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If you do your shopping early, when do you put the gifts under the tree?

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Inthetropics Sat 14-Nov-20 04:20:35

Have close to 80% of Christmas shopping done. Almost no storage space. We are putting our tree up tomorrow. Is it weird to wrap and put our gifts under it over a month before Christmas?

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Finfintytint Sat 14-Nov-20 04:56:23

I don’t put presents under the tree until Christmas Eve when everyone’s in bed. There’d be too much hype when dc was little otherwise.

Shortsinwinter Sat 14-Nov-20 05:04:47

I've done most of most of my shopping. Presents will go out on Christmas eve after the kids have gone to bed. At the moment everything is in suitcases in the cupboard on the landing.

MrsPworkingmummy Sat 14-Nov-20 05:06:25

We put presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. Partly for the magic factor on Christmas morning, but partly because I have 2 young children who wouldn't stop touching them. We get a real tree too and it would do my head in not being able to hoover underneath if presents were put down early.

ritzbiscuits Sat 14-Nov-20 05:24:32

I have a problem this year, as parcels usually in box room until wrapping time. Now it's our office there is no room! I have stack of boxes in my bedroom and bits under the bed. Arrrgggh!

ritzbiscuits Sat 14-Nov-20 05:25:10

Presents out overnight on 24th never before.

Mustbethewine Sat 14-Nov-20 05:32:51

That's completely up to you. If you don't have young DC will attempt to open them or any pets that might eat or destroy them then why the hell not 🤷‍♀️

BeingATwatItsABingThing Sat 14-Nov-20 05:36:47

Presents from other people get out under the tree. Presents from us to each other and DC appear on Christmas Eve after DC have gone to bed. There is something so exciting about not seeing them until the morning of Christmas.

DH’s presents are stored in my wardrobe. DC’s presents are stored in our ottoman bed.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Sat 14-Nov-20 05:54:04

Once the tree goes up. But that's not until max a week before Christmas.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Sat 14-Nov-20 06:04:53

Christmas Eve. They are currently unwrapped in my wardrobe/cupboard under the stairs.

Apparently under the tree early can attract burglars.

JinglesWish Sat 14-Nov-20 06:43:45

I like to wrap presents as soon as my tree is up, mulled wine, twinkly lights, watching Love Actually. Then everything except presents for DC goes under the tree. Excited!! I’m putting my tree up next weekend

scrivette Sat 14-Nov-20 06:50:39

I always put gifts under the tree for other people once I have wrapped them, otherwise there isn't enough room to store them. DC know that they aren't for them.

Twilightstarbright Sat 14-Nov-20 07:02:07

@JinglesWish that's what I like to do too!

FuzzyPenguin Sat 14-Nov-20 07:12:38

I put the presents for other people under the tree ready for when I see them to give them. They are currently onto top of the wardrobe and DS can see them. If we get given any from others they go straight under the tree. The presents for DS from us and Santa we put under at Christmas and these are well hidden now, so the wow factor is still there in the morning.

bumblingbovine49 Sat 14-Nov-20 07:16:32

I put presents under the tree about 2-3 days before Christmas day, Stockings in Christmasmas eve obviously. I think a month before would be a bit long for me

slothtrot Sat 14-Nov-20 07:28:01

Xmas eve

gretagreengrapes Sat 14-Nov-20 07:35:15

Christmas eve, always! Even without small children.

I read an article about burglaries of presents under trees once and its always made me feel paranoid, especially on Christmas Eve, but would feel it before if we'd put the gifts out.

Wherearefoxssocks Sat 14-Nov-20 07:47:17

Maybe a few days beforehand, but definitely not a month. The wrapping could easily be damaged in that time. Do you have children? How old are they? I think it could lose its magic a bit if the presents are out for so long

Isadora2007 Sat 14-Nov-20 07:53:08

Similar to a pp- we put other peoples presents under the tree- both for and from.

ememem84 Sat 14-Nov-20 07:54:58

Christmas Eve. Ds (3) and dd(1) would go nuts and open them if they were there any earlier.

CountFosco Sat 14-Nov-20 08:03:30

When they are wrapped so, um, 1am on Christmas morning? In my defence my family sent us unwrapped presents so I have to a) wrap the presents we send, b) wrap the presents we receive from family and c) wrap the presents we buy. I now at least have a good selection of fabric gift bags that make life easier.

mathanxiety Sat 14-Nov-20 08:08:50

We put non-Santa presents under the tree as they arrive. These are wrapped or in delivery boxes. We open them on Christmas Eve.

I never wrap Santa presents. I put them under the tree on Christmas Eve, if I can find them.

waitforitwaitforit Sat 14-Nov-20 08:09:40

If we get presents from family and friends they'd go under straight away, if we could get them far enough under not to tempt DC. The rest go under after the children have gone to bed on Christmas Eve. Far too much temptation otherwise.

NatalieH2220 Sat 14-Nov-20 08:15:23

Presents go under the tree as soon as it's up. I don't put the ones from Santa under it though, they come out on Xmas eve once DS is in bed.

VenusOfWillendorf Sat 14-Nov-20 08:29:22

Under the tree from when tree goes up and they have been wrapped. Gifts to/from friends and relatives are under until the exchange, so there still might be a few lingering after christmas if we hadn't seen that person.
We do ask if anything contains chocolate though after an unfortunate incident one year due to the underfloor heating.

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