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feelinghappy Sun 10-Oct-21 17:31:31

Hello everyone hope you can help. This year we will be spending Christmas with the in-laws. We only see them once or twice a year as they live 90 miles away. There are 5 nieces to buy for ranging from 12-22 & we have no idea what to buy them. Money is tight so our budget is only for a small token gift each - do girls in this age group like Lush products? Or any other suggestions? Thank you 😊

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TrickyD Tue 12-Oct-21 11:22:45

I bought myself a drawstring makeup bag from Amazon, with which I am delighted.
I intended buying one for my granddaughter but peeved to see it has gone up from £5.98 which I paid and which is within OP’s budget, to £7.99.
There are some multibuy offers though which I haven’t explored but worth a look.

bluesky Tue 12-Oct-21 15:42:01

Bubble & Bathe are great, thanks for the link, I've bought quite a few!

And these have always gone down well


bluesky Tue 12-Oct-21 15:42:37

Make up bags!

Not2daySatan Tue 12-Oct-21 17:31:40


**@PostPopper**, I got them from a seller on Etsy called Bubble and Bathe. Here’s a link to one of the scents I got but there’s plenty more if you scroll through the listings in her shop.

Candy Cane shower steamers

Thank you for the link. Had a look and ordered a few boxes

jocktamsonsbairn Thu 14-Oct-21 14:42:26

One of those marshmallow toasting kits between them with extra mallows? Every teen/early 20s girl I've given this to loved it! They can toast marshmallows/make s'mores inside as well as out.

BigSandyBalls2015 Thu 14-Oct-21 16:26:10

Mini gin/prosecco bottles.
hotel Chocolat
bath bombs
gift cards - costa/starbucks
Next perfume - they've copied some high end ones and are good

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