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Graphics drawing tablet advice

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Worriedmum42 Mon 16-Nov-20 21:46:48

All new to me, but I think from what I can see on the internet, my daughter (almost 12) would really enjoy using a graphic drawing pad/tablet. Ideally one she could link to her laptop which is only a couple of months old. Does anyone have any experience of these or could point me in a direction where I could find a reasonably priced one for her?

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Bumfuzzled Mon 16-Nov-20 21:52:58

I use a Wacom one which is excellent. It’s the basic one (I think it’s actually called One) which is about £50. I use it for quite detailed design work on illustrator and it does a good job. You can get more expensive ones but it’s not really needed IMO.

Tinkhasflown Mon 16-Nov-20 22:03:10

I ordered this on for Dd (age 11) following a recommendation:

Worriedmum42 Tue 17-Nov-20 08:18:05

Thanks I'll take a look

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