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Small gift/hamper for a girlfriend

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BarryWhiteIsMyBrother Tue 17-Nov-20 19:13:48

Nice. I like that. Thank you!

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Fivemoreminutes1 Tue 17-Nov-20 17:48:09

I do a hamper for my friend each year, although it’s not a hamper, I put it all in a nice tin. This year I’m using this tin
Shower steamers
Small red velvet brownie Yankee candle
Massage bar from Bomb Cosmetics
Hot chocolate stirrer
Invisibobble scrunchie
Starbucks toffee nut latte instant coffee sachets
Nail varnish
This is what I’ve got so far. I need to see how much room is left in the tin. If it looks too empty, I’ll add her favourite Candy Kittens and a can of G&T or a cocktail.

BarryWhiteIsMyBrother Tue 17-Nov-20 17:20:00

I actually bought a 'make your own' advent calendar last year for her that I forgot about. So I found it a couple of months ago but then realised it says something like 'to my love' or something that makes it only suitable for your OH :-( Also this was only suitable for little notes, not '3D' items.

Can you get empty advent calendars that you can pop bits in? But low-cost ones? Paper ones like chocolate ones?

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PinkJam Tue 17-Nov-20 17:01:43

What about an advent calendar? She can have a little treat each day and will think of you.

BarryWhiteIsMyBrother Tue 17-Nov-20 16:29:58

I have a very close friend that I'm obviously not seeing at the moment because of Covid. In normal times we meet up at least once a week, go on holiday together (with or without our OHs), etc. I'd like to put together a few bits and pieces for her for Xmas. We don't usually give each other Xmas gifts but I miss seeing her and would like to do something nice for her (we often give each other stuff if - for example if we see something the other would like and it's not expensive).

So far I have a beaded bracelet and a reeds smelly thing for the home in her favourite scent. If any of you have ever done something like this, what do you usually give? I can't bake to save my life btw so no home-made food unfortunately. Any ideas?

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