Come talk to me about Leatherman multitools

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LashesZ Wed 06-Oct-21 21:36:40

My gosh this brought me back to an ex boyfriend who wore a leatherman on his belt. He was very outdoorsy but they were surprisingly very handy for all sorts of day to day things!

Tiredmummyof3 Wed 06-Oct-21 14:35:32

I didn't realise that there were different types of leatherman?! I presume that they are just different things on each?
The more expensive have more 'bits' to it?
Can anyone advise?

LadyofMisrule Wed 06-Oct-21 13:21:03

I have one in my handbag at all times. They are fab.

RockingMyFiftiesNot Tue 05-Oct-21 19:32:28

Thanks all, balance shifting towards yes!

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Munchyseeds Tue 05-Oct-21 19:15:52

I got DH one (Think it was a charge) about 20 years ago
He uses it a lot and says it is still one of his best presents

EcoCustard Tue 05-Oct-21 16:04:41

I bough DH a leather man Charge (think it was a titanium?) fifteen years ago. He still loves it, uses it all the time and has taken it every where. It has also been very useful on many occasions. I have the micra one which is good and I use a lot and had about 8 years.

Gladioli23 Tue 05-Oct-21 11:57:36

For me, the essential feature was that it's legal carry.

So no locking knife (or indeed if necessary no knife at all!).

I don't want to have to have a reason to take it out and about. It comes with me everywhere I go - screwdriver for glasses or if you're at work and something just needs tightening up, or you need to cut something where you don't have scissors etc. I also use mine if I e.g. just need to tighten up a drawer handle or whatever. Saves getting the toolbox out. But if it wasn't legal carry I don't think it would be useful for me.


MissMaudSilver Tue 05-Oct-21 11:51:33

My DH is a firefighter/Paramedic. I bought him one for his passing out, he uses it almost every shift. He always has it in car (only wears it on belt when in uniform as it has a blade attachement). I think people who like tools will appreciate one. I bet your husband has a couple of versions of hammers/saws/drills etc. Also they are virtually indestructible, and leatherman replace those that are broken even after 10 years use

Sprig1 Tue 05-Oct-21 11:49:05

I would say that unless he needs tools when out and about it would be a waste of money. They are great but not as good as a well stocked toolbox.

RockingMyFiftiesNot Tue 05-Oct-21 11:45:52

Thanks both. Still torn!

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HedgerowRobin Tue 05-Oct-21 10:54:11

I bought my hard to buy for DP the Leatherman Super Tool 300 one year - had the same thoughts as you that he might find it useless but I was all out of ideas.

Thankfully he absolutely loves it - uses it all the time, particularly for small jobs and it saves him from getting his tool kit out frequently. It has also been useful on holidays etc and I have gone on to buy him a Gerber and a Victorinox multi tool also (with different functions) that he also gets lots of use out of.

I would really recommend - the Leatherman ones are incredibly well made and built to last.

buckeejit Tue 05-Oct-21 09:48:20

The micra can go on a keyring & is cheap & useful. We bought them as a gift for best man etc for our wedding. Otherwise, not much use if you have a standard tool kit. I prefer the look of Swiss Army knives for the bigger ones

RockingMyFiftiesNot Tue 05-Oct-21 08:47:15

Over the years, I've seen Leatherman multitools recommended many times as potential gifts for hard to buy for men. Of which my DH is definitely one and also has his birthday near Christmas.

I've not considered one of these tools as everything I can imagine him using it for would be at home where he has easy access to his regular tools. A friend's DH loves his but they do a lot of camping and sailing.

I think DH would think it a waste of money (plus I think if he wanted one, he'd have bought it himself by now).

Am I overlooking something about these tools which makes so many people race about them?

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