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Gift ideas for Nans last Christmas please

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upsetandang Sun 15-Nov-20 21:44:40

Asked in aibu for traffic but maybe Xmas is the place to do this.
Nan is really ill, I want to give her something that is just the perfect present.
I also want to get something for my grandad who will soon be going through the worst time of his life.

I've ordered a leather notebook to put photos, memories and little bits written by all of the grandchildren and my parents, their siblings.
Scouring through ancestry so I can write in their family tree.
you know stuff like that, (any ideas of what I can add in please tell me)

but I want to give them a present each that isn't for the both of them. something separate
I can't think what

they were born in the early 40s if that helps. I haven't got a clue what to get.
I've done the cups, stuff like that years ago, they don't need anything and nan can't leave the house anymore so if there's anything anyone can think of to help with that? I don't know really
just qny ideas welcome

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Chimchar Sun 15-Nov-20 22:16:45

I'm really sorry that you're having to go through this... you sound very thoughtful.
I think that photos and messages will be lovely.
I've heard lots of people mention photo blankets and about something like that?
A candle that will freshen up a room and smell nice for your Nan?
Some nice meals? Cook do frozen home cooked food.

I hope that you manage to gather some happy memories x

Milkshake7489 Sun 15-Nov-20 22:32:09

I'm so sorry, this must be very difficult for you flowers

I love the idea of collecting photos and notes together smile

For something extra for both of them, do you know what music they listened to when they were young? You could put together a CD (or playlist if tech savvy) of all their favourite old songs.

Then maybe some fancy chocolates and/or bath products for your nan (something a little more extravagant than she would usually get).

Possibly something distracting for your grandad for when times get tough... depending on what he likes you could choose books, gardening equipment, puzzles etc.

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