What to get an impossible to buy for dp

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MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 15:36:54

I’m starting to think of christmas and I’m REALLY struggling for ideas for my DP.

Previous hits have been-
Gig tickets
A tv
Apple watch
Weekend away somewhere nice

Little things I’ve got him over the years-
That wallet ninja thing
Dressing gown
Warm socks
Trainers (2 years ago, wore them for the first time yesterday 🙄)
Vans (I got a refund on them as he didn’t like them)
Band T-shirt’s

He’s into football massively but doesn’t wear any of their shirts. He’s had training tops, running tops, Football boots etc. He likes drumming but has a set and rarely plays on them so I wouldn’t want to get anything for that. He’s got loads of brand new books he hasn’t gotten around to reading. He’s got an Alexa, Spotify subscription and things like that.

I know people might say just don’t bother this year and put it towards something but this will be the first year my ds spends Christmas with his dad (he’s always spent it here with me but he’s asked to go his dads as he has a new sibling and that fine but I’m sad) so it’s just us to Christmas morning and I love giving presents

Budget is about 200 for everything but I’d be happy to go a bit over if needed.

Thinks I have been thinking are
-grow your own chilli set
-a pizza oven but we have no bbq and no space in the kitchen for it
-one of them draught beer pumps but again, don’t know where that would go
-a sky sports subscription package
- 3D printer but not sure if that would be a fad
ANY ideas would be absolutely amazing


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MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 15:38:01

Oh I also got him digital scales that link to his Fitbit but considering he’s always been the exact same weight (give it take 1 or 2 lbs) since he was 17 they aren’t really used!

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MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 15:40:50

Also also I thought about getting him a newer Fitbit but the one has is only 2 years old. It’s SO hard

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Caspianberg Mon 04-Oct-21 15:48:44

Dh is awkward, and has birthday in same month. So far ideas:

Curry cook book - he likes curry, and no curry restaurant or takeaway in country we live in so should be a hit

Stihl garden long hedge trimmer - boring as hell. But it’s something he wants, and it’s a bit pricy to buy day to day.

Board game - something 2 player and reasonable quick ( non sleeping toddler means late nights not happening)

Probably then just edibles.

We already make pizza a lot at home, just use pizza stone in ordinary oven and they come out well. Maybe some activated charcoal to add to dough as that’s always nice in restaurants.

snowspider Mon 04-Oct-21 15:49:45

Do you have any outside space?

mam0918 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:13:50

your husband sounds exactly like mine (only guitar instead of drums lol)

Im also running out of ideas, he just never uses anything no matter how much he claims to like them.

I considered a beer pump but they're pretty pricey, he seemed excited years ago with the mini home brewery I got him but he tried it once said his beer tasted like arse and never used it again lol.

I find gig/comedy/theater tickets and alcohol most successful.

MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 18:01:49

@snowspider we have a back garden but it’s totally paved except for a small patch of grass.

It’s just so hard! I’m
Hoping a band he likes announces a gig so I can get tickets!

The pizza stone sounds like it might be a good shout but our oven is electric so will have to have a look to see if they’d work

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MissMatty2hats Mon 04-Oct-21 18:06:18

If he drinks coffee or tea then an ember mug. I got one for my birthday and I love it, no more half drunk cups of lukewarm coffee! They do a travel version too if he’s a coffee on the go type.

Daisy829 Mon 04-Oct-21 18:11:13

If he likes curry check out the spicery. They do subscriptions or one off kits.

superstar84 Mon 04-Oct-21 18:14:31

Beer hawk Philips perfect draft machine

LaRobeRouge Mon 04-Oct-21 18:19:30

We have all the stuff we need, so now we tend to buy experiences, concert/theatre tickets or trips away.
Recent hits include glass blowing (pre covid), driving a steam train and blacksmithing!

Smallsox Mon 04-Oct-21 18:40:31


Christmas1988 Mon 04-Oct-21 18:46:30

How about a Teppanyaki grill? It’s a great alternative to a BBQ if you don’t have one, you can use it indoors too. It might get a bit more use than a pizza oven, my FIL says the grill is better than anything for cooking steaks.

Caspianberg Mon 04-Oct-21 18:52:04

Pizza stone def works in electric oven, that’s what we have. We just have the standard Weber one, that could be used on bbq in future if you wanted.

pompomsgalore Mon 04-Oct-21 18:58:12

I'm considering a subscription to 'oh crap' toilet rolls as my h spends so long on the toilet.

MilduraS Mon 04-Oct-21 19:00:08

My DH is difficult to buy for. He earns a lot more so if he wants something he'll buy it. I've had to go for more unusual stuff and make notes on my phone after random comments in conversation. Last few gifts:

Ecosphere- a sealed glass thing with shrimp, algae and a coral that is an ecosystem. He's very into fish keeping.

Some moss wall art for his office- he loves greenery but nothing stays alive in his office. He'd seen it before and said he'd buy it if it wasn't so expensive.

Cologne- he had made a comment about how he never buys it because he doesn't know where to start in finding one and only had one from his stepmum.

A crypto currency wallet- He has a lot of money invested in various crypto currencies and I had read it was safer in a dedicated wallet. He loved it and said he'd wanted one but it felt like he was eating into profit buying one.

MilduraS Mon 04-Oct-21 19:02:10


I'm considering a subscription to 'oh crap' toilet rolls as my h spends so long on the toilet.

My dad is the same. I paid to twin my parents' toilet with one in Nepal. He actually loved it and hung the certificate up with pride in the bathroom so anyone who visits can see.


thenightsky Mon 04-Oct-21 19:07:03


I'm considering a subscription to 'oh crap' toilet rolls as my h spends so long on the toilet.

I love that!!


Oblahdeeoblahdoe Mon 04-Oct-21 19:07:33

Have you thought about an 'Experience' type gift? I bought my DH a day clay pigeon shooting for his birthday. I made sure our DS would go with him though 😉
I usually buy him an expensive whisky and special chocolate.

Snooks1971 Mon 04-Oct-21 19:15:33


If he likes curry check out the spicery. They do subscriptions or one off kits.

The Spicery gifts/subscriptions are amazing!

Dancingsmile Mon 04-Oct-21 19:18:12

This may be too far away. Night away combining bombay sapphire gin factory tour.

Flying lesson.

Snooks1971 Mon 04-Oct-21 19:18:40

I just bought DH an Ooni pizza oven for a significant birthday. Although admittedly it is over your budget; it was £300. I worried that it was just a gimmick but he loves it! It just sits on our small outdoor table but we will put in in the shed when the weather gets really bad.

NoLongerATeacher Mon 04-Oct-21 19:22:02

I’ve just bought my DH Lego Star Wars storm trooper and Lord of the Rings monopoly !

SkylarFerris Mon 04-Oct-21 19:31:33

Adult Lego

MardyNun Mon 04-Oct-21 19:42:21

The moss walls are lovely, I’ve never even heard of them!

Some brilliant ideas on here. I do fancy the Phillips draft beer thing, I’ve had a look at what kind of kegs they do. And he does enjoy a few beers on the weekend. The grill is a good idea as well.

Im going to have a look at the spicery now, great idea thanks! He’s not into Lego which is crazy because both his brothers are so they’re so easy to buy for. I’ll look at the experiences as well, although he got tickets for that zip wire in wales for his 30th and still hasn’t used them (lock down got in the way I suppose as well). The toilet roll idea is amazing 🤣. I’ve seen a bacon subscription so think I’ll get that.

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