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Beauty advent calendar for a teen

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swizzlestix Sat 14-Nov-20 06:48:45

Hi any suggestions for my 13 year old - not mega pricey but decent - thank you 😊

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CatsGoPurrrr Sat 14-Nov-20 07:07:32

The Revolution one is reasonably priced. Usually on offer In Superdrug as well.

happilybemused Sat 14-Nov-20 07:08:04

H&M ? They also did a jewellery one but sold out quickly

carolebaskinfedhimtothetigers Sat 14-Nov-20 07:09:02

Kiko is about £40 I think and good quality for teens

Shuddawuddacudda Sat 14-Nov-20 07:15:28

Benefit, Soap and Glory and Ted Baker all do ones under 40, but they're all sold out online in Boots stores.
Try instore.

swizzlestix Sun 15-Nov-20 20:24:52

Thanks all I'll look into those smile

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4Minions2CallMyOwn Mon 16-Nov-20 00:40:16

We got ours the Revolution one from Superdrug’s. £30 down to £10. Comes in a lovely presentation box, DD is super happy with it. Won’t be opening until Dec 1st though so can’t comment as to qualify of items. But for that price we’re happy smile

swizzlestix Wed 18-Nov-20 05:58:02

Thanks 4minions that looks like a good one

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