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4.5ft Christmas tree - The White Company

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Cinderella2020 Wed 18-Nov-20 11:07:56

Had finally decided I was just going to go for it, and it's sold out... how typical grin

Thanks for all your thoughts! The search continues!

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MistyGreenAndBlue Wed 18-Nov-20 10:45:34

Description says its polyetheline which means it looks more real and wont shed.
Still too dear imo though.
Christmas Tree world sell that type of tree much cheaper.

Twobrews Wed 18-Nov-20 06:34:28

My parents have the B&Q one and I genuinely thought it was a real tree.

I have a wicker tree skirt from the White Company and one from B&M the only difference aside from the colour is the £30 extra I paid for the White Company one!

Mindymomo Wed 18-Nov-20 06:28:07

My son deals with The White Company and they do like to have quality products, hence the price. I’m sure you will be happy with your tree despite the price.

MrPanks Wed 18-Nov-20 06:26:28

It looks really realistic, go for it if you can afford it!

TheDuchessOfAquitaine Wed 18-Nov-20 06:13:58

I bought a white company tree last of the big ones...and embarrassingly paid a ridiculous amount for it, but my god....I LOVE that tree. After being a die hard “real tree” family forever, I was really suspicious of fake trees so bought as realistic one I could find. It looks amazing and I think will get a good 10 years out of it...hopefully more which for me offset the costs and environmental issues of buying a real tree annually. Quality and realism rate highly. I’d also contemplated Balsam Hill trees but couldn’t find one I liked the shape of...they were all a bit too skinny/tall. The white company one is a much more realistic shape I think.
Do it OP!!

Tobebythesea Wed 18-Nov-20 05:54:21

You are definitely paying for the name but it is very pretty!

Holothane Wed 18-Nov-20 00:15:16

That’s expensive properly the name.

Cinderella2020 Wed 18-Nov-20 00:11:53


You're probably right!

I want an artificial one, but find it hard to get a good one that holds a proper shape. Thought this one looked perfect in the pictures, but that's some price to pay for a small tree isn't it!

It has one review on the website which really made me laugh!

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greyhills Tue 17-Nov-20 23:54:36

The reason it's so expensive is probably because of who is selling it, imo. You're paying for the name.

Cinderella2020 Tue 17-Nov-20 23:47:55


Just wondering, has anyone ever bought a Christmas tree from The White Company before?

I have seen a lovely one and it's just the right size, but surprised by the price. There are a few B&Q ones quite a bit cheaper, and wondering if the quality is the reason for the price difference - so if anyone has any experience of buying a tree off the white company, please let me know your thoughts!

Linked here;

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