What present for DCs are you most excited about?

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BatleyTownswomensGuild Fri 11-Dec-20 09:07:24

My son (nearly 7) loves role-playing scenes from favourite games/programmes. He's been obsessed with Untitled Goose Game for months. He has no idea but I've bought him a TY goose and a kit to build a paper village so he can re-enact it. He is going to be SO excited when he opens them - I can't wait grin

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PearlescentIridescent Fri 11-Dec-20 09:25:18

That is adorable, what a thoughtful gift smile

I did my shopping early and am lucky I did as my DD had only my little pony and LOL on her FC list, and I would have had trouble getting the sets I got so I'm excited for her to see them grin

Also, she started reception this year and only over the last month or so has gotten REALLY into frozen, so I have got her a last minute addition of a singing Elsa Doll, she will love it smile

My 3 year old son also really loves minecraft and I got him a set of 20 metal minecraft figures. He will be sooo excited to play with them and as they are solid metal so he can't break them as he okays quite roughly with things fhmm

thesearetherichesofthepoor Fri 11-Dec-20 09:30:02

10 year old DD wants to be an astronaut when she's older so she's got lots of NASA themed bits and a Russian phrase book. She's been worrying about how to learn Russian so she can go to the ISS 🤣 also got her a tee with astronaut on it from a small biz

11 year old DS has just got into stranger things so I've got him a 'friends don't lie' jumper from an indie biz that he will love.

7 year old DS is desperate for a Harry Potter costume and wand so he'll be so excited to open those!

GhostOfChristmasPudding Fri 11-Dec-20 09:38:30

3 year old DS very specifically asked Santa this year for a ‘black and brown Lego steam train with tracks and a carriage’. He is obsessed with anything train-related, but especially steam trains.

I actually managed to find a fantastic one that matched on AliExpress, and I found a lovely box in B&M to put it all in (so it looks even more like something from Santa’s workshop). I am SO excited to see his reaction when he opens the box. fgrin

Camomila Fri 11-Dec-20 11:11:17

thesearetherichesofthepoor Your DD sounds great, I hope she gets to the ISS in 15/20 years time and speaking flawless Russian smile

DS1 (4.5) has asked for a specific toy crane from a cbeebies show from Father Christmas and drew lots of cranes instead of writing a letter to Father Christmas. I found the exact same crane online for £35 and its massive. He'll be very pleased.

Lovemusic33 Fri 11-Dec-20 11:19:32

I get so excited about them opening special gifts, I probably won’t sleep Christmas Eve.

Dd1 (16) is getting a ipad, she hasn’t got a clue as she thinks I can’t afford one and is doing all her A level work on her old iPhone 6. She’s also always wanted a Jellycat toy but every time we see them in the shop I tell her how over priced they are, I have got her a jellycat dragon and she will love it.

Dd2 (14), she has severe autism so any kind of reaction from anything is good, I stupidly gave her dad her best present to gift her (he gave me the money for it) so I feel kind of sad that none of my gifts will be as good. He’s got her gravitrax starter kit and 2 add on’s, she loves marble runs. I have got her Lego but I get her this every year so it won’t be a surprise as such.

Cherryrainbow Fri 11-Dec-20 11:26:47

I'm excited for him to open everything really lol now my ds is 7 and has specific interests ive found it easier to buy things in relation to them so I think he will enjoy them all, cant wait to see which one he is excited about the most. My dd will only be 3 months so won't have a clue but I imagine my son will be excited to help her open her presents on her 1st Xmas x


BearSoFair Fri 11-Dec-20 11:29:53

DD (13) - Copic skin tone markers. I know she's been wanting some for a while but understands how expensive Copics are compared to other brands so has never asked for any, sure she isn't expecting them at all!

Not sure for the boys!

ttigerlilly Fri 11-Dec-20 11:33:46

My son will be 11 months old on Christmas Day, and my partner and I plan on making him a little Christmas trail to wake up to. We will play Christmas music and lead blue fairy lights down the hallway which will take him to his new pop-up tent which will be set up in the lounge. It's blue and shaped like a castle smile in the pop up tent will be his presents! I have got him lots of books, some I was read when I was baby, some modern. There are a couple of wooden toys, his first Christmas outfit, some pajamas, and some musical toys which I hope will be great for his development. I'm so excited fgrin

PumpkinHat Fri 11-Dec-20 11:55:31

Love threads like this! Makes me teary eyed.
Mine are 3 and 2 so this year will be the first proper year that they know what's going on. To be fair the 2 year old is just copying the excitement of the 3 year old but its lovely to see.
2 year old is getting a huge rubber dinosaur and I know he's going to be so happy when he opens it!
3 year old will probably love the karaoke set (me not so much grin).

Ooh I can't wait!

Cherryrainbow Fri 11-Dec-20 12:01:49

There should be a follow up thread on xmas day (or day after) the toy your kid was most excited about :D it'll be fun to see if it's the same or if we got taken by surprise x

Prufrocks Fri 11-Dec-20 12:13:32

I’m decorating my children’s bedrooms for Christmas.

