s actually asked for. The only reason to say no I think would be if she’s already had a lot of money spent on her and/or is asking for loads of expensive stuff that would mean the Dior one would go over budget.

TheLovelinessOfDemons Tue 23-Nov-21 15:03:03

Well if I had a DD that age I'd say it was out of my budget, but that's the only reason. Why don't you want to buy it for her?

megletthesecond Tue 23-Nov-21 15:04:21

Yabu. Unless it's not in budget.

Buying the wrong perfume isn't on really.

BaronessBomburst Tue 23-Nov-21 15:05:20

If someone wants a particular perfume, why would you buy them a different one? It's not going to smell the same!
She going to be terribly disappointed when she opens her present on Christmas Day.
Which Dior perfume did she want, out of interest?

MuscariMuguet Tue 23-Nov-21 15:06:02

It seems a waste of money buying a perfume she doesn't want. You may as well buy one called "Eau de Disappointment"

MargotEmin Tue 23-Nov-21 15:06:03

If its Miss Dior I think that's a rather lovely gift for a 13 year old, a nice fresh inoffensive scent - but only if you can afford it though.

I know there are some real noses on here, can anyone recommend a nice dupe that might come in a bit cheaper? I can't think off the top of my head..

daisypond Tue 23-Nov-21 15:06:15

I would have got her the Dior - as long as it was within budget etc. I definitely wouldn’t replace it with some other random perfume unless you already know she likes that too.

PleasantBirthday Tue 23-Nov-21 15:07:31

Is there anything so wrong with a bottle of Miss Dior for a teenager?

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