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Rannva Wed 18-Aug-21 19:06:32

I'm always late to the advent calendar thing and only remember about November when they've sold out.

Not too into the beauty ones myself, but would be happy with a tea, chocolate - fancy! - or other edible sort. Marshmallows I've seen in previous years. Jewellery making also has its charms.

Got your eye on anything good?

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Polkabott Fri 20-Aug-21 19:25:56

The escape advent is Exit: the advent calendar. I really like the exit games so we have bought oneQl!

WeAllHaveWings Sat 21-Aug-21 14:22:34

We not keen on pork scratchings, but like the idea and can see Doritos and Pringles have done calendars in the past so will look out for those.

The escape room one sounds really good too! Can see there is a few, has anyone done one they would recommend?

pleasekeeptotheright Sat 21-Aug-21 18:43:13

I think I might just have to drop some very heavy hints about wanting the escape room calendar

unexpectedthird Sat 21-Aug-21 18:45:33

Oooh, there must be two then! That's great - I think it's a brilliant idea for an advent calendar.

This is the one I found.

ajandjjmum Mon 23-Aug-21 19:58:44


Joe and Seph’s popcorn
Anthon Berg
Selfridge’s mini mince pies
Yankee candle

I would love to get DH the Selfridges' mince pie calendar - are they definitely doing it this year? Can't see it on their website. sad

Sideorderofchips Mon 23-Aug-21 20:27:01

So far I have a dinosaur one for babychips and tea advent for chipstheeldest

Middlechips will probably have a smiggle one again as she loved that last year


Sideorderofchips Mon 23-Aug-21 20:27:20

I have a yarn one coming and my oh is getting a chilli one if I can get it

choosername1234 Mon 23-Aug-21 20:39:30

For the kids there is going to be a Julia Donaldson advent calendar this year!

wildone81 Mon 23-Aug-21 21:41:40

Jigsaw advent calendars look good...

I picked last years version ( ) up in the sales and looking forward to doing it

RunningKatie Tue 24-Aug-21 15:42:36

I had the Gibsons one last year and loved it.

I need a good one for DS9. He doesn't like things that build over the days, definitely a thing a day person! I looked at the fossil/rock one on Amazon but think he'll want more of a toy one, but also not fussed by lego. He's quite tricky to buy for!

Mustbethewine Tue 24-Aug-21 21:02:59

I have my eye on the TreatBox advent calendar, it's a little bit pricey at almost £80 but you can pay half now and half in November and I think they also do a PayPal payment plan also. They gift wrap 24 full size gifts (last year they had jewellery, candles, stationery etc) and I'm treating myself to one this year 😊

Theredjellybean Tue 24-Aug-21 21:14:48

The plasticine one was huge hit last Yr.
I bought it for my oh (and me), one for eaxh of our four dds.
We each made the thing eaxh day and then posted pictures on special family Xmas WhatsApp group... Cue much rude commentary, friendly rivalry etc... You can reuse the next year so I am planning to do it again, this time granny is going to vote a daily winner...

Ragwort Tue 24-Aug-21 21:18:02

Can anyone recommend a good coffee one? Ground coffee not capsules.

I bought the Bonne Maman one for my DPs last year and it was a great success.

Coronado2 Tue 24-Aug-21 23:08:52

I am trying to convince DH that of course we have room for 24 more plants in the garden so I can get this

Tigerbread11 Wed 25-Aug-21 15:22:20

I've just ordered a crochet one from crochet society and I am so excited. I'm looking for a good coffee one for ds and ideas for dh.

Babysharkdoodoodood Thu 26-Aug-21 23:14:45


I got my mum this last year she quite liked it

I just ordered this years one grinLove Lakrids

Babysharkdoodoodood Thu 26-Aug-21 23:16:01


Sold out @FredaFox

Try here

LittleBear21 Thu 26-Aug-21 23:31:23

I had a Bodyshop one last year. DH got it as a birthday gift which was great because it was something I loved both as a gift and then in the run up to Christmas.

SevenOldLadies Thu 26-Aug-21 23:38:56

I’ve had both the Pact and Perkulatte coffee advent calendars in the past - they’re both good and pretty similar. Nothing on either website yet, though.

What yarn calendars are people getting?

Snoopsnoggysnog Thu 26-Aug-21 23:58:45

I got a 500 piece jigsaw one from M&S last year. Fun idea but it doesn’t really work as an advent calendar. You can’t really build the puzzle until you’ve opened all the doors!

RunningKatie Fri 27-Aug-21 10:26:28

Just had a notification from Boots about their No7 advent calendars.
Apparently there are 2 this year, waiting list available via the app.

MrsLCSofLichfield Sun 29-Aug-21 19:05:20

Costco now have Cath Kidston beauty advent calendars, online as well as in warehouses.

Floralnomad Sun 29-Aug-21 22:19:34

We had the Gibsons jigsaw one last year and it was excellent . Will definitely have this years

TKRedLemonade Tue 31-Aug-21 07:56:42

I had a nivea one last year. I’m not hugely into Beauty stuff and expensive lotions etc but loved this as the simple stuff like moisturiser and face masks all got used up(some as emergency spares)

Legoisawesome Tue 31-Aug-21 16:13:37

Paw print badges have a patch advent calendar this year

I also have a dice advent on order and have bought my husband the exit game one

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