They haven’t got a clue.

They’ll be with their dad for the week running up. On Christmas Eve they’ll go to their rooms to sleep and find their doorways covered up with wrapping paper and inside... whole new freshly decorated rooms! I can’t wait to see their faces!

BatleyTownswomensGuild Fri 11-Dec-20 16:34:04

Oh these are all lovely 😊 Makes me feel all fuzzy inside! I hope all your kids LOVE their gifts...

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Ffsnosexallowed Fri 11-Dec-20 16:37:39

Dd2 is getting a new phone - she broke hers a few months ago and has been using my old cracked one. Has no idea, and even though its just a cheap one she'll love it. I've got dd2 an album and signed postcard by yung blud- again she'll love it!

TheGriffle Fri 11-Dec-20 16:40:25

For my 7yo dd I’ve got her a giant LOL surprise thing. It’s longer than she is tall! We hate buying LOL as it’s such tat and she only really likes the unboxing and doesn’t play with the dolls very much but I know she will love it and it will be unexpected by her.

Dd2 who is 3 is getting a Love Diana singing doll. She loves watching her on YouTube and sings all the songs so she will love it. I’ve also got her a Luvabella newborn doll which she will adore.

WishingHopingThinkingPraying Fri 11-Dec-20 16:50:57

My 2 yr old us obsessed with paw patrol and I've got him a Ryder electric ride along that looks like the ATV Ryder has! He's going to shit himself and be hilarious driving around the house in it at 3 mph, can't wait to see him! The 5, 6, and 7yr old all have fab gifts but I know they're going to adore seeing their much loved little brother so happy too.

cryingcatmeme Fri 11-Dec-20 17:52:43

DS13 is obsessed with cheese so I got him a fondue maker and cheese making kit. He will be over the moon! Also a Pokemon cookie press and Animal Crossing cookie cutters since he loves making freshly-baked cookies. DS15 will be happy too since he benefits from his little brother’s cooking/baking.

Hohomerryxmas Fri 11-Dec-20 18:02:05

For DS1 a TV. He has specifically asked santa for a TV and he's expecting one thats roughly the same size as the one he's got now which is a 24" one (its very old and is very temperamental) but I bagged him a 43" smart one in a black Friday sale. I honestly can't wait to see his face!
Ds2 is a hoverboard. Spotted him gazing open mouthed at someone hovering past put house on one so I went ahead and purchased one for him, he has absolutely no idea so that will be a massive surprise!

Strawberriesandpizza Fri 11-Dec-20 18:15:56

Ds - 11 - a dinosaur egg fossil. It was expensive but I’ve had it checked as far as I can and am 99.9% it is genuine. He has a big fossil collection and has some egg shell but he wlll he really pleased with the egg.

Dd, who will be 5, I’m not sure. She just likes anything that’s pink or crafty or both.

OnNaturesCourse Fri 11-Dec-20 18:19:29

DD asked for mission paw pups from patrol patrol but only after we had done the Christmas toy shop and "sent the toys to santa" so she thinks she isn't getting them. I can't wait to see her face when Santa leaves the extra gifts in her stocking.

cliffdiver Fri 11-Dec-20 18:30:31

DD2 (6) loves Operation Ouch.

Her favourite is Xand. She spends ages playing doctors with DD1 / various toys.

We've got her a 'Xand' doctor outfit (green scrubs) - only £6 from eBay, she's going to love it.

MessAllOver Fri 11-Dec-20 18:35:25

Another paw patrol fan here. DS3 is getting a second hand paw patroller plus pups and cars. Can't wait to see his little face, we're going to have lots of "mission paws" reenacted on Christmas day.

Santa is bringing bits and pieces... biggest Santa gift is a stuffed triceratops (DS's favourite dinosaur) which I hope will join the ranks of the favoured cuddlies who are invited to teddy tea parties.

BikeRunSki Fri 11-Dec-20 18:36:41

Basketball stand for DD (9). She’s very sporty. When school closed in the spring I told the dc I’d get them some outdoor toys.DD really wanted a basketball hoop but they were sold out for months and she gave up on the idea. Really chuffed to have got one.

PhantomErik Fri 11-Dec-20 18:40:25

My DS8 loves How To Train Your Dragon & we've bought a load of the dragons (second hand as some of them are now rare & hold a stupid price but we struck lucky on facebook!) He will love them!

We've also upgraded our games console & bought a few new games as a joint gift & DS10 will be so shocked & happy. They'll all enjoy it but him probably the most.

DD11 had a desktop computer as an early present because she needed it for homework & music lessons on zoom. She loves it & is fully expecting a very minimal pile but there are some lovely things in the pile so I think she'll be pleasantly surprised by what she gets.

HPandTheNeverEndingBedtime Fri 11-Dec-20 18:43:50

DD loves history. I've bought her coins from King George III and Queen Victoria's reign and a brass Roman ring (still complete with some mud stuck in the engraved areas) all from etsy. For her birthday I had bought her an ammonite necklace and it only comes off her neck for school.

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