Thread 19 - the one without the free pjs but we can drown our sorrows in chocolate and Gary Barlow

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Reastie Fri 12-Nov-21 21:09:59

If you’re posting anything specifically for me please do @ me or I may not spot it. It’s helpful if when sharing bargain info you bold it to make it easy for people to differentiate between chat and bargain links.

To follow the thread without using up a post to mark place you can click on ‘watch this thread’ at the top of the first post.

No affiliate links please.

Referral thread here to use for if you’re posting your personal referral link to others.

Vodafone codes thread here

Second message has a few links and info which I’ll slowly build up, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to add to it thanks

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Reastie Fri 12-Nov-21 21:10:15

Thought I’d do a ‘how to’ for a couple of things people often post about not being sure of <gets out teachers blackboard and chalk>

To do click links you do this [[ put link in here then a space then the name or phrase you want to go with the link ]] . Don’t put a space between the start of the link or the last word next to the [[ ]] like I have or it won’t work but I had to to demonstrate.

Some top tips from thelegohooverer:

My tips are:
check out companies on trustpilot before ordering
be wary of companies that only have email/contact firms for customer services and no phone numbers or addresses (unless of course you enjoy meaningless replies from bots)
keep a list of what you’ve ordered so you can follow up if something doesn’t arrive. Sometimes it’s a numbers game where they’re betting on people not following up on missing orders.
check where things are shipped from, particularly if you need them quickly. I’ve got caught out waiting for the slow boat from China when I thought I was ordering locally.
I’ve started using Revolut to avoid putting in my main bank details (and it helps me budget)

Aliexpress have lots of stuff very cheap, order early as it’s all delivered from China here . Be aware some items are a bit knock off in quality and safety, check reviews and be aware. Clothes can come up v small and take the photos with a pinch of salt as a guide for what you will get.

Amazon free delivery tool here

Camelcamelcamel is a brilliant site that tracks prices on amazon here

Lisa angel sale is popular when on, apparently arrive nicely packaged too here

Magazine subscription offers here and here

Netpricedirect has discount toys and party bits here

Toys for a pound here

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clpsmum Fri 12-Nov-21 21:18:04

Thanks for the new thread x

DollyPartBaked Fri 12-Nov-21 21:18:27

Gary Barlow made the title!

Elphaba17 Fri 12-Nov-21 21:30:44

Tesco have the freddo selection boxes for £1 clubcard price and the Aero large 4 bar selection box for £2.50. I can't even pretend I bought them for Xmas though as I'm currently sat eating one of the Aero bars lol but they are good little extras or gifting along with gift cards or books etc

Elphaba17 Fri 12-Nov-21 21:34:00

I've just skimmed over a load of posts from yesterday and remember someone was looking for a Berghaus code. I have a 15% one if you still need one.

IggyAce Fri 12-Nov-21 21:34:12

I disappear for the afternoon to make mini Christmas cakes and we are already on another thread. They are definitely moving quickly this year.


SapereAude Fri 12-Nov-21 21:36:49

Thanks Reastie
I haven't bought anything today. <frets> I did take 4 parcels in though.

Haudyourwheesht Fri 12-Nov-21 21:47:17

Just checking in. Still hoping for a Smyths discount. Not much to offer other to say that my Aldi is full of beautiful wooden tots. The Velcro birthday cake is one of the most popular tots my DDs have, and the wooden nativity set us lovely.

ClaraTheImpossibleGirl Fri 12-Nov-21 21:51:33

Temptation Gifts has an early Black Friday event with at least 20% off everything - brands include Jellycat, Harry Potter and Yankee Candles.

Thank you Reastie for the new thread!

QueenOfCakeandCoffee Fri 12-Nov-21 21:52:02

I just ordered these Himalayan salt tea holders 4 for £10ish

Theonlyoneiknow Fri 12-Nov-21 21:55:32

Hi All! I am the latest I have ever been to these amazing threads and feeling a bit anxious about the mountain ahead! I have a 9yr old who is looking for roller skates - does anyone have some that they can recommend as good for beginners, it is a bit of a minefield ! (quads rather than inline skates) Thanks!

Primark had some lovely oodies (their version) that were £12 for kids XL (170cm)

Rockhopper81 Fri 12-Nov-21 21:57:06

Temptation Gifts doesn't have the at least 20% off Jellycat unfortunately - they appear reduced by a pound or two, but it states there are 'supply issues', so it's excluded from the Black Friday offer. sad

TheGirlWhoLived Fri 12-Nov-21 22:00:16

I’m looking for something to go with a fab Whitley Neil gin tasting set… not a glass though unless it’s a spectacular one as they have a few!

Also on the hunt for a works code if anyone spots one! Hobby craft have 10% off with unidays which are fairly easy to come by (I use my sisters account)

Haudyourwheesht Fri 12-Nov-21 22:01:32


Just checking in. Still hoping for a Smyths discount. Not much to offer other to say that my Aldi is full of beautiful wooden tots. The Velcro birthday cake is one of the most popular tots my DDs have, and the wooden nativity set us lovely.

Argh. Toys not tots. Corrected it about 5 times when I was typing the post.

nightcap Fri 12-Nov-21 22:11:39

Slightly random but urban outfitters have a king size duvet cover set called 'cosmic hands' for a fiver, 100% cotton and comes with two pillowcases: king size duvet set

IggyAce Fri 12-Nov-21 22:12:14

@Theonlyoneiknow when others have asked about skates before decathlon is normally recommended, can’t vouch for them personally as mine have never asked for them.

Fetchthevet Fri 12-Nov-21 22:16:07

Thanks @Reastie

IggyAce Fri 12-Nov-21 22:16:49

Bears vs Babies is down to £17.33

bizzey Fri 12-Nov-21 22:19:20

I am so addicted to these threads ..that I don't need anything further...but I needed to follow for the new thread title !!
Thanks @Reastie

30not13 Fri 12-Nov-21 22:21:57

Long time lurker.
Received the cheap amazon Harry Potter jumper today and really really pleased with it. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Notlongnow1 Fri 12-Nov-21 22:24:12

Thanks for the nintendo tshirt tip 👍

Oneborneverydecade Fri 12-Nov-21 22:31:37

@nightcap I had it in my basket, deliberated for 3 mins and then they were all gone

@takethattime do you mean the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser? Where did you see the TSV deals please?

Room4onemore Fri 12-Nov-21 22:45:42

🎄☃️ thanks for the new thread

woodwaj Fri 12-Nov-21 22:51:42

Just a reminder for the new thread 2 Nintendo kids tshirts for £10 delivered tshirts code NINTENDOTEE

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