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NaughtipussMaximus Sat 26-Dec-20 07:27:43

What random presents have you given or received this yeah that have gone down really well? I got DH a beanie hat with an LED torch on the front for going into the loft as we don’t have a light up there, and he can never find his torch (and when he does it’s out of charge, and he ends up using the torch on his phone). It was super cheap and a bit of a last minute random thing, but he loves it! It’s really bright, and we’ve already both used it loads for going out into the garden to get things from the garage fridge. I especially love it as I used to hate going into the garage when it was dark and groping around for the light switch....

Anyone else got something similar?

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JoanneCofton Sat 26-Dec-20 07:36:28

I got my DS a cheapo Fitbit as a little kind of add on and he LOVES it. He did 11000 steps yesterday because he was running around the house 😂

Soubriquet Sat 26-Dec-20 07:38:19

Bloody freddo selection box with the freddo teddy

He got lots of presents he loved but the teddy he adored and kept hugging it. He’s 5!!

superstar84 Sat 26-Dec-20 07:38:23

A pack of bouncy balls from b&m, 30 all different colours and patterns that cost about £3

Ds prefers it to all his other gifts and keeps telling me how great his new balls are 😆😆

Thebookswereherfriends Sat 26-Dec-20 07:39:48

“Father Christmas “ bought a last minute stocking gift of crazy foam soap (it’s soap you squirt out and it forms a semi solid ball) dd loves it and couldn’t stop washing her hands yesterday! Said it was her favourite thing!

justanotherneighinparadise Sat 26-Dec-20 07:40:26

Minecraft magnets.

Hazelmazel Sat 26-Dec-20 07:41:24

Dammit, reading this has just made me remember I forgot to wrap and give dh one of his presents - bendy neck lights! He paints and needs brighter lights! I will have to try and find where I hid the damn things.
Other than that, this year the hits were what we expected to be hits - a baby yoda animatronic toy was a massive hit.


Idontgiveagriffindamn Sat 26-Dec-20 07:41:31

A whoopee cushion. It’s the best thing ever apparently

Juanbablo Sat 26-Dec-20 07:48:08

Ds2 got a sprout whoopie cushion that he's obsessed with.

Onedropbeat Sat 26-Dec-20 07:50:35

A slinky was our most played with gift

ramblingsonthego Sat 26-Dec-20 07:52:00

Daughter got a plastic flower garden thing from SIL and BIL. The box made it look crap. She spent hours and hours making these flowers and you can do them over and over again. This morning it is the first thing she has asked to play with.

Juanbablo Sat 26-Dec-20 07:55:50

Ds1 is 13 and has spent absolutely ages playing with his new tech decks. I knew he would like them but didn't anticipate him spending so much time playing with them.

Dd loves the most what I expected her to love the most. A huge make up carry case from BIL and SIL.

Plussizejumpsuit Sat 26-Dec-20 07:57:59


“Father Christmas “ bought a last minute stocking gift of crazy foam soap (it’s soap you squirt out and it forms a semi solid ball) dd loves it and couldn’t stop washing her hands yesterday! Said it was her favourite thing!

I want some of this!!!

MarcelineMissouri Sat 26-Dec-20 08:05:12

Santa got ds9 a tower of Pringles as a last minute stocking addition. That’s been the present that he’s insisted on showing to anyone we spoke to and has been carrying around the house. We got him a Nintendo switch grin

BertieBotts Sat 26-Dec-20 08:05:20

A harmonica grin I said to DH while wrapping it that I would probably regret this, and he said why had I bought it if DS1 had never shown any inclination towards it? I just thought it was cool. He loved it though.

NewLockdownNewMe Sat 26-Dec-20 08:09:13

I bought DH a Yard of Oreos. Probably no more Oreos in it than a normal double pack but he’s well chuffed!

DS1 (just turned 3) got a Melissa and Doug lock board from my mum. I’d dismissed it as too young, but he played with it all evening and this morning!

delilahbucket Sat 26-Dec-20 08:14:46

I got dp a copper tankard. He's never even considered one and when he opened it he was a bit "meh". By yesterday evening he had told me four times he was amazed at how cold he kept his beer and took multiple photos for social media 😂
I got a virtual race entry, having started running earlier this year. It's in January so a good way to start off the new year.
DS got a new guitar which he wasn't expecting. He spent the day either playing the guitar, looking at how shiny it is or with his new earpods in because "they sound amazing"!

LemonDrizzles Sat 26-Dec-20 08:15:49

A cheap kazoo stocking stuffer for dc2, she's 1.

katmarie Sat 26-Dec-20 08:18:30

Father Christmas brought ds (2) a plush shark hand puppet. He spent most of yesterday 'biting' people with it, and singing baby shark, and it was the first thing he went for this morning. Also weirdly some egg shaped crayons that were for 1yo dd, he seems to have adopted those as his own now.

ChristmasinJune Sat 26-Dec-20 08:19:27

My ds got one of those cheapie VR headsets, the one you slot your phone into. It was a recycled present from a friend's son but ds is over the moon and thinks it's the coolest gift ever!

Mumdiva99 Sat 26-Dec-20 08:20:09

@NaughtipussMaximus I have a head torch for exactly the same reason - I love it. I use it for examining the kids ears, screwing things in, looking under furniture.....etc etc....it's one of my favourite things.

This Christmas I bought my youngest (9) a toy car with some kinetic sand - way to young for him really but he and his elder brother and sister had lots of fun playing with them. Also a spy kit from grandma with a uv pen and light went down really well.

I gave my eldest son Xmas socks (with daddy pig on - which he dismissed. So I said give them to his dad. But then I stole and wore them all day. I really enjoyed them!! And will now keep them.)

peanacat Sat 26-Dec-20 08:27:25

I bought DH some new football socks because his were getting really old and bobbly/threadbare. He was really surprised that I’d ‘thought about it’ and wasn’t expecting them, so he was chuffed 😂

EasterIssland Sat 26-Dec-20 08:30:46

A usb lighter my husband got me which is one of the long styles . He’s fed up of seeing me swearing every time I try to lit a candle and getting my fingers burnt smile

Vebrithien Sat 26-Dec-20 08:31:25

The Melissa and Doug pet hand puppets from the Christmas bargains threads.

DN (1.5) loves them, keeps curling up on the sofa with them all around her, and tried to take them to bed with her.

Persipan Sat 26-Dec-20 08:31:28

The baby had very little idea what was going on but he did seem wholly delighted that Father Christmas brought him socks. He spent fully ten minutes waving a pair of socks around. And then further investigated his stocking and discovered that the next thing was also socks, which he considered quite wonderful. (There were four pairs of socks. It took some time.)

Clearly he's been spending too much time with my dad, a man who considers socks to be the best present of all...

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