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Stocking fillers that won’t end up in landfill?

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Anniemabel Mon 16-Nov-20 13:24:10

I’m looking for ideas for stocking fillers - so cheap ish nice little gifts but that won’t just be another piece of plastic tat that gets chucked in the bin before new year.

I normally put in some edible stuff (chocolate and a tangerine!)

Any ideas welcome, my boys are 8, 7 and 3!

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inappropriateraspberry Mon 16-Nov-20 13:29:53

How about things like dominos or top trumps? Small games they can play together and may entertain them through the morning!

spagbog5 Mon 16-Nov-20 13:33:08

Fun soap/ body wash and new flannel
Socks and pants
New book
Colouring book and pencils
Cereal they aren't normally allowed and a fun new cereal bowl
Hot water bottle/ microwave hottie
Play dough mini
Lego mystery bag

We're all popular when mine were that age.

spagbog5 Mon 16-Nov-20 13:33:49

Just remembered mini loved those magic flannels that expands in water

spagbog5 Mon 16-Nov-20 13:34:03

Mine not mini !

krj2608 Mon 16-Nov-20 13:54:22

Christmas bath bomb or bubble bar, a craft kit, puzzles, books, socks, something toy wise- sylvanian characters or train etc

MeringueCloud Mon 16-Nov-20 13:57:57

Stationery !

BlueChampagne Mon 16-Nov-20 14:00:41

Annuals for the older two (Beano, Minecraft, Star Wars ...)
Packs of seeds (sunflowers?)
Slipper socks, gloves

brokenstone Mon 16-Nov-20 14:04:32

Letter writing set
Mini cereal boxes
Cupcake kit
Chocolate coins
Hair bands

OnTheVents Mon 16-Nov-20 14:08:32

We do boring essentials, but ours are so young they find it exciting...!

Fun socks (not christmassy, as they last all year)


Face cloth


Shaped soap


Hair bands

Edible treats

And then we have also done things like reusable metal straws etc in the past, but those are still around so no need to include them every year smile

I'm really keen to cut down on tat in our house, and as we can't control what comes in from other people, I'm going a little OTT with the "boring" gifts from our end..! But they'll hopefully get a good balance overall, and not spend Christmas sitting around looking miserably at their new socks..!

OnTheVents Mon 16-Nov-20 14:09:59

Just seen seeds and letter writing things on other people's lists. Will add those to my list! They could spend Christmas afternoon writing thank yous, whilst I make dinner... ;) grin

quarentini Mon 16-Nov-20 14:14:18

Water bottle
Hot chocolate kit

SittingontheSidelines Mon 16-Nov-20 14:21:02

Toy cars
Beanie hat

Leeds2 Mon 16-Nov-20 17:05:57

Those chocolate spoons that melt when you stir them into hot chocolate.
Jar of Marshmallow Fluff.
Cake in a mug kit.
Cookie cutters.
Hair chalk.
Glow in the dark socks.
Bag of jazzy shoelaces to mix and match.
a Kaleidoscope.
Small play dinosaurs/zoo animals/farm animals. Wooden if you don't want plastic.
A harmonica (ha ha!!).
A yo yo.
Zimpli Baff Jelly. I think it is spelt Baff and not Bath. Certainly made by Zimpli.

ShopTattsyrup Mon 16-Nov-20 17:39:14

I used to always get a little soap (bathbomb as I got older)
Jazzy socks
Sweets/chocolate coins
Book-mark or mini reading light torch
Small alarm clock
Key ring when I was old enough to have house keys
Waterproof sticker set to go on my bike

pinkksugarmouse Mon 16-Nov-20 17:59:28

Nice novelty (but good quality) socks
Bath bombs (no glitter)
Bath toys
Wind up torch
Themed Stationary
gloves, hat
mug or glass (material dependant on age)

UndertheCedartree Mon 16-Nov-20 19:35:45

My 8yo has things like dolls clothes, keyring, cuddly toy, Christmas socks, wooden noughts and crosses game, novelty rubbers, alongside smarties and jelly tots tubes, chocolate coins, satsuma and candy cane.

MrsPear Mon 16-Nov-20 19:48:28

Hobby stuff eg shin pad
Dressing up stuff
Bath stuff - one year I got personalised towels (fed up of arguments), magic flannels, novelty soaps
Food - chocolate sprouts etc
Novelty stuff - this year glow in the dark shoe laces
Small toy - less than £10 e.g lego bag, excavation Dino set
Small games - orchard games are great

RickOShay Mon 16-Nov-20 19:57:12

Bought a stretch Armstrong today for ds11. Its for me really I’ve always wanted one grin
Jokes are good. Fake chewing gum, that sort of thing. Voice changers also fun.
I’ve also got giant gummy bears before, and kinetic sand.

EcoCustard Mon 16-Nov-20 21:10:45

My 6 year ds is getting in his stocking ( stocking not a sack):
Handcuffs for his police dress up ( others broke)
Police mug
Astronaut pen & notepad
Top Trumps
Stick on glow in the dark space rockets for his bedroom wall
Chocolate Santa
Mini Lego kit
Lego key ring
Small Playmobil sheep set for his farm
Slap strap for his snorkel
Chocolate orange if room ( he hates satsumas)

3 year dd is getting:
Mini tiger came to tea memory game
Hair clips & bobbles
Novelty cat pencil and notepad
Cat mug
Cat plasters for her vet kit
Chocolate Santa
Small TY beanie key ring
Small Playmobil animal for her wildlife set
Mini Peppa pig jigsaw

All will be useful & used and hopefully bring a smile to their faces.

TeaOneSugar Mon 16-Nov-20 21:12:04

My DD is a teenager now but I've never done plastic tat in stockings, this year she's having

Bath bomb
Soap sponge
Lint roller
Boot socks
Festive scented hand sanitiser

I'll probably add a small chocolate novelty item or some fudge.

BeaLola Tue 17-Nov-20 00:48:28

Those books of 100 paper planes to make on lovely printed paper

Fluffy socks
Snow globe
Christmas T-shirt from Primark
Flavoured toothpaste
Glow sticks
Mini torch
Racing wind up cars - from Tiger

Enough4me Tue 17-Nov-20 00:55:54

Top Trumps, Dobble, UNO, Christmas socks, go fish card game, selection box, stationery, mini kreo sets or playmobil, gloves, hat and scarf, new hairbrush and comb set.

ChaosTrulyReigns Tue 17-Nov-20 01:09:29

Loads of excellent suggestions.

A rubik's cube?

Funky shaped ice cube tray?

Nat6999 Tue 17-Nov-20 01:43:29

Lego figures
Coloured Pencils
Drawing Pads
Character T shirts
Character Beanie hats
Tins of sweets where the tin can become a pencil tin
Money box
Rubix Cube

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