Does anyone still do Janet and Roy?

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WildFlowerBees Thu 28-Oct-21 19:38:03

We did one once to friends who were getting married they were really very stressed about who these people were who would be attending their wedding with their small children.

Are they still going? I'd do one for someone.

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FasterthanBolt Thu 28-Oct-21 19:44:55

I don't have anyone to send them to but I love reading about them and happy to send one!

MissMarplesGoddaughter Fri 29-Oct-21 01:49:49

I loved the Janet and Roy thread too.

I would be happy to send one too.

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Fri 29-Oct-21 01:53:12

What is this?

Poppins2016 Fri 29-Oct-21 02:02:20


What is this?

I wondered this too... I've searched and it seems that "it's a random Christmas card sent to someone you know, signed “Janet & Roy”. MNers can send each other’s friends & relations cards to baffle them."

KloppsTeeth Fri 29-Oct-21 02:04:27

I love a Janet and Roy card!

Good explanation from the Op in this thread

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Fri 29-Oct-21 06:48:23

Thank you!


girlmom21 Fri 29-Oct-21 06:49:06

I have an auntie Janet and Uncle Roy. I feel cheated.

BigcatLittlecat Fri 29-Oct-21 06:51:41

Ooh I'll send a Janet and Roy card if anyone wants. I have a lovely selection of cat Christmas cards! Let me know!!

Capferret Fri 29-Oct-21 07:13:00

I’m in France so if anyone wants a r-r to recipients who have spent time/ have friends who travel a lot to France I’d be willing to send one.

hellcatspangle Fri 29-Oct-21 07:45:50

Haha this is a great idea. I definitely have someone in mind...

bellissimiaow Fri 29-Oct-21 07:59:02

Love this! Can you nominate yourself as a recipient and just not let on to your partner when it arrives?!

BashfulClam Sat 30-Oct-21 22:25:12

I miss the old round robin I used to get at my old house. I think it was just an address error as we were the first owners of that property. It came from Greece.

piglet81 Sat 30-Oct-21 22:32:51

I love Christmas round robins. My dad had a very smug cousin who used to send hilarious ones (hilarious to us, anyway!)

Notaroadrunner Sat 30-Oct-21 22:32:53

I wrote quite a long letter along with a card to friends of ours one Christmas but they never mentioned it so I'm not sure if they got it. I think if I'd received one I'd have shown it to everyone as it was pretty daft grin I typed it as 'I'd hurt my finger so couldn't write' and signed it some random names. I thoroughly enjoyed being this other person and telling them about the made up family woes while wishing them a happy Christmas.

sceweredbbq Sat 30-Oct-21 22:52:28

Right, I’m in. The RRs in that link it good. I’d happily send one if someone will send one for me?

SpicedGin Sat 30-Oct-21 23:03:56

I’d never heard of this but it sounds amusing, I think that I may send a card or two from J&R 😂

Someaddedsugar Sat 30-Oct-21 23:05:23

I’d love to join in please!

IJustNamedYourPenis Sat 30-Oct-21 23:40:17

I’ll join, please!

Christmas101 Sun 31-Oct-21 08:23:49

I love Janet and Roy. Please post the letter here whoever is writing??

Mummylin Sun 31-Oct-21 09:16:09

Seeing Janet & Roy coming round once again reminded me, I have never told my brother and sil the truth, I was very lucky and my writer sent 3 cards the last one stating they would be arriving in their caravan with the 5 dogs, but they could just park outside their house so not to go to any trouble ! And this is from 7 yrs ago , time to fess up or leave it ?

Gracesquirrel Sun 31-Oct-21 10:28:56

Oh I love this idea! I'd like to join in too I have a nomination to receive one and I'll happily write and send one too if anyone wants one with a South Wales postmark.

GobletofFiyah Sun 31-Oct-21 12:28:05

@Mummylin that's amazing!

Bananasandevap Sun 31-Oct-21 12:32:55

@Capferret yes please! 🤣

BlueFlavour Sun 31-Oct-21 12:34:38

I was thinking about this the other day smile

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