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lotsofthingstolearn Sat 04-Sep-21 17:06:57

DS has just announed he would like a Playstation for Christmas

I am pretty sure the hike in price for PS5 isn't worth it so with that what do we need to know about getting a PS4.

Are there any places that do deals on them etc?
Do we have to get it ready in advance of Christmas so he can play xmas day- if so presume it's ok to do and then put back into the box to wrap etc

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user1468105798 Sat 04-Sep-21 17:31:57

Have you considered a reconditioned model? There are some excellent condition bargains to be had out there on electronics and phones. I don't mean from fb market place or gumtree but as long as you do the homework and research the company reviews and decide exactly what you want regards to storage and model most reputable places offer 1 year guarantee and replace faulty goods. Then you can spend the extra budget on games and accessories.

EduCated Sat 04-Sep-21 17:39:24

Definitely a second controller. We also found a charging dock for the controllers really useful - less faffing (and losing) with the wires, and meant we actually remembered to charge the controllers. We had a cheap Amazon one that worked well til DH accidentally took it out with the hoover hmm

BikeRunSki Sat 04-Sep-21 17:49:08

Don’t do it, it has been the root of mire arguments a d bad behaviour than anything else. But if you’re determined to go ahead - wait until Black Friday, we got an Amazon a bundle with some new PS4 Games for the usual cost of the console itself.
Buy games on discs rather than downloads. Then you can swap/sell them, and take them away if you must.
Set up takes about 45 mins. Do it before hand.4

Noshowwithoutpunch Sat 04-Sep-21 17:54:08

I'd not set it up beforehand.
Part of the fun on Christmas day will be taking it out of it's box and setting it up.
It won't take all day.
Having it there all ready to go and knowing someone had already had it out the box would take the shine off it imo.

00100001 Sat 04-Sep-21 17:55:45

Ask him if he wants the PS4 or the PS5.

Get the biggest hard drive you can.

BlueFrog21 Sat 04-Sep-21 18:04:32

The extra price for the PS5 is definitely worth it but they are still in short supply. I would ask him which he wants as if he wants a PS5 he will be disappointed with a PS4. But if you ask him you will be able to manage expectations if you can only acquire/afford the PS4.

You can set it up ahead of time and then carefully repack it without it being obvious you have done so. The advantage of this is it will be ready to play on straight away but depends how patient your child is! It can take awhile to set up if updates are needed and you’ll may want to spend time setting parental controls.

Definitely get a charging station and extra controller.


lotsofthingstolearn Sat 04-Sep-21 18:04:57

Thanks- good to know about set up!

RE the PS5-we just are not in the market for that- i'm going to look also for reconditioned. Didn't know they came with different disk sizes- really are novices at this!

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AllTheSingleLadiess Sat 04-Sep-21 18:07:37

You need to register and download updates ahead of time. This can take a while if he has a big game (say Call of Duty) and your internet isn't fast. There will also be updates for yeh actual console.

You'll need PlayStation plus if you want him to be able to play online. I buy from CDKeys which email a code instantly

AllTheSingleLadiess Sat 04-Sep-21 18:08:37

I would wait for Black Friday and purchase a bundle especially if he's after a popular game like FIFA.

fantastaballs Sat 04-Sep-21 18:15:49

My kids and Nephews all got ps5s last year. The updates and setting up etc on any console that connects to the internet should ideally be done in the week before Christmas. Some installation updates can take 24 hours ( no joke) . Add into this every body being at home, very High traffic on the internet etc and it can take even longer. So we set ours up in my bedroom to do the downloads on the 21st December. Then Xmas eve we set it up in the living room. Just covered It with a festive tea towel. Then wrapped the box and stacked all the presents on top so it was the last one to open. They were so excited they didn't even notice the tea towel. Very happy kids all around.

BertieBotts Sat 04-Sep-21 18:18:08

The problem with setting up on Xmas morning is that everyone else will do the same so the servers get overloaded and it's really slow.

You'd need to decide whether he'll want to set it up himself or the speed of playing will be more important.

00100001 Sat 04-Sep-21 19:32:22

The hard drive sizes is only important for the PS4. They came in 32gb and 500gb IIRC.

The PS4 Pro has a 1 TB drive only.

What's your budget?

Cherryrainbow Sat 04-Sep-21 19:37:45

Decide if he's having an online account on there - there's a fee for it but he can download a few select games for free each month, and you can buy playstation gift cards from most places he can then use the code to put money on his account and download games rather than buy discs. It also means if he does get a ps5 in future all the downloaded games will move over over and be playable from his account x

lotsofthingstolearn Sun 05-Sep-21 07:41:09

So the one in Smyths (other retailers also) at about £250 is 500gb. Is that one ok?

Re playing with friends he has to get PlayStation plus - he’s said FIFA can play with friends? But he can’t do this without PlayStation plus?

This has come about as all his friends are seemingly moving on from Switches.

He’s also said one of his friends has Grand Theft Auto but that’s an 18 - so he’s not getting it! But does any recommend any other driving type games- or good games generally- he’s 9

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00100001 Sun 05-Sep-21 08:33:19

I think you need to ask him what he wants tbh

Wandamakesporridge Sun 05-Sep-21 08:42:56

Yes definitely set it up beforehand. Fortnite took about an hour to download. We also had an issue that his online PS account got locked straight away (before we’d even used it) and so we had to contact PlayStation to get it unlocked. So I’d definitely set it up beforehand - you can always put it all back in the box.

Chocolateteabag Sun 05-Sep-21 08:49:57

If you don't have a Very account might be worth buying through them around Black Friday? We got the DC's Xbox that way last yeAr and got £50 off for putting it on a credit account (which we then paid off after a month)

BlueFrog21 Sun 05-Sep-21 09:13:41

My 9 year old likes Burnout Paradise which is an open world driving game. Agree about never letting on GTA. He also really likes Plants Vs Zombies.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 05-Sep-21 09:44:06

Extra controller
Recharging station for controller
Headset (turtle beach are good)
Playstation plus annual subscription

Rocket league is a good game that they still play.

if family ask what he wants for Xmas they could buy the extra controller /recharger /fifa points/headset /other games

Be prepared to be told friends have been bought (expensive) fifa points and to be asked constantly for some too so he can "open packs" for (maybe as it is pot luck) better players as (sad face) his team is rubbish and always lose.

ThePlantsitter Sun 05-Sep-21 09:51:44

We have a PS4 and 4 controllers and honestly it has been really good for family bonding playing stuff like overcooked, towerfall etc. There are more fun cooperative games around these days.

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