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Most realistic Christmas trees?!

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PinkSpring Sat 14-Nov-20 11:33:06

We want to get a new Christmas tree as our current one is PVC / tinsel type material whereas we want a more realistic PE branch type.

I have looked at Balsam Hill (pricey!) and Christmas Tree World but before I drop £299 for a 7ft pine tree - does anyone have any other recommendations for a realistic Christmas tree, ideally PE or high PE mix?

Looking for a 7ft tree!


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annabannan Sat 14-Nov-20 22:20:42

Watching as I'm after one too but won't pay BH prices, seen some on Amazon but they're a mix of PE and PVC.

Roo1000 Sat 14-Nov-20 22:21:46

We have a balsam hill one...fantastic!

Lovely1a2b3c Sat 14-Nov-20 22:27:00

John Lewis are good. There are some great ones at B&Q too.

ThanksForAllTheFishGuts Sun 15-Nov-20 10:21:06

I see IKEA has new trees in this year that look like real trees. Not all full and fluffy with tinsel but like the actual real trees you can buy from supermarkets and the likes.
I’m not sure in quality or anything but I am tempted because I like the look of a real tree, with its skinny branches more than the standard triangle shape of a fake tree. That also look better with fewer decorations. Will see if I can add a clicky link for you.

tree 1

tree 2

tree 3

annabannan Sun 15-Nov-20 15:57:06

Ooohh I like the IKEA trees, shame can't buy online. Be good to get a review on them.

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