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Bungle2 Wed 18-Nov-20 22:02:48


I have three daughters, with only a five year gap between the oldest and the youngest. They’ve always looked after things so we’ve been able to pass things down (saved so much money!) However this also means that my 5 year old already has everything you’d normally ask for at that age. Is anybody else in the same boat? What do you do? I hate buying things for the sake of buying them but Christmas won’t be much fun if she’s got nothing to open!

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Fivemoreminutes1 Thu 19-Nov-20 04:44:00

Board game (my DD is getting Disney Eye Found It)
Jigsaw puzzle (my Dd is getting a Djeco observation puzzle)
Top from Selfie Clothing Co
My Fairy Garden
Crafts kits - Melissa and Doug wooden beads and Maxi Hama beads)
Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

Giganticshark Thu 19-Nov-20 04:58:07

Dobble is a very fun card game, you can get the original version or or themed such as Harry Potter.

PenguinErector Thu 19-Nov-20 05:29:26

Does she have any specific interests?

I have a friend in this position and she usually just tailors it to that as they're very different personalities - the youngest loves all things crafty, the middle loves gaming and the eldest is into science.

Maybe get some stuff for her bedroom/play space, make a kit to suit her (we've done "real" doctors kits, witches kits and this year we have a spy kit) or see what she writes in her list and improvise on that whether it's a new toy pram just for her or a new Lego set.

Bungle2 Thu 19-Nov-20 12:13:59

Thanks for the ideas. All of her interests are catered for with everything we have at home already. Honestly, we have so many things and actually lockdown 1 taught me how little they actually use! I’ll keep listening and hope she comes up with some gems from her friends at school

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Fresh01 Thu 19-Nov-20 13:35:24

Is there a newer toy range? I have 6 years from eldest girl to youngest girl, with another girl and boy in the middle. We have found Smyths Our Generation range - dogs and horses, she isn’t into the Our Generation dolls. But this was a toy range the older 2 girls had never had.
Around 5 we got her a really nice cycle helmet for Xmas rather than just getting her ones from the shed.
Her own overnight/weekend away type bag?
New swim bag, towel, cozzie, goggles etc?
It is hard especially if 2 of them have similar interests.

Giganticshark Thu 19-Nov-20 18:50:36

Try Dr ziggs bubbles. Lots of giant bubble fun, even for older kids and adults. They take their bubbles to a lot of festivals and events, it's pretty cool

herecomesthsun Thu 19-Nov-20 19:25:48

Could little one have some special experience planned, if she already has the stuff? Like trying horse riding for example (lockdown etc permitting)

Bungle2 Thu 19-Nov-20 22:55:46

Thanks for the ideas. We do have a couple of the Our Generation type dolls already but admittedly they do look rather tired so perhaps that would be a good shout. Literally just found her a helmet from the garage last week - it’s like you know me 🤣

I’m sure she’d love those huge bubbles. Not sure I like the price though 😳

An experience day is a great idea. These are always my favourite as it means less stuff entering the house! It’s not that I’m OCD but that there’s literally so much of it here already!!

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UndertheCedartree Thu 19-Nov-20 23:03:03

Consumables would be something she always needs. I often do little themed bags or hampers with these. For example - gift box full of her favourite chocolate bars, toiletry hamper with shower gel, bubble bath, bath bomb, rubber duck and novelty sponge or an arts and crafts giftbag with new felt tips, colouring books, little crafts sets, pads of paper, stickers etc

reluctantbrit Fri 20-Nov-20 09:31:40

As somebody who got hand-me-downs from my older sister and cousins I would say something which is really new for her.

Consumables are nice but I always loved getting a toy/doll which was absolutely new, just for me.

Is there anything new toy range wise? Any new Lego series or dolls?

I would be careful with experiences. I looked into one for me and was told that all people with 2020 tickets will have preference in 2021 (I do understand) and with only weekends suitable for me I will skip this and look again in 2022.

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